50 things that make a happy blogger

What 50 things make a blogger happy?


1. Finding out how simple it is to set up a blog in the first place and they do say the best things in life are free.

2. Discovering people are actually reading your blog.

3. Seeing someone has commented on your post.

4. Being complimented on your writing.

5. Realising you are not the only person who thinks or feels the way you do

6. Being aware of how therapeutic/cathartic writing things down can be

7. Identifying relevant communities and networks

8. Hearing that a public relations company would like to work with you

9. Learning new things especially when you nail a troublesome tech issue.

10. Establishing a blog hop and seeing it get support

11. Recognising that people have respect for you and your opinions

12. Knowing unlike sex, it is OK to blog just about anywhere

13. Seeing the potential to covert a hobby into a money-making venture

14. Meeting another blogger for the first time

15. Transforming online friends into offline friends

16. Having your children invited to take part in You Tube advertisements

17. Laughing in recognition at some of those very honest mummy posts

18. Knowing if you can’t get to sleep, you can always blog

19. Winning giveaways from other blogs

20. Other blogs linking to yours or recommending you are worth a read

21. Being nominated for a blogging award

22. Making a shortlist for a blogging award

23. Winning a blogging award especially if it involves dressing up and attending a swanky do.

24. Receiving a supportive card from a blogger

25. Getting a hand-made present from a blogger through the post

26. Being told you inspire others when you thought you were just a pretty average woman.

27. Taking time to talk about happy memories old and new.

28. Enjoying that light bulb moment when you come up with a great idea for the blog

29. Writing blog posts in your head and grinning as you do it so people wonder what you are up to.

30. Feeling the fear and attending a blog event anyway

31. Making people laugh out loud and thinking you may have a future as a stand-up comedienne

32. Receiving a text from a blogging chum as you sit in the breast clinic

33. Relishing that moment when he goes to work and the kids go to school and you have time to blog

34. Hugging and learning to love it

35. Speaking at a blogging event and carrying it off despite yourself.

36. Getting naked with other bloggers – yes really!

37. Helping another person to attend a blogging conference or reassuring someone who is nervous about doing so

38. Reaching out to others going through life’s challenging times.

39. Knowing the postman always rings twice if you review products

40. Being anonymous until you get naked and it all goes terribly wrong

41. Knowing there is always someone to ask or something to read to help you progress with your blogging

42. Celebrating that you can do it in your nightie

43. Participating in a blogging challenge

44. Enjoying new things like photography or creative writing

45. That lovely feeling when you realise that statistics and awards do not define your worth.

46. Facilitating a room at a blogging event

47. Celebrating the diversity of the blogosphere and knowing it is OK for people not to be like yourself

48. Travelling to great places at home and overseas

49. Realising blogging has its seasons and that is all part of the fun of it much like life itself.

50. Knowing that blogging is like a box of chocolates so you never know what you will get next

What makes you a happy blogger?


5 thoughts on “50 things that make a happy blogger”

  1. Oh – great post! Lots of these things make me happy! I’m just starting out and received my first product to review in the post this week. It was so exciting! Even my husband was impressed. I would love to be at the stage of attending events but I don’t think I’m quite there yet!

  2. Knowing there is a little piece of the Internet that is truely mine makes me happy! I love this list. Bits of it are true and other bits will be one day (hopefully!). #thelist

  3. Such a good list Kate. I have made some lovely mates, one blogger is now my best friend and we make the effort to meet a few times in the year as we are some distance a part. I love to review products but i love it more when i know someone has read my blog, liked a post shared one and i LOVE comments i just wish i got more! xx

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