Are You A Would-Be Writer? Join Wordsmith Wednesday Blog Hop

Are you a would-be writer? There are lots of us out there and a fair few of us are bloggers I imagine.

I write mainly on my blog and I want that to change. Are you like me happily blogging away whilst not really pursuing those other writing ambitions? Would you like to join a group of like-minded people wanting to commit time and effort to their creative writing?

I have set up this blog hop as I know if I involve others I will actually feel accountable and do some writing on a regular basis.

Here is how it works and be warned, it really is incredibly simple.

You write something either on your blog and send me the link or write a word document and submit it to me via email to

Next Wednesday and every Wednesday thereafter, I will post submissions and that wonderful world out there can read our efforts and leave supportive comments and constructive criticism. Who knows? Your efforts might reach the eye of people who can help you on that journey to making all your writing dreams come true.

I am not going to set any harsh guidelines about how many words you should write or on what topic. You decide.

However, past experience on blogging and writing suggests that prompts are useful to some of us so here are some prompts but only use them if you wish to do so. All creative writing efforts are welcome.

Here are the prompts for those who would like to use them.

1. Write about a revelation.

2. Write about losing something

I know this blog hop will encourage me to get on with writing. I hope it does the same for you too.

When talking about this blog hop on Twitter and other social networks please use the hashtag #wordsmithwednesday

Ready, steady … write!

5 thoughts on “Are You A Would-Be Writer? Join Wordsmith Wednesday Blog Hop”

  1. Hey Kate,
    This is a great idea.
    I can’t promise to be consistent as I have just started a module on Creative Writing on my degree course, but will have something each week…

    I have some great books / websites if anyone needs any further prompts.
    Firstly I recommend The Five Minute Writer by Margaret Geraghty, you can read online here:
    If you want to download it, it can be a bit of a bugger, so if you want a PDF of it just email me.


    Good luck everyone, I look forward to reading your masterpieces!


  2. Think I love you 🙂 Fab, fab idea!
    I will definitely give this a go. Not sure how well I’ll manage once I start writing my novel for NaNoWrimo, but I will do my best to join in, even if it’s just a short pieces or just leaving comments for other people. Perhaps it might even help me to do little bits of something different here and there to break up the long slog of novel-writing.

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