In an increasingly busy world, so many of us are turning to the convenience of online shopping. I wanted to let you know about the Boom25 cashback site.

I will be honest and confess that sometimes I do grocery shopping online as it means the children might be in bed so pester power is less than if they come shopping with me. I can do online shopping at a time that is convenient to me and check out bargains and offers more easily. There is also the time to reflect when something appeals rather than just making an impulse purchase at the supermarket.

Of course it is not just about the supermarket. Online purchases include booking holidays and flights for example and then there are the delights of Ebay. Although I was late to wake up to environmental matters, one thing I always did was buy second-hand goods. It saves money and you find  such interesting items too and I do love the quirky.


People have mentioned cashback sites to me before but I did not look into them properly. I recently heard about registering on Boom25 Cashback Site which costs nothing – but there is a chance to win your order for free. Obviously if you use a site regularly, it’s worth putting it through here, because – as opposed to the pennies you get with other cashback sites – you can win your entire single shop back here.  Times are tight for so many of us so this is well worth looking into.


How does Boom25 work?

It’s really easy to get registered. You can set up your account by entering your name, email address and chosen password. Then, you’ll be able to access your personalised dashboard, where you’ll see all of your shopping activity, details of your winnings and any bonuses. Once a purchase is approved it’s entered into a draw and you just might be the lucky winner. There are currently 886 shops to choose from with well-known brands  like Tesco, Asda, Expedia, Europcar, Legoland and Argos.  The largest cashback was apparently over £4000! You can also refer an unlimited amount of friends and win £3 on each of their first approved purchases above £10. There are also special, hot deals available from the different shops.

In 2019, I will be spending more time doing online shopping. We find all too often we are dashing out to the shops on a daily basis which takes up way too much time. I have recently purchased a big freezer and have started doing weekly large grocery shops and actually finally getting round to meal-planning. It really does save money and makes me feel far less overwhelmed about feeding the family healthy and tasty meals.

I am really hoping to book some holidays overseas next year too as I made that commitment to myself following my recent milestone birthday. Plus I had a whole list of fantasy gifts I would have liked that I know I can buy if I spread out the expenditure over the year.

If I have a chance of getting some of those items for free, what can I say except Boom 25?




With Brexit in the news on a daily basis, one thing to consider for next year is the impact of Brexit on your holiday hopes. How are you feeling about holidays abroad? I was interested to discover that leading online travel agency loveholidays has conducted a survey of 2,000 people in the UK to gauge their view on holidays abroad next year. I was fascinated to see that the all-inclusive holiday is making a real come-back due to the worries about Brexit.

Non-EU destinations

Holiday-makers are considering non-EU destinations. Over 45% of those surveyed would consider a holiday in eastern Mediterranean and North Africa destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt.  According to Google Search Volume, all-inclusive holiday searches to Turkey are up 83% year on year and all-inclusive holidays searches to Egypt are up 20% year on year.  The appeal of all-inclusive holidays is even more popular in the face of Brexit particularly to millennials who are twice as likely to choose an all-inclusive break compared to the over 55’s surveyed.

Post-Brexit worries

It seems clear that travellers are concerned about passport issues. The other big worry is the cost of the holiday and any nasty financial surprises. Post-Brexit anxieties included 24% of respondents mentioning passports.  A quarter are thinking about the money in their pocket with currency and exchange rates worries. Mobile phone charges and queues at passport control are of lesser concern according to the survey results.

Different age groups have different concerns

I was surprised to see that  different age groups have different concerns about post-Brexit holidays. 25% of 18-34 year olds state that it will impact their holiday making decision for 2019 with 49% of them considering a non-EU holiday destination. Those 55 and over are far less troubled, with only 9% suggesting that Brexit will impact their 2019 holiday choices.. This age group also appear to be remaining with European holidays as only just over a third would consider a holiday in a non-EU destination.

All-inclusive holidays

Christian Armond from loveholidays comments, “With peak booking season for 2019 holidays around the corner, we are anticipating an increase in bookings for all-inclusive holidays. These holidays appeal in the current Brexit climate as there are no hidden extras with the cost of meals and drinks all included!”

All-inclusive hotels finder

To help identify the top all-inclusive hotels based on both Trip Advisor reviews and the number of bookings, loveholidays has created an interactive all-inclusive hotels finder. Simply enter a destination for a list of the best all-inclusive hotels in that area.

The ‘All-Inclusive Hotel Finder’ can be found here:

With my milestone birthday celebrated last week, I have promised myself to have a really positive year ahead. Although I travelled overseas a lot when I was younger, there was a real gap when I did not do so. Blogging came along and off I headed to the United States of America on a press trip but I  think it is high time I  broadened my travel horizons come the New Year. Here are 5 places I would like to visit next year.


When I was at school, I tried to organise a trip to Denmark with a group of teenage friends. I think the idea may have come from seeing the story of Hans Christian Anderson at the London Palladium or quite possibly from my love of Lego. I have even more reason to visit now as I did a DNA test and was very surprised to find I have a Danish heritage. I am excited at the idea that you can book a no fly cruise and sail from the UK to all the delights that Denmark has to offer.


When I first met my husband, I asked him where he would visit if he could choose anywhere in the world. It was great that he chose a country that I have dreamed of visiting too. Iceland just looks so very different. Needless to say life got in the way and we never did make that romantic trip to Iceland but it’s never too late! What’s not to love about waterfalls, hot springs and beautiful landscapes?


It’s not exactly the most far-flung destination but I would like to have a trip to Ireland next year. I have holidayed there before with family and friends. However, it is also where my birth family are and it would be great to make a trip with another adopted sister to meet our special relatives for the very first time. Long Lost Family and all that! In any event, Ireland is gorgeous with its mountain and coastal scenery not forgetting the craic!


I have never visited Italy which is ridiculous especially as my brother lived there for a few years working at La Scala in Milan. I think Tuscany always looks so beautiful and the people seem to have a great philosophy on life. I would also like to take my artistic daughter to Florence. Did I mention I am the biggest Italian food fan and dream of eating the genuine article in the country itself?


I cannot remember the first time I decided I wanted to visit Russia one day so I was clearly very young. It always seemed almost like another world entirely. Did you know it spans eleven time zones and two continents? I have always wanted to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ideally I would take a long enough break to enjoy the vast diversity of the country with its rivers, forests and towering mountains. I can’t even imagine what the food would be like and how amazing it would be to immerse myself in such a different culture.

Where are you hoping to travel to next year?


Elderly relatives are much-loved family members but it can be challenging to know how best to support them. It can be difficult as they get  older to accept that their independence is less than it once was so you do need to tread carefully. Here are my 5 tips for looking after elderly relatives.

Treat them as the individuals they are

Your relative is a unique person with their own particular needs, interests and hopes. Bear this in mind when considering how to help them best. For example, when my elderly father needed extra help after my mum died, he insisted he would not move in with us unless there was independent space for him. This resulted in us moving house so he could have an annexe with his own kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom.

Research equipment and technology that can help them

Sit down with your relative and really consider what their particular needs are from mobility aids to Telecare. You need to look at the place they are living. Often your elderly relative will hold out against moving from a house they have lived in for many years as it will be full of magical memories. An example is that  you  might need to install a curved stairlift in some residences.

Consult charities for carers

You may not see yourself as a carer or like the label. However, accept that you do care about your relative and know that there are so many local, regional and national charities that can help you. That might be with information, ideas, peer support or counselling. It is a sign of strength to reach out for support. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your relative as it means they will get what they need that much quicker.

Realise that your relative’s needs may change over time

My late Dad lived with us for only two years. When he first moved in, I was so caring to the point where he got frustrated and told me he had not moved in for me to look after him. He did his own cooking and laundry. One day, I realised that he could no longer work out how to work the washing machine. After that, I stepped in and did his laundry. When looking after elderly relatives, you have to be vigilant in the same way as you are with young children. Things change fast and you may have to react as quickly.

Enjoy the special moments

When you are looking after elderly relatives, you can make some very magical memories that will sustain you when they are gone. It’s important to enjoy the special moments perhaps when you have a hug or a really good giggle. Your elderly relative was probably there for you at some point in your life and it’s a privilege to be able to assist them in their later years.



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What are you most looking forward to about Christmas? For many of us, it is all about seeing family and friends including those that we struggle to catch up with at any other time of year. Travelling by car is often the best option as you may be delivering lots of presents and food along with the usual luggage for a trip away from home.

Preparing your car for Christmas

A famous song at this time of year screams “It’s Christmas!” but we also need to remember it is winter so weather conditions can be tricky. Preparing your car for Christmas alleviates stress and could possibly save your life. You neglect this pre-Christmas task at your peril.

A trip to Northampton

I remember visiting my cousin and his family in Northampton one Christmas. We definitely had the white Christmas and black ice was a real danger. I was so pleased that my Dad always carried out regular services on the car at places like Calmac Tyres AutoCentre. The fact that he was an advanced level driver was also reassuring.

Good car care

It’s vital to check that your tyres are fit and compatible to drive on wet or icy roads. Neglecting regular car servicing is false economy. Make sure that all the necessary things are checked like exhausts, batteries and oil. Have you checked that your car’s air conditioning system is functioning properly?
Guaranteed by VOSA Calmac Tyres Autocentre provides highly skilful services and MOTs in Northampton. Book your service with them today!

You really don’t want to breakdown at Christmas

A car breakdown is always stressful and especially at this time of year. The loved ones waiting for you to arrive will be worried if you are late. You don’t want to be missing out on any of the festive treats or the opportunity to make magical Christmas memories.

Car servicing is good if you intend to sell your car at some point

Eventually you may want to buy a newer car or one more suited to new family circumstances. Potential buyers will be checking whether you car is well looked after. Car services on a regular basis mean your car will look great under the bonnet and you can be someone who is really interested in buying will want to check under there. Invest in regular services rather than a once a year overhaul and you will protect your safety and your finances in the longer term.