Premium freshly pressed juice brand, James White Drinks, has answered the prayers of ginger drink fans everywhere with the launch of its unique Organic Ginger Zinger Shot, which is guaranteed to revitalise the senses with its fiery zing!

This is ginger for the true ginger lover – a 7cl shot for purists, made with 26% crushed ginger juice, 57% apple juice and 17% water and absolutely nothing else. The Ginger Zinger gives off some serious heat, enough to give you a real jolt and is a great alternative to caffeine loaded coffees and energy drinks. It’s also 100% natural (no nasty preservatives, artificial colours or flavours) and certified organic by The Soil Association.

The characteristic flavour and aroma of the ginger comes from three volatile oils, namely: gingerols, shogaols and zingerone – hence the Ginger Zinger!

Apart from the taste, another factor that makes James White Drinks’ latest development so interesting is the use of pressed ginger juice, rather than ginger flavourings. The taste is quite distinct as the heat from real ginger comes more slowly and less intensively than expected. It is softer but, with 26% of the new Ginger Zinger made of ginger juice, when the zing arrives you definitely know about it!

The benefits of ginger date back thousands of years and are widely known and published to include relief from nausea and arthritis, along with the immune system boosting benefits.

James White Organic Ginger Zinger is available now, with an RRP of £1.49 for a handy 7cl shot, which can be kept in your bag or pocket ready to give you that intense pick up.

Stockists include Amazon and Planet Organic and it can also be purchased online at

There are tons of different tools, brands, and plugins you could choose to work with to run your website, but not all have your best interest in mind. Some brands only want to sell a product without providing customer service, while others spend the money on dubious causes that help the rich in Silicon Valley. However, there are a few companies on the web that give back along with providing a great customer experience. Here are three brands to try when launching your website.

Host Your Website on GoDaddy to Support STEM

GoDaddy is one of the most popular and affordable web hosting companies on the market. They make it easy for your website to go live and have the security protocols to keep it running against any possible attacks or scammers. This gives your blog or website a clean, professional feel that will make users want to visit it.
Considering GoDaddy needs to stay on top of industry trends to be competitive in the digital market, it makes sense that their charitable giving involves technology. They work with various organizations that promote STEM, education, and entrepreneurship to tap into the next generation’s great minds and ideas. Working with them means investing in tomorrow’s next big ideas.

Shutterfly Is Great at Photo Storage and Community Involvement


Image via Flickr by

Shutterfly offers photo storage on their app, which is great for bloggers who snap photos on the go and quickly fill up their phone capacity. High quality images draw readers in and make sharing easier. Plus, this website is a go-to for ordering prints and sending gifts to friends and family. However, they offer more than just tools for bloggers. The Shutterfly Foundation is run by employee volunteers and has been creating good within communities since 2006.

Through monetary donations and organizational assistance, the Shutterfly Foundation works to make communities happier and safer for the residents who live there. This might mean building a playground for kids or a vegetable community garden where families can grow their own food. Shutterfly makes sure the communities they visit are brighter and better off because of their help.

Write Reviews and Send Readers to Taste of Groupon

Local food bloggers are often the first to try new restaurants and share their opinions with audiences. The business appreciates the press while the audiences run to try the hot new spot in town. Now, bloggers can increase the value of their reviews to both parties by linking restaurant reviews to Groupon deals and coupons.
Groupon has partnered with Feeding America to donate one meal every time a customer buys an offer. This is just one part of their Groupon Grassroots movement, which tries to give back to local communities in the area. So far, more than 1,500 campaigns have been started through the Groupon Grassroots movement, and more than $8 million has been donated to local causes. This means buying from Groupon is a great way to save money while helping those around you.

Talking of discounts and voucher codes, do check out Deals Queen as soon as you can.

Now you can start growing your site traffic and engagement all the while knowing you’re helping others in need.

What does nursery education mean to you? What did your little one learn at nursery today?

nursery education

I remember nursery as a really positive thing personally. I had this great teacher called Miss Bun who had the hairstyle to match. Mum got a break and I learned new things. That was in the days when you did not need to worry about paying for nursery education.

When my parents were unable to care for my son any longer due to caring for a poorly relative, I found a brilliant Montessori nursery. I loved the approach to learning and how they worked to the individual child. They used a child’s passions as a tool to encourage further learning. They had great resources and caring staff. I loved seeing my son in his cute little red and yellow uniform. I was sure we were doing the right thing as he made new friends and developed new skills including reading.


Sadly my other two children went to a different nursery and I missed the Montessori setting which was idyllic surrounded by high walls and beautiful gardens. My other two went to a city centre nursery and if I am honest, I was not really impressed at all but needs must when you are trying to make ends meet. They only stayed there for a few months but long enough for my son to get toilet-trained easily something I always struggled with when parenting. Judge me but I just don’t seem to have the knack of persuading babies and tots to use the loo.

So I have had mixed experiences of nurseries and am keen to see that they are available so that parents can work without worrying if their child is OK and also so that stay-at-home parents can get a much-needed break. The big thing is to ensure that nurseries are not only available in an exclusive way based on wealth and that standards of education, care and security are high.

How has nursery helped YOUR child? Share your story on the hashtag #NurseriesGrowMinds with @savechildrenuk!

It’s time for my weekly summary of my reasons to be cheerful.

1. I finished a novel last night. This is huge for me as although I love reading, I find it so difficult to find time to do it. I may well write a review as it was not my usual sort of thing and kept me with it so that I finished it in just over a week. Makes me think I can do it again this week.

2. I am back to blogging my way being open and honest, getting it out there and not worrying too much who loves it as to be honest, that is how I started and I think that was probably my happiest type of blogging in many ways. It makes me feel reconnected with my old readers and it also makes me feel that I am contributing my thoughts to posterity should they be useful in any way.

4. I have found the most superb place for dog-walking with a sandy beach and gorgeous views. I have a fitness tracker on so can get back to monitoring activity and sleep patterns.

5. Decluttering has resulted in us finding a variety of phones so that we are now all hooked up which is great as the children grown and get more independent.

6. Everything seems to be getting more organised and more balanced.

7. It’s pay day so I had a trip into town and because the cash machines were playing up did not spend much at all but got a glorious white fluffy coat and some leggings for my daughter, a Footprints poem print and a doodle notebook.

8. I am learning to sketch and enjoying trying something new. It is wonderful too as my daughter loves sitting with me doing arts and crafts stuff and all too often I put it off.

9. I am still dreaming the big dream and think I can make it happen.

I have a problem with pornography. There! I said it! So I thought I would unpick it in writing as I am heartily sick of trying to work out the rights and wrongs of it.

problem with pornography

Pornography played absolutely no part in my home or school life. Let’s get out there now that I was brought up as a Catholic. Add in that I am adopted so always feel I have to prove I am good enough or until recent times anyway when I seem to be nailing the whole loving myself routine.

I campaigned against the Students’ Union at college paying for the Sun to go in the common room not because it troubled me personally but because other women asked me to do so and I was their elected Women’s Officer. We won the argument and most of the people who voted were men as there were far more men at my college than women.

The first time a lad put on porn in my presence, I found it laughable. Why would he do that? We were not a couple. He did not ask if I wanted to see it. I guess at that time I was more ballsy and just asked him to turn it off which he did.

In my first long-term relationship, porn played no part whatsoever. I do not know if my boyfriend used porn or not but he certainly did not push me into it. He was far from faultless and eventually left me for a younger woman but I lived an apparently porn free life.

When I met my husband there were erotic literature books in his bedroom which he laughed about saying they were his girlfriend’s at the time. Yes there was an overlap and nope, I am not proud of that at all. His daughter also showed me a porn magazine and said it was his presumably in an attempt to get rid of the potential wicked stepmother.

Porn disappeared quickly thereafter. Yes I felt pressured to play along and watch some stuff but it was never really my bag. Of course, it arouses but not half as thrilling in my view as a bond between two people who are really into each other rather than Uncle Tom Cobbley and all or the woman next door, near relatives or animals.

One day I went to the hairdresser’s and when I came home my husband was watching porn rather than enjoying quality time with our son. That’s where the problem with my husband and his porn use started. How can you choose porn over your own son?

That is 12 or so years ago and every so often I find him using porn. It’s a “cheap thrill” apparently but as someone who is not that far of retirement age, I find that a little pathetic to be honest. It causes conflict or my attitude and “skewed thinking” does to give my husband his say on the matter.

So I was interested to see Pamela Anderson describing pornography as a “public hazard” that affects men’s “ability to function as husband, and, by extension, as father”.

“We are a guinea-pig generation for an experiment in mass debasement that few of us would have ever consented to, and whose full nefarious impact may not be known for years. How many families will suffer? How many marriages will implode? How many talented men will scrap their most important relationships and careers for a brief onanistic thrill? How many children will propel, warp-speed, into the dark side of adult sexuality by forced exposure to their fathers’ profanations?”

I always get women telling me that all men use pornography. I also know some women enjoy it. I might question who introduced them to pornography in the first place. I might question how and why people find themselves in the porn industry. That does not seem to bother users one bit that folks might be there having being abused as children, found themselves cash-strapped or are under the power of men where the women’s interests count for little.

So here is why I would prefer my husband not to use porn

1. it has hurt me over the years. I have offered to compromise but am too often hit with anger, denial and lies.

2. I have found myself lying in bed trying to work out how to appear like a porn star. That is degrading and a real barrier to true sexual intimacy.

3. I don’t like the risks that have been taken in leaving stuff around that my beloved children might see.

4. During great days in or out, I get a little niggle in my head wondering if he has porn on his mind rather than the lovely experience we appear to be having.

Most of all, I would like folks to be honest. If it is so fabulous and life-affirming why does it have to be done furtively and be lied about? Why is a conversation not had right at the start of relationships about porn so you get a choice what you are signing up for?

I know lots of men and women will not like what I say here but I am celebrating myself enough to say I might have to live with porn but I can still return to the ballsy woman who will have her say.

Is a “cheap thrill” worth sacrificing your wife and kids for?