A Right Royal Tribute From Grandad

A right Royal tribute from Grandad written when he was 84 years of age.

Phil said to Bess “You’ve still got me for a mate
You deserve a trip around the real estate
We can see all the kids while you are still in the pink
And at the same time we’ll get a free drink


So off they went for a tour of the realm
With Bess in the back and Phil at the Helm
We’ll call on our Chuck at the house with the towers
But when they got there he was addressing the flowers

“Move on” said Bess, “Our Annie’s not far”
So Phil put his foot down and followed the star
Arriving there they were told she was riding
And they couldn’t find Tim as he was in hiding.

“Never mind” said Phil, “We can go on to the Valley
The grandson’s there and the Welsh are quite pretty
When they arrived Kate was sobbing and sighing
“It just isn’t fair, Will is always out flying”

Head North was the answer and over the Border
Once in Scotland there was a castle at Cawdor
Reaching there with high hopes of a whisky
The Laird was out and the butler was tipsy

“Head for York” said Bess “We there find Andy”
“Great” said Phil “I’ll settle for shandy”
He was there all right with the Rajah of Poonei
Arranging a flight to the Sultan of Brunei

“Come on” said Phil with a touch of rancour
“Down in Wessex, we’ll be able to anchor”
The gates were all closed, Ed and Soph were in purdah
They were in with the nanny screaming blue murder

Phil looked at Bess, Bess looked at Phil
It was beginning to seem they were both over the hill
They had done two thousand miles, seen no kids and no booze
They said “Next time we trip, it’ll be on a cruise”

So back to the Smoke and the semi so humble
Even though the walls were beginning to crumble
“Three cheers” said Phil, raising his glass
“I’ve still got you and you’re a game old lass”

Written by my 84 year old Dad who has one foot in the blog.

Twin Mummy and Daddy

6 thoughts on “A Right Royal Tribute From Grandad”

  1. Love it, how about dad dip both feet into blogging and get himself a launch pad, would provide a lovely little read and I bet he would enjoy it! I do the the ending “game old lass” sounds like my old east London grandpa. Clairelouise82. x

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