8 Simple Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover

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Now that you are spending more time at home than ever before, you may be feeling increasingly fed up with staring at the same four walls day in and day out. Whether you are working from home in your bedroom or spending countless hours binge-watching the latest Netflix show in bed, you may be feeling as though the space needs a little TLC.

Thankfully, there are various steps you can take to give your bedroom a makeover, without spending too much money! 

If you think your room is missing a splash of colour, don’t reach straight for the paint. Instead, focus on your furnishings. Buy some brightly coloured bed sheets and a pair of matching curtains. This is a much cheaper (and quicker) way of brightening up a space.

Painting your room a singular colour may have seemed like a great idea at the time, as it gives you a simple yet professional finish. However, it can quickly get boring. Mix it up a little by purchasing some stick-on wallpaper. This means you can switch up your room without making any lasting alterations and is a perfect choice for renters. 

Clean the carpets. Although you may regularly grab the vacuum, over time, it is hard to remove some of the dust and grime that sinks into the surface of your carpet alone. However, a Carpet cleaning company can have your old carpet looking like new in no time at all. 

If your room is looking cluttered and messy, no matter how many times you seem to clean it – invest in new storage options. This could include shelving or under bed storage, allowing you to make the most of a small bedroom space.

Another way you can breathe new life into your room is by bringing in a collection of plants. Not only will they look great, but studies have shown that caring for plants can have positive effects on your mental health. 

Your room should be a reflection of your personality – so don’t be afraid to fill it with things you love. Whether that means photographs of your friends and family, posters from your favourite TV shows or even artwork – decorate it with things that make you smile. Don’t worry about breaking decorating and style rules – after all, this is your room, nobody else’s! 

If your furniture is looking a little worse for wear, you can freshen them up by adding a fresh coat of paint and some varnish. If you have lots of mismatched furniture, you can paint them one colour for a more cohesive style. Alternatively, you can choose a range of different shades to bring some more colours into your room! 

Another easy way to give your room a much-needed makeover is to quite simply keep on top of the cleaning. For example, you should ensure that you regularly clean the space from top to bottom instead of simply wiping down the surfaces and hoping for the best. The cleaner your room is, the more welcoming it will feel. 

Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

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