A glimmer of hope

We have been having a tough time.

Suddenly, we have a tiny glimmer that we hope might turn into a big shining light.

I can’t say much as I am so scared of tempting fate.  It may yet come to nothing.

Suffice to say, if the glimmer is more than that, our lives will change radically and soon.

It would mean returning to a town where I did a lot of growing up, probably the first place I went into a pub without my parents.

It is also the place where I first learned about class differences being defined as a juvenile delinquent because I went to a comprehensive school.

It would mean fulfilling a long held dream about the sea.

It would mean more blogger events and easier access to London.

It would mean a fresh and exciting start.

It is but a glimmer. 

At the very least, there is a whole lot of dreaming going on this weekend.


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