A great start to 2016

I have had a great start to 2016 and hope you have too.

1. I have managed to keep Christmas going and the tree is still up! Our house, our way! My home made Christmas cake went down so well that I am making more tonight yet again,

2. I have had lots of sleep and at times to suit me so including some naps in the afternoon.

3. Him Indoors is back to working shifts we are familiar with which helps me plan my day better.

4. I have developed systems for things like housework, correspondence, bills and so on using a little purple book with VIP on it. It is working wonders! I even have labels on things which is unheard of!

5. It seems to me if you expect good things to happen they have a habit of doing so.

6. I find myself letting something go and long past the time I should have done.

7. I am able to help others who are going through tricky times having gone through similar myself – we can all do this!

8. Home education is growing on me all the time. I have worked it out that it is a bit like Christmas in terms of setting what you want to do, when you want to do it and playing to people’s interests. My daughter loves art and science. My son loves music and games. You cannot approach them in the same way all the time and it is good to celebrate their individuality.

9. I have got my charity shopping down as it was becoming a bit over the top. It is an indicator of more balance in my life.

10. I am very much enjoying having a new washer and drier (one of those new-fangled safer ones) as both packed up over Christmas.

11. I gave a reindeer a new home because I felt sorry for him.

12. I have started to feel stronger about supporting my teen as he approaches exams and so on at the grand old age of 15 having reached out for support on social media. Always ask for help – people are keen to help and often your stupid questions are the same ones other people have and are scared to ask.

13. I am back to healthy eating with a veggie curry bubbling away as I write and with a new weight loss linky for 2016.

There are other things but I don’t want to bore my readers so that will do nicely for now and you have other cheerful things to read.

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4 thoughts on “A great start to 2016”

  1. Great list Kate, so pleased to see you getting 2016 off to a positive start. Children are so different aren’t they? I’m still learning, plenty more to learn as they get older! I’ve reined in my charity shop hunting too!

  2. What a fantastic start to your year! I wish I could nap in the afternoon. I always need more sleep but I always panic I won’t wake up for the school run so don’t sleep properly. lol

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