Kate and family

My name is Kate Davis-Holmes aka Kate on thin ice.  I am a freelance copywriter, blogger and social media consultant dividing my time between England and France.

.How I started blogging

I started blogging in 2009 on the suggestion of my late adoptive mother who felt it would help me to work my way out of post-natal depression. Little did I know that I was embarking on an exciting journey that would result in amazing memories, a sense of community, awards and trips to far-flung places including the United States of America.

I have a strong interest in the welfare of women and in supporting the idea that women matter. If I can encourage any woman to pursue her dreams, this blog is doing something worthwhile. I am aware that mums in particular can lose their way a bit by giving their all to their children. I hope some of the inspirational stories I share on my blog will help such women move forwards positively in life.

Kate and family

I have two sons and a daughter aged 19, 14 and 15.

My oldest son Luke  is bright and caring and like most boys his age has a passion for gaming. He is overseas studying Humanities and I am getting used to  empty nest syndrome and not liking it much.  My son has intelligence, sensitivity and wonderful values. He wants to go into politics and has so much to contribute to society.

Laura loves creating things from songs and stories to art and design. She is home-educated and very driven just like I used to be when I was her age. She loves mythology and studies things in great depth. She is on the autistic spectrum and rocks in more ways than one,

Louis is charismatic and a great performer. He has a great appetite for life and also a lovely caring nature. He is keen on video games. He would like to be a chef as he enjoys time with me in the kitchen.

What Children Learn From Going On Holiday

I love reading, travelling and enjoying both cooking and eating great food. I have a taste for the retro and the quirky so can often be found at charity shops, car boot sales and flea markets. My perfect evening would be spent at the theatre.

My finest hours include getting into Cambridge University to study Law, helping others via charitable work, walking on fire, doing a boudoir photo-shoot and becoming an award-winning  blogger.

I have an image of myself in my old age selling flowers by the sea.

For me, the meaning of life is all about making memories that sustain both ourselves and future generations.

People say that I am thoughtful, mischievous, hard-working, intelligent, creative, witty, down-to-earth and passionate about good causes.

Bloggers have described me as inspirational, outstanding and food for the soul. Bloggers are a very kind and forgiving bunch!

This blogger loves to work with brands, PR companies and charities.

I also love to hear from inspirational mums (and most are!)

P.S. I am not a blagger but for one thing I wou

uld quite possibly sell my soul. Health issues have led to me having terrible teeth spoiling my once beautiful smile so if a dentist wants to sort them out for me, this could become a dentistry site overnight!

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