Let’s get this week’s Muffin Top Monday started my blog hop for mums who are trying to shed stones and pounds.


You can post about weight loss as you see fit and if my headings help do use them but don’t feel constrained by them.

1. How was my weight loss journey this week?

On the whole, I have done well.

I seem to have put on a pound but I did not get an accurate reading as I usually do at the weekends.

My measurements showed a reduction particularly around the muffin top which please me loads.

2. How much had I hoped to lose?

I had hoped for a 1-2 pounds loss. I appear to have put on a pound but I did have my time of the month which can always stir things up a bit.

3. What have I enjoyed eating this week?

The thing I enjoyed eating most was the chocolate and coffee mousse I made for Valentine’s Day. I have enjoyed all my food this week the healthy and the not to healthy,

4. Have I eaten anything unhealthy this week?

I had an Indian takeaway.

I drank rum and coke two nights in a row. I also had 3 helpings of that chocolate mousse.

5. How are you feeling about losing weight?

I got upset when my GP noted my weight loss but did not do a merry jig, give me a gold sticker or invite me to become and inspirational speaker. I wish they would realise that a little praise is a very motivating thing. I feel this drove me to comfort eating for the first time in months.

I am taking part in a Thinking Slimmer focus group and enjoying visualizing how I will look in the future.

I am celebrating the changes I see in my body particularly in the bath where instead of a huge mound from under the boobs there is now a spare tyre forming. Who would have thought when I was in my twenties that I would have celebrated that? It is progress and I intend to monitor it all because when I am slim, I hope my story will help others.

5. Do you have a top tip to share with us?

It is important to forgive yourself and to get right back on track.

As I say, you can link up any weight-loss related post and I look forward to getting to know you and celebrating our success in due course.

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I am delighted to tell you a little about Enterprising Tesco Mum of the Year 2015 Kate Geeson


You can read about Kate here

Kate runs pioneering work experience that helps people with learning difficulties gain self-confidence, qualifications and jobs. These are the very things that help us move forward positively in life but also can be so difficult to achieve if you face personal difficulties plus have to confront some unhelpful prejudices out there. These are the times you need a champion to believe in you as the special person you are.

When Kate was working in the special educational needs department of a secondary school, she started thinking about other ways to make a difference. Now she is on a mission to make work placements a life-changing opportunity to shine for disadvantaged people who need the right support and encouragement.

“We’re here to help them and to give them work experience. To give them a reason to get up in the mornings,” says Kate, 60, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Kate runs Phoenix Milton, a charity-based social enterprise on the outskirts of Cambridge that makes and sells handmade paving and garden accessories. Phoenix provides work experience and employability qualifications for young people and adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Tesco Mum of the Year Awards judges noted Kate’s determination to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Kate, who is married to Philip, 61, and Mum to Michael, 33, and Shelly, 32, spent 10 years working as a learning support assistant in a secondary school. She was struck by the lack of quality work placement opportunities for people with learning difficulties. In 2006 she helped to launch Phoenix, which took over a small factory producing concrete slabs and adapted it to provide supported learning within a real business.

Kate and her team provide a range of learning opportunities – from carpentry to cooking – in a safe environment, supporting the trainees closely as they progress. Over the years the charity has raised £300,000 and helped around 600 people to gain trade and life skills. Kate is passionate about providing the right environment to allow people to blossom.

“We’ve got one really, really special lad who is in a permanent exclusion department in school,” says Kate. “He doesn’t get on at school but here he’s perfect. He’s in his second year now and the school can’t believe it’s the same lad.”

The youngest trainee is 15 and the oldest is in his late 30s. Kate has used her experience in education and good business sense to produce astonishing results. She says: “One lad has gone into supported living now and he can cook now as a result of being here. At one time all he would do was stare at the car park.”

Trainees are sent to Phoenix by local schools and organisations such as the Learning Disability Partnership. They work and train in all areas of the business, including the concrete factory, carpentry workshops, kitchen garden and canteen kitchen.

“We’re seen as unique because the trainees are guided through everything and given life skills they might not otherwise receive.”

Kate is kept very busy nurturing trainees, managing staff, planning new courses, drumming up much-needed volunteers to help out, fundraising and balancing the books.

“To me, I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary,” she says. “I just love caring for people and helping them reach their potential.”

I have said it before and I will say it again it is always the truly inspirational who seem to believe they are nothing special.

This is why the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards are fantastic as the recognise mums who really are quite extraordinary whilst being self-effacing at the same time.

2015 will be the 10th Mum of the Year Awards and Tesco has awarded over 80 ordinary mums who have done extraordinary things for others.


Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 14.05.34 (1)

Diary of an imperfect mum

I don’t feel cheerful but I know it is important to force a smile!

I have got the glums partly brought on by the lack of enthusiasm for my weight loss by the GP yesterday. I know it is stupid to let people set me back like that but I always take these things to heart.

I am having a rum and coke to cheer myself up – feels most odd as have not had a drink for weeks.

1. Last weekend, we had a lovely day out in Dorset including a ferry ride and a trip to Corfe Castle. What a lovely find and we will be back.

2. I have reached out to people and now have 2 social events in the diary and others to firm up. Who knew?

3. My husband is getting a bonus at work – small probably but shows his work is going OK with is a relief.

4. Despite having the blues yesterday and today, I have not indulged in comfort eating.

5. My husband has promised me FUN this weekend. He is researching things for us to do as we speak so all the signs are good. He knows how I get so bored sometimes.

6. I may well cook up a storm for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

7. We or should I say Him Indoors sorted out a troubling financial issue.

8. I have my new to me £10 sofa exactly where I want it.

9. I am hoping to sort out my daughter’s room this weekend and to get her new bed installed.

10. You see, life is not so bad really.

Here is this week’s Striking Mums post and better late than never.

Should I take a risk? How often do you ask yourself that question.

Striking Mums is a campaign to get mums to think of themselves a little bit more. We believe that mums really can rediscover or reinvent themselves. We also believe that a little back up and peer support from other mums can only help with that.

You can link up any post or if you don’t blog leave a comment about how you are proactively changing your life for the better.

This week I am reflecting on risk-taking and if you find the following questions helpful, please feel free to answer them either on your blog, in a comment or in your own head.


I will post my answers tomorrow and here are the questions.

1. Would you describe yourself as a risk taker?

2. What, if anything, concerns you about taking a risk?

3. What is the worst thing that could happen if you take a risk?

4. Tell us a situation where taking a risk paid off for you

5. Tell us about a situation where taking a risk resulted in harm to you or yours

6. What risk are you tempted to take right now?

7. What would help you feel better about taking that risk?

8. What risk did you not take that you now wish you had?

9. Do you admire people who take risks?

10. Can you think of someone famous or otherwise who is a inspirational risk-taker? What can you learn from them?

What are my best weight loss tips?

Here is this week’s Muffin Top post but please be aware you can link up on any day of the week with your best weight loss related blog posts.


If you don’t blog, please leave your best weight loss comments.

Best Weight Loss Tips

Here are my top ten tips for the best weight loss. I am not a guru and you must do what works for you as the individual you are but some of these might just help.

1. Make a real commitment to your healthy eating. You want the best weight loss so you are worth it.

In the past, I think I have had a bit of a “What can I get away?” attitude. If you think about it, unless you make a lifestyle change to healthy eating most days of the week, you are already sabotating your weight loss efforts.

2. Find someone who has lost weight to inspire you.

I had a lot of weight to lose. I needed to find someone who had lost stones and stones to inspire me. I read Josie Gibson’s book and in my first few weeks every time I Had a wobble I would look at her before and after pictures. It kept me on track.

3, Accept that you may well be on a long journey and visualize the amazing destination.

It can be daunting when you are facing a long time before you have any chance of getting slim again. For me, I estimated it would take between 1 and 2 years depending on how much weight I lost on a weekly basis. When I accepted that fact that might not be thrilling but is never the less true, I really visualized the destination. I made myself excited about it. I imagined myself buying clothes to look lovely in rather than clothes to mask the wobbles.

4. Accept that you are already gorgeous inside and that the outside will soon reflect that too.

In the past, I have always thought I that I could aim towards looking decent or more reasonable. Now I am aiming for looking gorgeous and sexy. It does not matter if when I end this journey, people don’t see me that way. It matters that I am aiming for the best.

5. Reach out for support.

I did this via Facebook, Twitter and my blog. It is a sign of strength to ask for help and you will be stunned how many generous souls really do wish you the best. You don’t need to know why they want to support you – just bask in the fact that they do. Make sure you thank them and regularly too. Lots of people have helped my journey but I remember I had a real mind-shift when Katy Hill told me she knew I could do it. I have thought that every time a negative thought slips into my brain. If that Katy believes it, this Katy will do it.

6. Don’t stress the blips

If you give in to temptation and eat something less than ideal, forgive yourself immediately, If you don’t it is so easy to give up altogether and start comfort eating to deal with your negative thoughts. You had a blip. You are human. Move on positively.

7. Choose foods that you enjoy

If you don’t like some healthy foods, why would you eat them? They won’t make you feel good. If you are like me, there will be healthy foods that you love. For me these include avocados, smoked salmon and eggs. Indulge in the healthy foods you love and you will be happier.

8. Get real about the health risks you are taking

Don’t be like me and wait till you get a health warning to start getting yourself sorted. I am doing my absolute best to reverse my prediabetes but if you are not already at risk of diabetes, heart disease or whatever, why go there in the first place? Don’t assume you can keep getting away with eating unhealthy foods. It will catch up with you.

9. Get real about the size of the problem.

You need to face those scales and/or take your measurements. Only when you know the size of the problem can you devise a strategy to deal with it. Record your weight and measurements at the start of journey because you will want to celebrate how well you have done when you are slim. Take photographs to track your progress too an yes we all hate those before ones but use them as motivation to never look like that again.

10. Celebrate every baby step

Tell yourself how wonderful you are every time you make a healthy eating choice. If you lose any weight, celebrate. If you lose any inches or part of inches, throw a party. Every journey has milestones. Make sure you identify loads along the way and you can stay positive as you tick them off.

So let’s get this week’s Muffin Top Monday started. You can post about weight loss as you see fit and if my headings help do use them but don’t feel constrained by them.

1. How was my weight loss journey this week?

I have now lost over 2 and a half stone since late November 2014.

I have lost 2 and a half inches off my tummy this week. Also smaller amounts off other parts of my body.

2. How much had I hoped to lose?

I had hoped for a 2-3 pounds loss. I lost 3 pounds.

3. What have I enjoyed eating this week?

Sea bass and trout. Am leaving cobbler alone for a while as find it a bit bland.

4. Have I eaten anything unhealthy this week?

I had a service station meal yesterday on a day out. I can’t say I enjoyed it hugely. It was OK but these days I really do prefer healthier options.

5. How are you feeling about losing weight?

Positive. Sometimes I get a bit down about how long it will take for me to slim but in life terms, a year and a bit at most is not really that long at all.

5. Do you have a top tip to share with us?

I have 10 this week – see above.

With love from the Striking Mum x

As I say, you can link up any weight-loss related post and I look forward to getting to know you and celebrating our success in due course.

I will visit all posts and encourage others to visit too via the blog hop and by promotion on social networks.