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A room by room guide to flooring

If you’ve not had much experience with buying flooring or even if you’ve been through the stress of deciding on which floor to pick before, unfortunately it never gets any easier! With so many options available, it can be a bit over whelming.

Flooring is arguably the biggest feature of a room, the most expensive and disruptive to change and can make or break a room. Choose the right flooring and your room will impress for years, choose the wrong one and you’re in trouble, that’s why it’s important to do you your research and be sure before you buy!

While some types of flooring can be perfect for certain rooms, some are not suitable at all. We’ve come up with a room by room guide to flooring…


Probably the most used room in your home. The kitchen comes into contact with all sorts, from food being dropped on the floor, mud from the garden, the hungry pitter patter of little feet to water spillages. Whatever sort of household you’re from, you’ll need something that’s going to cope with these tests the best. Although fine-looking and durable, we’d stay away from real wood, as it is more susceptible to scratches, stains and water damage. Laminate is not ideal as it isn’t completely resistant to these either, but it won’t be a disaster if you do decide on it. With that being said, we’d recommend vinyl in the kitchen as it is completely full proof to these, perfect as we see regular water spillages and food being dropped! Once more, its highly resilient to foot traffic too.


We’d say the best way to approach flooring for the bathroom is to follow the same rules as the kitchen. Like the kitchen, the bathroom will come into contact with lots of water if not more, so vinyl is the perfect option as water won’t cause damage on it. Its advantage over tiles it that it’s anti slip – you don’t want your little ones to be slipping over after bath time, it’s the last thing you need! One of vinyl’s best qualities however is its ability to cope with the fluctuating temperatures of under floor heating, something very popular in modern homes, but especially the bathroom for a cosy and comforting feel!

Living room

We’ve covered the rooms that need the flooring to be all practical, now’s the time to have a bit of fun. Alongside the kitchen, the living room is another heavily used room, so our first priority is something durable. Secondly, it’s a room where we can totally go crazy incorporating our taste, so style is very important. Of course, we all want something practical, but you can get away with pleasing your style taste buds a bit more in this room!

You’ve guessed it, we are going to recommend the brilliance of real wood. Highly durable, classy, stunning and versatile, there’s no better place than the living room to show off this fantastic flooring’s magnificence. You can match it up with a cosy rug, many different types of furnishings or even leave it on its own, we can guarantee it’ll impress whatever!

However, it is worth being aware of the two variations of wood flooring. Although solid wood is a classic choice, it is not able to withstand the fluctuating temperatures of underfloor heating. If this is an important feature to you, then opt for engineered wood. The living room is the place we want to feel most at home and sink into our sofa at the end of a long day, so that warmth under foot will just top it off! Additionally, it is also worth giving yourself the option of this as it is something we are seeing more and more of in our homes, so it will certainly help you with the selling value of your home when it is time to move on.


Probably the highest foot traffic area in the house… your hallway will be seeing a lot of use, from winter boots to high heels and dirt from the outside, you need something that will stand up to these perils. As well, your hallway is the first room your guests are going to see, so something that’s going to impress is a must.

No question – definitely go for the beautiful parquet wood flooring. Durable and available in engineered or solid, you don’t have to give up under floor heating if you’re set on it. Parquet flooring presents us with an interesting and grand pattern, often chosen to give the wow factor and present your home with a luxurious appeal. The arrangement of the planks looks great in large spaces too, why wouldn’t you?


Cosiness and comfort – the two main things we want in a bedroom. Because this room is not likely to come into contact with as much foot traffic and spillages as other rooms, we would therefore say that wood flooring is a good choice and will complement whatever theme your bedroom has. The best thing is, since wood flooring is so versatile, if you do decide to put the room to a different use then wood will be perfect for a variety of uses.

Carpet is another notable choice, soft and cushioned under foot, as well as being cosy and insulating. With a huge range of colours and fabrics available, it’s easy to see why carpet is maintaining its popularity in homes.

Utility room

Although not everyone has one, the utility room is an important room to consider when looking at flooring. We’d definitely say style comes last in this room, it’s not exactly the place that you’re looking to impress guests and be really stylish! We’d say that any flooring that is appropriate for the bathroom and kitchen is perfect for the utility, there aren’t really any extra rules! Again, water and stain spillages are common, so vinyl is faultless. It is also inexpensive, the utility room isn’t usually somewhere we splash out on!

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  • Laurie

    We redid the floors in our house – all of them – a few years ago. I hated the ones we picked out when we built the house 35 years ago. My favorite floor is in the kitchen. We picked cork. It is pretty, comfortable, and easy to clean. I would definitely do it again.

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