Weight loss bloggers are giving me hope at the moment.

I am struggling at the moment on the weight loss journey. I am on new medication so that may be why. I am not sure but Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and Pancake Day all coming at once did not help at all.


I am a good Catholic girl so perhaps I should return to marking Lent by giving up the bad stuff or more positively, taking up the good stuff.

I would urge you to read some amazing posts from weight loss bloggers. They ask the right questions and sometimes have the right answers too.

Why do we eat things we don’t particularly enjoy? It might doughnuts, chocolate digestives or something else.

Can taking exercise and healthy eating help with mood and sleep as well as weight loss?

How does it feel when we start to make progress after a depressive period?

How do we focus on the positives when the weighing scales refuse to budge?

The Rules

Blog about healthy living in a way that you see fit. It might be some exercise you did, a healthy food choice, a lifestyle change or a recipe. It is important to link back to this post so that we can all inspire one another as we move forwards positively.

Very simply, please comment on at least two other posts and more if you’d like to and grab the badge for your own post, linking one post per week. Tweet me (@kateonthinice) once you’ve linked and please use the #BloggingToJogging tag so that I can find your posts easily to RT them and you can also use the Twitter hashtag on Instagram if you have any relevant photos. Please also link back to this post!

I am so looking forward to reading your talks of health, fitness and well-being. I promise to comment on each post and to promote via my social media networks.

Please display the #bloggingtojogging badge on your post and it would also be cool if we can start engaging on Twitter and Facebook about our healthy living using #bloggingtojogging.

New blog hops will be hosted by this blog as I fancy jazzing things up a bit, finding new blogs to read and remembering to visit my favourite old-time bloggers.

I have a lot of ideas and have decided to go with this weekly selection of blog hops.

1. Blogging to Jogging – a weekly blog hop about healthy living including weight loss journeys, exercise and fitness posts and healthy eating recipes. Will open for business every MONDAY.

2. Births/Deaths/Marriages/Birthdays and Anniversaries – the life events that really matter most of all. Will open for business on TUESDAY on a revolving basis so one week it will be births, the next deaths (tributes to our lost loved ones) and so on.

3. It’s all about me! I want folks to link up posts that are about themselves as individuals away from parenting duties – hobbies, work, fashion and beauty or anything that shows what an amazingly ordinary/extraordinary person you are. Open for business on WEDNESDAY

4. Thematic Thursday – I will set a theme and ask folks who have blogged or want to blog on that theme to link up. Open for business on THURSDAY.

5. Mummy Me Time – a blog hop to encourage mums to carve out time for themselves and to tell us what they did with that time. Opens for business on FRIDAY

6. All Change – a blog hop where mums can say how things could be made better for mums and families. In the hope that policy-makes at all levels will sit up and take notice. Opens for business on SATURDAY

7. Showcase Sunday – a free for all where you can link up ONE post old or new that matters to you.

Hope to see some of you joining in and know it will help my blog organisation so win-win.

What smells nice? Scents and fragrances and don’t you love this quote?


1. I have a 5 bird roast cooking for dinner and it is making my nose buzz in anticipation.

2. I am taking time to smell the rose of life fuelled by Prozac. It is my first week back on my medication and I have only had one not so great day. That’s a pretty good average and we learn from the troublesome days too.

3. I am smelling out who my real friends are and who is able to support me and who doesn’t want or is ill-equipped to do so.

4. I smell wonderful because I have Katy Perry’s “Killer Queen” perfume, new bubble bath and new deodorant.

5. I am getting very good at smelling out bargains when food shopping. I get a thrill out of this and of course it helps the family budget.

6. My husband and son used their noses to find a gaming café which they both enjoyed two days in a row.

7. Our pancakes smelt and tasted amazing and the feast is continuing for days!

8. I am sniffing out new linkies, new opportunities and new horizons.

9. Slowly but surely, I am waking up and smelling the coffee and I always loved coffee!

What lovely smells are in our world right now?

Reasons to be Cheerful

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