What is online screening and how can employers use it to find the right candidate?

Recruitment in the past

In the olden days which were not that long ago, employers checked who they were recruiting largely by references from former employers and sometimes personal ones from people like priests or people with a strong professional standing in the community.

Online presence screening

Times have changed and more and more employers are looking into online presence screening of potential employees especially when so many of us are leaving a digital footprint in terms of our social networking, blogging and You Tube channels.

Younger people

Young people will generally have the largest digital footprint as they take social media for granted as part of their everyday lives. They are likely to be particularly active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. How much notice should an employer take of this activity? How much of it will say anything about them as a potential employee? How much leeway can be given bearing in mind that not many of us would want to be judged for some of our youthful mistakes?

Middle-aged people

Employers may be less forgiving of middle-aged people who are applying for jobs if, for example, they find evidence of sexual innuendo or a drinking problem on your Facebook pages. They will be even more cautious when recruiting for senior executive roles where although social media activity may not be huge, it probably says far more about the reality of that individual than the posts of a teenager who may be just going along with the crowd or trying to impress.


Perhaps we all need to be way more careful about what we share online especially when it just might be misinterpreted by an employer. From an employer’s point of view, the very thing they want is a true picture of their potential workers. Interviews generally see people putting on a show or so nervous that it is challenging to get to know them. References tend to be sought from the people the potential employee has chosen to name so perhaps inevitably come across positively. Online screening is a powerful tool for any employer and can potentially stop them making a costly mistake both in financial terms and in damage to their brand.

Fama is a company that offers social media screening for organisations

How to design a good logo is a question anyone in business may have come across as they try to get their message across via effective branding.

As a blogger and business person I am often asked to send across my logo and it can be one of those jobs that is so easy to neglect.

I recently tried out an AI logo creator called Logojoy

How to design a logo with Logojoy

Here we go.  Six easy steps.

  1. First, enter your business or blog name.
  2. Next, choose 5+ logos you like from the selection shown. There are different colours and different fonts. I was concerned that there were no powerful images but that step comes later.
  3. Choose a colour scheme. Whatever your favourite colour, you will find it and specific shades of it too.
  4. Add a slogan if you like. I think it is always adding a little something as a strapline here but you don’t have to.
  5. Pick an icon/image. I loved that I had a choice when I typed in “ice skater” It really is as simple as typing in some words in and up pop a selection of images to choose from.
  6. This is the exciting bit when logos are generated and you get to choose your favourite.

Simple to use

You might want to get a designer to do a logo for you but that is likely to take time as well as money with briefings and thoughts going back and forth.

With Logojoy, it is a quick process where you are in control. You can even see how the logo will look on business cards, adverts and merchandise.  These are the very things we use in marketing our blogs and businesses and make people see us as credible.


If you are happy with your logo the cheapest option is $20 to download one image.  If you want higher quality images with colour variations and a range of different formats (eps, pdf, png and svg) you’ll need to choose the $65 deal. This premium package also gives you full copyright to the logo for commercial and non-commercial use.  You can also download brand guidelines which is a resource with full fonts and colours so you can maintain brand consistency on your website and in any printed text.



How many readers have finished a book and let their minds wander on to “what might have been”? Such is the premise for the swathes of fanfiction available on the internet (not all written by teen girls; then again, E. L. James was once just another female fan of Twilight…). Nevertheless, it is a sensation which in recent years has seen the rise of online writing group mutual support projects like NaNoWriMo (promoted successfully on social media platforms such as Twitter and Goodreads) and has seen the use (in all sense) of Wattpad increase exponentially (rivalling established publishing houses and even media studios). Forget Indie publishing on Amazon to start off a writing career, reviews seem to say: Wattpad is the first port of call today.

Fantastic Figures

Reading Wattpad’s statistics feels very much like looking at the Forbes Rich List when it comes to the sheer size of the numbers. For example, 13bn minutes are spent reading on Wattpad per month, with over 500,000 stories uploaded daily. The platform’s users are predominantly young and female, but these are stats that surpass even Candy Crush or Snapchat, and that is incredible. What is not so shocking is analytics proving once again that teen technology usage and online activity assists in predicting what will next become popular. Dubbed the “Youtube of fiction”, Wattpad is for a generation fed on the potential for viral fame.

Not Just for Kids

Of course, adults use Wattpad as well (the company did release its X-rated adult romance app in 2015, after all; doubtless off the back of 50 Shades success). Further, you don’t have to be the most tech savvy individual to be successful either, even though the platform’s stories are uploaded via the Smartphone app and you are notified (text message style) when a new chapter is added to whichever serial you choose to follow. To assist your endeavors, for example, there exists a Wattpad cover maker for such considerations to writing as a supporting image to draw readers in.

Handy indeed, or maybe even revolutionary. Margaret Atwood published a book of her poetry via Wattpad a few years ago to make a point on the cost of eBooks – seemingly negligible, but in reality not always so – and to highlight the potential for channeling the platform into a facilitator for mainstream publisher-notice.

Beware the Revolution

Nonetheless, not everyone is taken in by the “Wattpad Revolution” (not least due to its penchant for corporate partnerships, a collaborative business model set-up that saw its predecessor Fanlib.org close after only three years of operation).

One question is, to what point can fanfiction be celebrated as much as original fiction? Though Wattpad lists its uploaded fanfiction right beside original creations, is this not in turn promoting profit from others’ endeavors? Authors who feel this to be true can object to fanfiction in response to their work being published on Wattpad, but what of those who don’t? Far more difficult and worthy is the development of that original seed of thought and resultant tree, than the weaker leaves that flutter wildly from its later branches.

Into the Night to Save the Day! Soaring onto DVD for the first time ever, PJ Masks: Time to Be a Hero provides little ones with the chance to join the superhero trio from Entertainment One’s hit preschool show for even more fun at home.

PJ Masks

Halloween treat

Coinciding perfectly with Halloween, this new DVD follows the adventures of school friends Connor, Amaya and Greg who, as night falls, magically transform into their superhero alter-egos Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. With their pyjamas on and animal amulets activated, they become the invincible PJ Masks team and tackle trouble that is being stirred up in the city.

PJ Masks DVD

PJ Masks: Time to Be a Hero features six action-packed adventures providing budding young superheroes with over an hour’s worth of fun. The episodes included see Gekko overcoming his stage fright to rescue his voice back from Romeo, Owlette learning that it is better to give than receive in order to escape Luna Girl’s HQ and Catboy striving to get back Amaya and Greg’s stolen superhero pyjamas.


To celebrate the launch, we’re giving a lucky winner a copy of the PJ Masks: Time to Be a Hero DVD.

PJ Masks – Time to be a Hero is available on DVD and Digital Download from Monday 30th October.

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Here’s a little or rather a lot of inspiration for women who want to write. Let’s face it so many of us feel we have a story within us and how many of us have dreamed of seeing our novel on sale in a book shop or the customer’s choice at a railway station or airport. What holds us back? I remember asking Jackie Collins for advice on writing a novel and she kept it very simple “Just do it!”. Maybe one day I will like the incredible Debbie who shares her inspiration for normal girls or women who want to write a novel, a blog or whatever would mean they were pursuing their individual dreams.

Inspiration For Women Who Want To Write

Inspiration for women who want to write

“I’m just going to put it out there now before we get going: I struggle greatly with the idea of being an inspirational woman.

Why? Well because in my eyes, I’m just a normal girl.

But then maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Because if I can inspire even one normal girl like me to bite the bullet and live her dream, then I would think of that as a job well done.

So what’s my story?

From a very young age, I always dreamed of being a writer. But it was just that – a dream. I never really thought it was plausible, but it never really went away either.

Around three years ago, I started to think seriously about writing a novel. I had the idea of what the story would be about, but I still had no real idea of where to start.

After a few months of umming and ahhing, I started a blog with the intention of getting back into writing. And it worked. I started working on my first novel, The Joker. And I also wrote a short story collection, Twisted Tales.

Now here I am two and half years later.

I still blog and I’ve currently published six books with the seventh due for release in November and the eighth already burning a hole in my brain.

I’ve learned a LOT about writing, blogging, marketing and publishing since I started my journey.

The really big turning point for me came in October 2016. I started doing a bit of freelance ghost writing (which is basically writing someone else’s novel for them) around July time.

I loved it, and my plan was to do it for a year and then think about leaving my day job to be a full time writer.

Come October, something changed. I realised that with a full time job, I just didn’t have the time to take on extra clients and go all in with my writing. I realised that if I stayed in my job, I would never 100% know I could make a full time living from my writing, because I didn’t have the time to try it.

I was sitting at work one quiet Tuesday afternoon when it hit me – if I didn’t leave my job then, I never would.

I did some quick calculations and I estimated I could do it. So I did. I put my notice in the next morning.

One year on and I’m still writing full time. I am earning more than I have ever earned before and I love what I do.

It wasn’t until around three months after I quit my day job that I learned that, according to the majority of people, making a full time living from being a writer is “impossible” until you’re already a household name.

Well you know what? It’s not impossible. I know this for a fact because I’m doing it. It’s not easy at times, but nothing worth having is easy.

I’m the proof that anyone can do it if they want it badly enough. Ignore the doubters and the people that tell you it’s impossible. They are the people who didn’t want it badly enough.

I did it and so can you – even if, like me, you’re just a normal girl.”

Inspiraiton For Women Who Want To Write

Links to Debbie’s work online

Blog link: www.myrandommusings.co.uk

Twitter: www.twitter.com/randommusings29

Facebook: www.facebook.com/myrandommusingsblog

Amazon Author Page: https://goo.gl/FrXC4V

Do you have a secret desire to become a writer and share your story with the world? Just do it!



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