A Happy Empty Nest?

It’s that time of the week where I share what the good stuff is in my little corner of the world. I am of course in the grip of empty nest syndrome after my son left home two weeks ago. It feels longer than that but in other ways I keep expecting him to just come downstairs as usual wanting to go on a forest walk with the dog or to chat about politics. Now it is my brother getting those joys which can be a bit hard to take sometimes. Am I completely redundant now? Anyway on with the cheerful things because whatever life is throwing you, if you look hard enough there are always things to smile about.

1. My son has apparently settled well. He is looking for work. He is getting out and about socially. He is reconnecting with old friends. He has had so many treats from my brother. This makes me feel inadequate as I have often had to say no to costly items which my son is now getting via my brother. So I sit and wait for my son’s emails and for updates from my brother. I send job leads and useful contacts in an attempt to still be his mum. On the other hand, I notice that the kitchen surfaces are better now my first born is not in the house. I guess I have a little more time on my hands now too so need to harness that.

2. My daughter works away with such focus. She can cook for herself, keeps her room organised and sorts out her laundry ready for us to take it for washing. This would have been a dream for me not that long ago and now I miss being needed. She does chat with me and share her passions so I guess that is good even if I don’t understand it all.

3. My youngest son is OK I think. I feel I need to carve out some full-on quality time with him soon. Perhaps we should aim for bowling next weekend which he always enjoys.

4. I have proactively reached out to make some new female friends. My husband has changed his hours at work so I can attend a wellbeing event with a lunch this week. It is outside my comfort zone but I must build a life for myself now the children are getting older. I seem to be getting in the habit of going out every Tuesday evening too on my own as my husband works late that day. It is scary for me because on my own I suffer social anxiety but I know I must get over this a bit for my own sake and to mirror the way for my daughter. The truth is once I get to the bar, the people are friendly and there are giggles to be had. It is getting easier every week. In other news, I was in the local newspaper as I seem to have found myself on the community association. It is lovely to have a photo with some of these new people who have my heart.

5. My husband and I had a really pleasant weekend after a bumpy week. This involved lie-ins, looking for second-hand furniture, lunch at an old favourite café, live music, a full English breakfast and acquiring some books to read. We can get on so well which is what makes it so challenging to throw the towel in after so many years together.

6. There are random moments of magic in this place all the time. Last Tuesday at the community association meeting, the landlord served me free champagne and lots of it for no real valid reason. At the weekend, myself and the OH shortened our heart-to-heart chat to join in with the fun in the bar. On another night, we had such laughs about ice-cream with a lady making a rhyming couplet for a famous brand of ice-cream. I giggled so she just kept repeating it and it was so funny and I have no idea why. Our local musician played me my favourite song “Streets of London” along with a song about Winnie-the-Pooh. I need to capture this for inspiration for that novel I keep promising you all.

7. The weeks are ticking away to our move. It cannot come quickly enough to be honest and I see a whole new exciting chapter opening up for me and the children.

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