I am reviewing a Palmistry App which is a first for me. The new app is called PalmistryHD

Palmistry App

How do you feel about palmistry and fortune-telling  in general? I have never ruled out that there may be something in such things. As I get older, I am convinced there is more to this life than most of us understand.

My late Mum often told the tale of visiting a fortune-teller in Whitby on a corner right by the sea. She told me the woman told her exactly how her mother would die and that she was right. She also told Mum she would die in a very similar way and was proved correct on that score too although obviously many years later.

I have had a palm reading which predicted my 3 children. I have always had an interest in astrology and might like to do a course on it at some point. I have consulted a psychic along with some other mums at a social event in Leeds a fair few years ago now. Again, there were things she could see or seemed to know that were scarily accurate including a baking history in my family and details of how my relationship with my husband operates. Intriguingly she also told me there was a grandmother (I have four just to confuse things!) who found me frustrating as the world is my oyster writing wise and she was prevented from pursuing her writing.

I am a cynic by nature but to be honest I am more minded to believe in this type of thing than some of the things we are expected to take on without question like things the Royal Family and politicians want us to swallow.

The app is easy enough to download to your smartphone even for someone who does not use apps regularly like myself. It asks for your name and date of birth. It took me a few seconds to work out how to move the birth date from where it landed immediately but that is just because I am a bit dim with technology.

You are asked to take a photograph of your palm and there is good guidance on where to place your hand  so that it is on a dark background and your palm fits inside the circle of a pre-set image of a hand. My photo worked first time and it is quite exciting to watch the circle showing your results being gathered. What could the future hold? At the very least it is a bit of fun.  The analysis can be used to reflect on key areas such a love, success, money and health which  most of us are looking into at this time of year anyway. In fact, these are the very issues we struggle with throughout our lives which is probably why they are incorporated in wedding vows.

I was amazed how spot-on my results were picking up on some ways of thinking I have which do not serve me well like my constant questioning and unpicking of the past and beating myself up too easily for decisions made.

A lack of security was mentioned and anyone who knows me will also know how insecure I am and how very much I would like to feel safer.

Apparently whether I am conscious of it or not I am looking for love. Now if anything was going to persuade me to get a fuller reading for £11.99 this could be the area of interest. We all want a little love in our lives!

The app also picked up that I can be extrovert and affable or introverted and reserved depending on the situation.

It also said I have a great deal of charisma – I will leave that for you to decide on!

You also have the opportunity to check daily horoscopes. I used to do this all the time in the past before parenting and work responsibilities meant such pleasures had to be curtailed a bit.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the app as a bit of fun and also the chance to reflect on my life and times. It helped me think about the things that serve me and the things that hold me back. That can’t be a bad thing at the start of a brand New Year.

Website: https://stellarpalmistry.com

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/palmistryhd/id1324828998?l=en&mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stellarpalmistry.app

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1u_qAK2U5s



It’s the start of our Happy New Year because I am determined to have one. Looking back all the years that end with 8 have gone well so far from my birth to the best year at college to falling in love to getting married. I have a really strong feeling that this year will be a life-changing one and in a very positive way too.

Happy New Year

I am cheerful because we had a lovely Christmas and how wonderful to wake up in the New Year with money in the bank. We kept Christmas very simple and that worked well – presents, laughter, fun and telly! Nothing wrong with that and food we wanted to eat rather than what Christmas dictates we should. There were of course sprouts and lots of them because I love them with a passion!

We had a couple of relatively wild nights out to keep a fair balance to the festivities too.

We have a new kitten who is learning to keep the two dogs in their place. She is totally adorable, very tiny even though she is 6 months old and a wonderful ginger colour. She has become part of the family very quickly snuggling up with whoever is available to cuddle.

My daughter has decided to write a musical. I admire her ambition.

I have had some good video game sessions with my son and we are now making this a daily event as it gives us some one-on-one time so we can chat too.

My teenage son has said he is just going to have a few weeks more of rest and relaxation before he starts doing something possibly education. I am just pleased he is not going to spend the rest of his life in a horizontal position. Leave them alone and they work out their own answers perhaps.

It is raining a lot but that is not getting me down although I am looking forward to Spring already.

Finally, my husband is away this weekend which means I can focus on some tasks that matter to me without interruption. I also intend to inject a party atmosphere to wrap up the Christmas season before work starts properly next week.

How could I forget? I also started #BestBootForward with my friend Chloe.

What are you feeling positive about this week? Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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With the beginning of 2018 and all that it is a good time to set some goals for the coming year. Here are mine and I look forward to looking back at the end of the year and seeing how I got on. Something tells me I will do well with the  peer support gained via Best Boot Forward which is new and super-exciting!


Physical and mental wellbeing in 2018

I lost weight a couple of years ago and although I have put some back on, most stayed off. I would like to eat more healthily and am going to cut out red meat and booze for January as a starting point. I am looking forward to experimenting with vegetarian cookery so if you have any tips on that, please do share.

After too many years lost to social anxiety and depression, I look after my mental wellbeing as a priority. Only if I am well can my children be so it is vital.  I am thinking of taking up yoga and mindfulness to help on this front although I also celebrate feeling well these days.

Time out/Respite in 2018

I juggle a lot various work projects and home educating my younger two children. Then there is the bulk of housework and planning generally which so often falls on me despite there being five people in the home.

I want to delegate some tasks on the home front this year and to not be so easy to give in when my husband or children complain when I ask them to do things.

I also want to take regular walks on my own with the dogs to just be in the moment and to enjoy nature. It is easy to feel crowded in my current situation and to forget who I am outside of the labels of worker, mum, wife and so on.

Work and money in 2018

I am happy with how work is progressing and can see me building on this proactively in 2018. Changing my mindset and valuing myself more worked wonders in the latter half of 2017 so I believe the future is bright.

I need to regain control of my own money so that I feel like an independent woman again. I earn money and should be able to enjoy some of it rather than it all getting sucked up in luxury items for other people. Again, I am too soft in this area and need to be more assertive in my relationships.

Image and style in 2018

I am happy with who I am as a person. I have a good heart and a fine mind. However, I got lost style wise when I became a parent and have never really recovered. I would like to experiment more with fashion and the like this year as a form of personal expression. I neglect myself too easily and that needs to change.

Relationships in 2018

This is also an area where I need to put in some work. I don’t enjoy my marriage particularly much of the time. It is stale and I have no idea how other couples manage to keep things upbeat and interesting. It is by no means all bad and we do have fun and have some shared values. Perhaps having started to like myself more, I enjoy my own company more than my husband’s sometimes. Is that OK or not OK?  Is it time to give up on fine romance and get real? Anyway, suffice to say I want to put some real effort and thought into relationships this year.

I have recently made new acquaintances/friends and that pleases me. I have had a habit probably due to depression of being overly dependent on my husband.  I need more than that moving forwards and am proud of myself for reaching out and expanding my social life in recent months.


So that’s me! Like every other woman I know by no means perfect but good enough and willing to put the work in where it matters to put my best boot forward.

As ever your comments, tips and support are very welcome!




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It’s the start of a brand New Year so all the talk in the media and on social networks is about resolutions and life change. For many that can feel a little overwhelming and yet more pressure when women are already juggling so much.

One of the big problems with New Year resolutions is that they can be over-ambitious and end up being just another excuse to beat ourselves up emotionally for not doing well enough.

New Year

Best Boot Forward is different because you set your own agenda about what you want to achieve or change about your life. You may or may not fit into the common aims to lose weight, to give up smoking and so on. When I first started changing my life for the better, walking once around the block was a huge challenge as I struggled with post-natal depression. Similarly, you may have really enormous goals such as changing career, becoming a student or starting/ending a relationship.and as Rome was not built in one day, you need to break it down into baby steps.
So all we ask this week is that you find a quiet5 minutes (often a challenge in itself!) and really reflect on one area that you would like to change for the better this year.

So you can share with us in a blog post or on our Facebook group the following:

1. What would you like to change?
2. How do you feel this change will enhance your life?
3. Who can support you as you make a positive change?
4. What is the first baby step you can take to move towards your goal?

As we embark on our Best Boot Forward journeys, our hopes and dreams may change. Our lives will throw curve-balls too because most of us go through great ups and devastating downs along the way. What we can promise is that Best Boot Forward will stick with you every step of the way offering our insights, challenges and support.

Oh and as a final bit of fun, why not show us your favourite pair of boots either ones you own already or ones you would like to.


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As mothers, finding the balance in life can be extremely tough. We often have to choose between career and kids, and at some point have to make the difficult decision whether we should go back to work and have our kids looked after by someone else, or stay off and take care of them ourselves. While there really is no wrong answer, it can leave you feeling like any decision you make is the wrong one. However these days we have the ability to work from home, which can be the perfect option for a parent. There’s no travel to work and it can be fit around our other duties. We get to work the times that suit us, while building up something we’ve created ourselves and can be proud of. And blogging is the perfect choice, here are just a few of the reasons why.




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You Get to Work For Yourself

When you set up a blog you have the opportunity to earn money, which means you are essentially running your own business. If you’re fed up of having a boss breathe down your neck, annoying or bitchy colleagues spoiling your day or a long commute- working for yourself is the perfect option. Working for yourself is incredibly satisfying, you get to pour your creative energy and efforts into something that benefits you, instead of spending your life earning lots of money for a big corporation.


It’s Inexpensive To Get Started

Unlike lots of other home businesses, blogging requires very little to get started. The main thing you need is a laptop or computer, which chances are you own already. Other costs include website design (although there are lots of great free templates online and ones you can buy cheaply from Etsy) and a domain. But these can be purchased relatively cheaply, and there’s plenty of help and advice online if you’re unsure where to start- check out a domain forum for example. Sites like Pexels and Pixabay offer fantastic free, beautiful stock images, plus most smartphones these days can take excellent pictures in the right lighting. You could always use what you have and build from there, you don’t need to invest in lots of stock or materials or marketing advice to get started like you would with other types of home businesses. Get active on social media, join blogging groups and read advice for how to get your name out there without spending much. Blogging is generally an inexpensive hobby and a business you can start without a lot of money.


It’s Flexible

Whether you want to go it full time, part time or you just see blogging as a hobby that can earn you some extra money- blogging is flexible. While sponsors will have deadlines, it’s up to you what kind of work and how much you take on so you can truly work it around your lifestyle. If you have young kids, work part time or have other commitments meaning a regular job would be difficult, blogging is ideal as you call the shots. You could work more some weeks if you need the money and less on others. You could combine it with freelance writing or other types of work to ensure you’re making enough money. The great thing about blogging is you can take it anywhere with you. If you and your family go travelling, you could simply bring your laptop and do a little bit of work while you’re away. If you move house, move abroad, move for better schools or anywhere else life takes you, your job goes wherever you do. This means you’re not tied down to one place and it gives you a lot of freedom in the rest of your life.


There’s a Social Aspect

The great thing about blogging is it can help you to meet like minded people. Unlike regular workplaces which generally are full of a mixture of people that wouldn’t necessarily choose to be friends, when you meet people through blogging you already share a common interest. As a parent, socialising can be difficult and it’s easy to feel isolated- so being able to meet people in this way is incredibly useful. Bloggers often hold meet up and events that you and the family are able to go along to and meet people in person too. It could be anything from casual drinks and dinners to concerts or formal events with competitions, brand demonstrations and much more. You can be as involved or uninvolved in the social side of things as you want, but it’s nice to have that available, particularly as a busy parent when it’s something many of us can struggle with.


It Helps You to Improve Your Skills

Just because we’re adults with children of our own doesn’t mean we should stop learning. Staying curious with a thirst for knowledge and motivation to improve our skills makes us happier and sets a good example for our children as well. Blogging will of course improve your reading, writing and vocabulary, but it can also help you learn coding and html, design, photography, photo editing, social media networking and more. These are all things that look great on your CV and are transferable skills, whether you make a career change or set up another business later down the line they’re things that will come in useful.



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It can take some time for a blog to get established and for you to reach the stage where sponsors want to work with you. But if you start off as a hobby, know that there is the opportunity to make good money from it later down the line and it could be the perfect career move for you as a busy parent. Make your blog the best it can be, keep putting out regular content and network with others. In time, sponsors will contact you for regular paid opportunities.

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