5 Ways to plan for your old age

People are living longer due to medical advances and better living conditions. Too many of us might have an unhappy old age due to feeling isolated or not having enough financial security in place. Today, I am sharing 5 ways to plan for your old age.

Write a will

You probably have loved ones and you can help them at the time of your death by leaving a will. Ensure any debts are paid off and be specific about where you want your money and belongings to go. This prevents arguments between family and friends. It also means that things you have built up do not go somewhere you would not have wished them to. Don’t forget to set aside funds for your funeral as these can be expensive and clarify your wishes around burial or cremation.

Evaluate your home

What was your dream home in your younger years may prove completely impractical as you age. Are you cleaning a home that is too big now that your kids have left home? Are the stairs becoming a challenge? Is the upkeep of your garden getting you down?

You can make adaptations to your current home, move into a care facility or find a more age-friendly home by checking out for better homes and gardens. You may also have the option of living with relatives although this choice needs very careful thought.

Care needs

Getting older can bring specific care needs. You may just need someone to drive you to appointments if you don’t drive or have had to give up doing so. Many older people need help with personal care. Elderly Companion Care is available and can help older people stay in their own homes longer. Using such services can also take a lot of stress and strain away from family members. If you are using friends and family members to help with your care on an unpaid basis, please point them in the direction of the amazing carers charities out there.

Help with sensory impairments

Many of us find our eyesight and hearing deteriorate with age. There are hearing clinics and opticians that you can make use of. There are also good local and national charities that can help with equipment, information and advice. Some of them will have meetings and online forums.

Ensure you are not lonely

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Many of us want to have an active social life at least some of the time. Check out learning opportunities, join a political party or volunteer in your community. You might want to learn more about sustainable lifestyles having listened to your grandchildren tell you about climate change. All of these can lead to new friendships. Finally, don’t give up on the idea of dating and love in later life. You might meet your other half in the street or via online dating apps.

Old age can be a challenge but it can also be a joyous time. Ideally you will have a little spare cash to take up new hobbies. You will know how important it is to seize the day and you will have the liberty to carve out your dream future.








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