I am taking part in the Dryathalon fundraising campaign for Cancer Research UK. This involves giving up alcohol for the month of January.

Whether by nature or nurture, I do like a tipple. My drink on a night in would be bacardi and coke. Sometimes I change this to brandy and coke which was one of my mum’s favourites. I like a glass or two of wine especially on the nights where my nerves feel a little frazzled. Baileys used to be a regular event back in the day but is a rare treat since having the children.

After years of drinking, I am getting a bit fed up with it. I don’t cope with drinking as well as I used to. It can make me feel very down. I also find myself resenting the amount of money it costs. So I decided to give up drink for January and possibly beyond.

Then I heard about Cancer Research UK’s Dryatholon and thought it would help motivate me to stay on track and also be a bit of a tribute to my mum who died from cancer in 2009.

I have completed a full week without a drop of alcohol. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed with the low number of people who have sponsored me but I know lots of folks are doing sponsored events and also times are hard out there for people. The truth is the time to judge how I have done on the challenge and sponsorship wise is at the end of this month. It is also important to remember that there is no correlation between people liking you and people wanting to sponsor you. I like a lot of people who do sponsored events and I am pretty random at who and when I sponsor people. Often I intend to sponsor someone and then forget to do so.

I don’t think I have met any of my donors (except myself). Who knew that strangers would donate? I get very excited as I see my donations increasing towards my target which I set ridiculously high at £150.

So how have I found me first week as a dryathelete?

I have enjoyed the process a lot. I turned down a glass of wine waved under my nose. I found a bottle of wine in a cupboard that was long forgotten and put it right back there. I am getting a bit bored of drinking diet coke but will investigate other non-alcoholic options.

The joy is that I feel so much better in myself. I feel a lot more upbeat and also very motivated to take on challenges. I even beamed on the school run this morning. I seem to be getting more stuff done too.

I have noticed that I seem to be dreaming more and have had a couple of nightmares. I don’t know whether that is related to giving up drink or not but something makes me think it might be.

I have every confidence I will successfully complete this challenge.

Here’s to another booze-free week!

Sponsors welcome and here is my fundraising page


I am always keen to raise awareness of charity services, campaigns and fundraising initiatives.

Where hospices are concerned, the costs are huge and they rely largely on the help of the general public to raise essential funds.

I want to let you know about a charity auction for a 1977 retro Vauxhall Viva will all proceeds going to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. The eBay auction goes live on the 9th of January and ends on the evening on the 19th.

The car will go on a tour to raise vital awareness for the charity while raising money along the way through raffles and games.

Thursday 9th January St Georges Square Huddersfield

Saturday 11th January Rotherham United

Sunday 12th January Fishgate Preston

Wednesday 15th January Mill Gate shopping centre Bury

Thursday 16th January Market Square Aylesbury

Sunday 19th January Tesco Whitstable

Alongside the Viva there are other items to bid on in the auction including an iPad air, Kindle HD Fire, Samsung Galaxy Note, Signed Sterling Moss Steering Wheel, signed Mel C photos, BTTC tickets and official Ferrari Goodies.

Check out hashtag #MILES4SMILES of Facebook and Twitter.


Are you a mum who wants to make changes in your life?

You might know exactly what you want to do.  You might have a few ideas that you would like to investigate further. You may be feeling a bit down and just sense that there must be more to life that what you have currently.

Groovy Mums can help!



Groovy Mums does not tell you what to wish for.  You are a very special individual (whether you currently feel that way or not).  You are unique with your own hopes, dreams and aspirations even if they appear faint right now.

Groovy Mums is tried and tested – it has helped people before.  There is no reason it can’t help you too.  It is a sign of strength to say that you could actually do with a bit of support and the input of other mums as you move forwards.

So how does it work?

Write a blog post about what your life is like now and more vitally how you would like it to change.  Don’t allow negative self-talk! Dream your wildest dreams.  You never know. What makes you so all-powerful that you just know things won’t work out?

It does not matter what the dream is.  When I started Groovy Mums years ago, going for a walk every day felt impossible as I was so low.  If you had said then that the journey would eventually see me crossing the Atlantic and working for BritMums I would have told you that you were mad.  Incredibly positive things can and do happen every day.  For some people that will be about going out a little bit more.  For others it will be about volunteering, employment, business, study or hobbies..  For all Groovy Mums, it will be about changing their own world.

I have realised that getting groovy is an ongoing journey and that it is important to celebrate every baby step as well as the bigger achievements.

Link up your blog post below or leave a comment telling me where to find it.  I will then promote it via my social networks and we can connect on Twitter using hashtag #groovymums

Don’t stress about getting the post “right” – just write it!

You may well be amazed at the amount of ideas, tips and support coming your way.

We will be holding regular Twitter parties too.  What times are best for that do you think?

Let’s get groovy!











I am doing the Dryathalon for Cancer Research UK.


The New Year is a time for positive resolutions.

One of mine is to give up booze because I think this is a good idea in itself for me right now and also because I can neatly use this personal challenge to raise money for a cause close to my heart, Cancer Research UK.

I have not had an alcoholic drink since New Year’s Eve and I intend to stay dry during January for this charity initiative.

So you could say I am  not raising a glass for the New Year but raising money instead to support a charity that makes a difference.

I support charities by raising awareness a lot but it is too long since I did something that involves more of myself putting myself out for something amazing.  That is going to change this year.

Most individuals and families have been affected by cancer in some way.  We know of children and teenagers who have died too young.  We know of parents who are struggling with cancer issues right now.

I am dedicating this fundraising venture to my Mum died from cancer in 2009.   Here is a little of her story.  This blog is her legacy to it feels good to tie it altogether.

I know times are really tight for so many people right now and that there are so many demands on our purses and wallets for sponsorship for very good causes.

I don’t have any particular reason why you should sponsor me instead of anyone else.  I just hope someone does or I may need to turn to drink lol.


Go on! Make my day!!



We have challenges ahead but I am committed to making 2014 as positive as possible.  I now how helpful joining in the linky Reasons to be Cheerful is both to celebrate when times are going great and to dig deep when the blues strike.  Make it your New Year’s Resolution to get involved – believe me, it is a very powerful one.

What is making me upbeat this week?

1.  I have really started to tackle cupboards and drawers to declutter.  This can only simplify matters when the time comes to move.  I am not sure holding on to so much stuff from the past in particularly healthy.  It has felt good to let some stuff go almost as if by so doing, I can move on more positively.

2. I have purchased a new mattress for my son’s double bed.  This was long overdue and I am delighted that it is one little task sorted and now sees his room totally sorted.  Big thanks to Ebay.

3. I spent a lot of time looking through old photographs and wrote this post about my lovely Mum who set me off on the blogging journey in the first place.  I cried a bit but smiled and laughed a lot more.  What a great advertisement for adoption.

4. I made some very positive and life-changing New Year’s revolutions.

5. I decided to re-introduce Groovy Mums to help myself and other mums take action to rediscover or reinvent themselves.  There will be a linky, Twitter parties and probably the odd residential retreat or two too.  Look out for a post on Monday next and get involved.

6. I have decided to go dry booze-wise in January and possibly beyond.  I have lost several relatives to cancer including my lovely Mum so I have set  up a fundraising page! It’s live and ready to receive donations at http://www.justgiving.com/Catherine-Holmes-dryathlete2014.  However small the donation and I know times are tough out there, I welcome your support if you feel able to give it.  It will do good things for cancer research and help keep me motivated and on the straight and narrow.  With the removal of alcohol which too often acts as a depressant, I am sure I will be celebrating new reasons to be cheerful with you soon.


Now head over to http://beckywilloughby.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/reasons-to-be-cheerful-teamhonk-edition.html to see more people who finds smiles in everyday life.