9 blogging tricks that work magic

Here are 9 blogging tricks that work magic!

Blogging Tricks That Work Magic

If you are here expecting me to tell you exactly how to blog and how to stop being authentic in the pursuit of possible fame and financial riches, you are in the wrong place.

1. Blogging will make people who know you look at you in a different way. It’s good to shake up opinions others have of you which are often so far from the truth.

2. Blogging has a habit of sending exactly the right person to your blog at exactly the right time whether it is you who is having a crisis or them

3. Blogging waves a magic wand to reduce any sense of isolation you may feel

4. Blogging events bring heartfelt friends even if you do try to merge into a wall or hide in the loos!

5. Blogging will deliver opportunities you never sought but they may be just what you need.

6. Blogging helps you tap into sources of expertise that you don’t have

7. Blogging helps husbands and kids realize that you are more than a wife and mum

8. Blogging can bring the words of our ancestors to life

9. Blogging can change you – it is up to you to decide that it will be for the better.

I would love you to share the blogging tricks that work magic in your life.

9 Blogging Tricks That Work Magic


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  • Jemma @popcornlunchuk

    I loved this Kate, especially no.7. Prior to blogging I was ‘just’ a mum (at least that’s how I felt) so I started to write as an outlet. Now I get to have people read what I write and it’s a whopping great big confidence boost. I feel like I have a focus beyond the four walls of our home and am developing skills when I thought my days in education were over. If I never made a single penny from blogging it wouldn’t matter to me at all as the feeling of writing something that people enjoy reading is absolutely priceless x

  • Crystal Green

    Blogging has certainly changed many aspects of my life. It has given me careers I never dreamed I’d be doing ten years ago.

    I love how I can connect with like-minded people right from home. It’s certainly a blessing to be a part of the blogging world.

  • Talya

    This is so true….blogging really does open up a whole other world which you never knew existed and in many ways….it really is like magic! Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub and enjoy/survive the summer! x

  • natalie

    Lovely post – blogging has allowed me to give my children lots of new opportunities. It has made me feel close to people I have never even met. As a Mum of three little ones it has allowed me to be Natalie again. #thelist

  • Liz Deacle

    I was nodding my head off to everyone. The blogger conference one I can’t comment on as living in New Zealand I’m not sure they even happen! I love the one about the being more than a mum x

  • Suzie

    Aw, I love this list.
    I’m just getting back to blogging after many years of not. It has changed a lot! But it was all about the community then and it still seems to be about the community now 🙂

  • Debbie Roberts

    Hi Kate, blogging is so much more about writing a blog. I am pretty sure that if it weren’t for blogging I would not have got the skills to get the job I do now, I wouldn’t even have gone for the job! Blogging broadens the mind and allows us to ‘meet’ some fantastic people we would never have met otherwise.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  • Alice | Letters to my Daughter

    I love these. I think blogging makes you take better care of yourself. To write, you have to take the time to listen to yourself and decipher your thoughts – a luxury we don’t often give ourselves in the hustle of daily life. #BlogCrush

  • Noleen Miller

    Blogging has truly changed my life within a spate of 7 months – yes people do look at you in a different light. I think as you start blogging and writing – you just come up with new ideas all the time. Anything can lead to a new blog post but the best is that you write for yourself and then share it with others.#Blogcrush

  • Lucy At Home

    YES! I was not prepared for the changes that would happen after I start blogging but now I can’t imagine my life without it. I love that I’m more than a mum (not that I don’t love being a mum but it’s nice to be a person in my own right too!) and that I have the chance to share my thoughts with other people. I also love that I’ve been exposed to so many new ideas and different opinions by reading other people’s blogs and having them comment on mine. I think that has made me a better, more accepting person and certainly broadened my horizons. #blogcrush

  • Debs

    Lol, I got my notebook out when I read the title, ready to write down some more “how to” tips. How refreshing it was to read something different.\

    Thanks for joining up with #TheMMLinky

  • Kel @ School Runs & Shopping Trolleys

    Totally agree that blogging has given me back a sense of self, rather than just being ‘mum’, and I have made some amazing friends! Thanks for joining #TheMMLinky again x

  • Jeannette @autismmumma

    I’ve been putting blogging very much on the back-burner due to post and pre surgery “stuff”, I shouldn’t really because it’s like therapy to me and promotes my sense of self and belonging “somewhere”. Thanks for joining in with #TheMMLinky, hope you can again tomorrow.


    I love reading and writing but having a career in that was quite a far away dream before but now blogging gave me the opportunity to write creatively and appreciation to think seriously about it …And blogging is like a journey and when somone appreciates your work that is the best feeling ….So great post …You struck the right strings at the right time ….

  • The Dad Effect

    Thanks for putting this together, even if I feel as though the title was a bit of click bait (not that it matters because I’m not really interested in selling out). Good insights for those just beginning (myself included). #AnythingGoes

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