I am taking part in the Asda Mobile Digital Detox Challenge for 7 days starting from 25th April 2016.

Asda Mobile have provided me with a basic mobile phone along with an Asda Sim card topped up with £10 credit.

Does your smartphone dominate your life? Does it lead to you ignoring your family, friends and colleagues as you check emails and social networks? Are family days out more about getting the right image than throwing yourself into the experience?

A study carried out by the Huffington Post discovered that the average person checks their phone 85 times a day, receives just over 100 emails and spends around three hours, actively, on the internet.

My challenge involved using a basic phone only for texts and calls. I have not made one call or sent a text since starting the challenge. Although this is not part of the challenge, it is interesting how as soon as you take the time to question whether you are unwittingly on a digital treadmill, your phone use starts to change.

It’s a bit like when you change your eating and exercise habits and wondered why you ever liked unhealthy foods and a couch potato lifestyle.

I have enjoyed not having the ball and chain of the smartphone on the bedside cabinet. It has made it easier for me to either pursue another interest like reading or to switch off completely. How lovely to have a cuppa in the morning without immediately checking my phone!

I am also getting through jobs that matter more efficiently rather than “wasting time” trawling through Instagram and other social networks. If I don’t tweet, it appears the world does not end!

I have enjoyed getting out and about leaving blog and social media business to wake up and smell the coffee, to feel the sun on my skin and to explore my local surroundings. It is important to remember the world offline is a fascinating place if we take our eyes of our screens and actually look.
Why don’t you join in a mini challenge and see if you can manage without your smartphone for 24 hours?

Digital Detox Infographic

I challenge my readers to also take part in this and write a post detailing their experience mentioning (and linking to) my blog and Asda Mobile. I would love you to experience the liberating feeling of saying goodbye to the smartphone even if only for 1 day. Here are the terms and conditions.

If you take part in the “mini challenge” you must add a link to your diary post in the comments.

Data Protection – Any personal data relating to entrants will not be disclosed to a third party, this will be strictly used for the Asda Mobile digital detox challenge only.

Winner selection – The winners will be required to respond within 14 days of notification confirming their acceptance of the award. In the event a winner does not respond to communications within 14 days of notification or if any award is declined or not redeemed, we reserve the right to disqualify that winner and present the award to a reserve winner.

Winner notification – Winners will be notified via email w/c 9th May 2016.

Prize – You have a chance to win £100 worth of Asda store gift card.

The terms & conditions of the challenge which includes the information that we request you include in your blogpost.

By accepting this challenge you are agreeing to these terms & conditions and you are releasing us, our directors, officers, employees and agents from, and indemnifying each of them against, any and all liability or any loss, damage or injury of any kind arising from or in connection with this challenge.

We love walking and all too often I don’t have the right kit for my feet so I was thrilled to get these tips for choosing the right walking socks from Steve Fowler, MD of leading international sock brand Bridgedale:


1. Pay attention to the material. Woollen socks such as Merino and Enduro Wool are soft, provide insulation and wick moisture away from your feet. Socks made from synthetics are great if your feet tend to sweat a lot because they wick moisture away better than natural fibres. Bridgedale’s unique Fusion Technology blends synthetic and natural fibres to give you the best of both worlds and ensure the highest level of performance. Avoid socks made from cotton as they will absorb moisture and takes time to dry leaving you uncomfortable.

2. Make sure your socks fit properly. Whether you’re a keen hillwalker or a casual country rambler, good socks are as important as properly fitted boots or shoes. Cheap, poorly fitting socks are not bargains, they will simply ruin your walk. The fit should be snug, but not too tight. Any bagginess or extra material at the heel or toe means it’s too big.

3. Choose cushioned walking socks to give extra protection to those areas that take the most punishment such as the ball of the foot, lace up area and Achilles. Seams should also be flat so they do not create more pressure points on your foot. Bridgedale’s unique T2 Anti-compression technology provides protection where you need it most without adding unnecessary bulk.

4. Choose the right weight. Lightweight socks are perfect for hiking in warmer weather, mid-weight socks are a good all-rounder and are ideal for a good intensity level of hiking, and heavyweight socks are intended for long-distance hiking in cold weather.

Duvet forts are fun to make with the children and the perfect rainy day activity. We built one yesterday and I was amazed how much learning there is in such a simple activity.


Before we started, I takled to the children asking them for their thoughts and feelings about duvet forts. They were both excited and put down their tablets happily enough.

They decided that the aim was to have fun and to learn about architecture. They had great ideas on the resources we could use and where to find them. This included raiding big brother’s bedroom and collecting duvets, blankets and pillows.

My daughter told me gravity and the laws of physics would apply! She felt it was important to get the foundations right and to think ahead on what might go wrong.

My son felt the fort should be spacious and that balance would be important.

The things we learned once we started was that we could lot our imaginations go wild so we ended up with a huge fort that had inside and outside areas including a patio and a roof terrace. Yes, I do watch too much A Place in the Sun!

As ever, you learn so much when things go wrong (great life lesson right there!). The chairs we used fell over until we put their backs against walls and beds. My idea of putting a bedspread in a drawer to hold it did not work. Nor did the fan I used and it ended up falling down. What was great to see was the inventive solutions the children came up with. I smiled as my son declared himself the “foreman” whilst my daugther quietly directed operations from a supine position.

I think our key learning was that you do need something like rubber bands or pegs to hold things in place. It is also good to have entertainmnment such as music to keep you going and the kids were quick to order refreshments too.

We all giggled at how keen our Beagle Stan was to get involved jumping on our roof at one point.

If you want to build a duvet fort, these top tips from Sleepy People will really help.


Mumsnet and Pedigree have asked us to record our nutrition journey with our pet.

My husband attended the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition this week to find out more about Pedigree products for dogs. He had a tour of the facilities followed by some talks and had the opportunity to ask questions.

We have a pet Beagle named Stan and we are keen to ensure he is looked after well. Over the next few weeks, we will be trying out a range of Pedigree products and reporting back our findings on the blog.


I asked my husband about his day.

What were your overall impressions of the event and day in general?

“The centre surprised me in that although it is a science based facility, it is very friendly and open. It is animal and people friendly. The first principle seems to be that we do testing in laboratories before trying out on dogs. The accommodation and good ratio of handlers to dogs was pleasing to see. It was clear that feeding, grooming, exercise, socialisation and health needs are well looked after. I highly approved of the reward based methods of training.”

What did you learn about dog nutrition and behaviour?

I was aware that Pedigree was a premium brand of dog food. I learned that intensive research is carried out to ensure that the dog’s needs are met.

An example is how they take dog stomach cells and test different ingredients on the cells to see whether they inflame to make sure it isn’t going to cause an adverse reaction in a dog. Waltham recently found out that puppies need a higher level of Vitamin A in their diet and they shared it across the industry. Pedigree aim for 85% of their food to be digested and 15% to come out as waste and they can track that easily.

I was very interested in learning about oral health of dogs. Dry food is useful here because it is abrasive. However, throwing stones and sticks for dogs can damage the dog’s teeth so care needs to be taken.

Pedigree are able to test different things on different bacteria found on the dog’s teeth to see whether they will help reduce gum disease.

What interested you most about the event?

“I was impressed with the scientific research carried out. I was very interested to hear about the specific ingredients that go into dog food.”

I hadn’t realised how research goes on before the dog food is put in Stan’s bowl. Pedigree have a lot of vets working with them and specialist nutritionists. I find this very reassuring.

It was also great to hear that Sandra McCune had talked about dogs and children. Instinctively, I have always believed that dogs add to family life. It was good to hear that research backs this up. Different studies have shown that children’s mental and physical wellbeing is enhanced by having pets like dogs. Of course, I was delighted to hear the presence of dogs can improve learning too especially as we home educate and Stan likes to get involved.

I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have
volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not been paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. We will be compensated for assisting with filming.

Do you get confused by health headlines?

Let’s face it! Most of us take on the healthy living journey trying to incorporate exercise and to lose weight amongst a huge pile of other tasks and challenges.

We reduce fat and salt only to be told sugar is our real enemy. We went for the burn and now are told a good walk is doing us as much good.

I am no expert but I think loving your body and listening to it works well whatever the headlines are saying. Also, I always question who might be funding the “research” that fuels the headlines.

Information is good but all too often busy mums can find that headlines just tell them they are doing things wrong again and sometimes at a time when their self-esteem is at a low ebb anyway.

We are all in this together with the Blogging to Jogging linky. I love reading your posts and learning that so many of us struggle with the same issues. Let’s keep on inspiring one another on our healthy living journeys.

The Rules

Blog about healthy living in a way that you see fit. It might be some exercise you did, a healthy food choice, a lifestyle change or a recipe. It is important to link back to this post so that we can all inspire one another as we move forwards positively.

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I am so looking forward to reading your talks of health, fitness and well-being. I promise to comment on each post and to promote via my social media networks.

Please display the #bloggingtojogging badge on your post and it would also be cool if we can start engaging on Twitter and Facebook about our healthy living using #bloggingtojogging.

What’s your take on health headlines? Do they help or hinder us?

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