Redecorating your bedroom is a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean you want to do it all the time. It can be expensive to put up new wallpaper or buy new furniture because what you had before is no longer up to scratch. Putting together a durable bedroom setup will help you create a beautiful bedroom that stays looking lovely for longer. If you want your room to hold a timeless look for years to come, you need to make the right furniture and decoration choices to keep it smart. Not to mention taking care of the basics like clean windows, carpet shampooing and keeping your bedroom plants fresh.” and keeping your bedroom plants fresh.

Take a look at these tips for a more durable bedroom.


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Get Solid Bedroom Furniture

Options like IKEA are good for affordable and stylish furniture. But how long will the things you buy from them really last? They might survive a few years, but you could end up needing to replace things sooner than you had hoped. If you really want bedroom furniture that stands the test of time, you should be prepared to spend a bit more on some solid, well-made furniture. Say no to MDF and plasterboard, and invest in solid, durable materials that you can rely on. If you want to save money, try looking for secondhand items.

Invest in a Decent Mattress

Your mattress is one of the most important things in your bedroom. If it’s not right, you won’t sleep well. Some mattresses might start off comfortable, but could soon start to feel lumpy. Investing in a decent mattress that will keep its shape and last for years is worth the cost. Take a look at the warranty that comes with a mattress before buying, the best mattresses will often have a mixture of good and bad reviews too so do your research.


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Use Outdoor Fabrics

A slightly more unusual way to make your bedroom more durable is to use outdoor fabrics in your interiors. Outdoor fabrics are designed to stand up to anything, so they can be tough and sometimes easier to clean too. You can find heavier fabrics that are great for upholstering, but that you could also use for curtains, accessories like pillows, or even rugs. Choosing these durable materials will help your bedroom to stay looking pristine for longer, and you won’t have to redecorate when fabrics start to get worn out in just a couple of years.

Make Your Bedroom Easy to Clean

If your bedroom is easy to clean, you can prevent wear and tear more easily. There are a few things you might do to create a bedroom that doesn’t make cleaning too difficult. Choosing a minimal style will mean you have less to clean and dust, saving you a lot of time and hassle. Rugs are easier to clean than full carpets, and it can be more sensible to have a headboard you can easily wipe, rather than an upholstered one.

Create a durable bedroom that will stand the test of time, and you can benefit from a bedroom you love for longer.

Looking after elderly relatives in your own home is something more of us will be doing as we have an ageing population. As many families struggle with financial pressures, often it makes sense to pool resources and live in a multi-generation household. Whether due to frailty, loneliness or bereavement, many older people would love to live with their loved ones. My advice would be to think about the emotional and practical implications before making life-changing decisions. Honest communication is key along with practical stuff such as deciding if you need to install a stairlift in your home and working out which welfare benefits may be available to your family.

Looking After

Role reversal

There are certain times when it really hits us that we are actually adults. When your parents need you to care for them, you start to realise that you will be doing some of the very things they did for you when you were growing up. Tasks might range from offering a listening ear to more intensive care such as helping with dressing, toileting and personal hygiene. You may have to accompany your parent to medical appointments and ensure they take their medication at the right time.

Juggling it all

The very time when your parent needs to live with you often comes whilst you are bringing up your children and also trying to make a living. It can be a very stressful time and it is vital you recognise yourself as a carer and seek support. You may feel isolated but there are lots of people out there who can help from your local authority to a wide range of charities. It is a sign of strength to say that you need help and to seek it. Only by looking after yourself well can you care effectively for those around you so never think it is selfish to say you need support too.

My experience

When my mother died, I knew I wanted my father to come to live with me. He was adamant that whilst he liked the idea he would need his own personal space. It took me a year to find the perfect accommodation with an annexe attached to the house. We had some amazing years of memories together before he passed away. He had such quality time with his grandchildren treating them, reading to them and laughing with them. In turn, they learned so much from him and treasure their memories of him. I supported Dad as his needs became greater and he was lovely to have around for me too. We had fun trips out together with a regular Tuesday lunch date and also fish and chips on Fridays. He shared stories that he had not told me when my mum was alive. It was a very precious time for all of us.

Things that can help

You can meet other carers in person or online. You can ask your local authority for the assessment of your elderly relative’s care needs and also your support needs. You may be able to claim welfare benefits or to apply for grants. Depending on the individual, your relative may need special equipment which might be anything from mobility aids through to a specially adapted vehicle. Ensure you look into things like Meals on Wheels and laundry collection services that just might make life a little simpler for you all.

I would recommend looking after elderly relatives in your own home wholeheartedly so long as you have the right support in place. Of course, individual circumstances differ but with a little goodwill and imagination, it is possible to live together and thrive in a multi-generation household.


Looking After Elderly Relatives In Your Own Home

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I am not quite sure when the bum bag became a thing to be honest. When I was growing up any form of bag was pretty much the domain only of women. In fact when I hit teenage years, my mum thought I should have a bag pretty much around the time she thought I should start wearing a bra. Both seemed to be seen as a female rite of passage.

Although at that time Dad was the one working in an office, I only remember him having a wallet to carry things around in. There may have been a briefcase at some point. Mum had  several bags of different styles full of all manner of paraphernalia needed for her life and the demands of parenting too.

At some point, I became aware of bum bags but at the time I think we smiled about them. There was some daft idea that no real man would wear one. Having said that my brother did finding them really convenient when travelling the world.

The bum bag is back!

Wearing a bum bag today means you are on trend. So if being fashionable matters to you, check out the bum bags available on the High Street and online. Just because you have not tried one before does not mean it will not work for you this time around. If you have the budget available, why not check out the designer bum bags available. Many of the bigger fashion houses are starting to bring the bum bag trend back and incorporate them into their latest lines. When houses like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada start doing things, many of the high street retailers soon catch on and begin to offer plenty of their own iterations to. Different materials, sizes, shapes, colours – the possibilities are endless.

Advantages of a bum bag

You usually wear a bum bag around your waist. I like this idea as it means I won’t constantly be pushing the strap back up onto my shoulder. I find this so annoying and have shoulders that seem to slope in a way that means straps from bras and bags constantly slip down. That said, bum bags seem to frequently be worn around the shoulders too so there’s plenty of ways to style them if you’re not a fan of them around your waist. Also a bum bag leaves your hands free for when you want to take that Instagram picture, send a text or sip your cuppa.

So are you ready to throw caution to the wind, celebrate your freedom and try a bum bag? With so many styles available from all the different online and high street retailers you’re bound to be able to find one to perfectly suit any mood or occasion! They don’t even just have to be a single season accessory and you may find that having tried one this season, you will be convinced and want a new one for the next.

Are You A Fan Of The Bum Bag?



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There’s nothing quite like a road trip when it comes to feeling the wind in your hair and the thrill of the open road. Road trips are a cheap way to truly get down to some proper exploring, and they can be physically and mentally rewarding too. Far cheaper than flights, road trips also give you total control over your destination and your stops. However, if you want to trim the budget even more, then these hacks from professional travellers might see you being able to afford a road trip much more often. Escape your comfort zone without worrying about your wallet, and embrace the open road in search of adventure.

Slow down

When the long, empty road is ahead of you, it’s always going to be tempting to slam your foot on the accelerator and speed along the route. Doing so might get you to your destination faster, but it could also end up costing you a lot more money. Not only will speeding leave you open to the risk of being stopped and fined, but driving aggressively has been proven to waste your gas too. Slow down, relax, and reduce your gas spend by up to a massive 30%. Of course, taking your time means that you also get to enjoy the atmosphere of your surroundings, and that’s always going to be worth more than how high you get your speedometer. There are some great ways to drive that can save you fuel money, so forget driving fast and concentrate on driving smart.

Consider your transport

If you’re planning to drive your own car, then you need to make sure that it is ready for the journey. Book it in for some maintenance because a breakdown mid-route could end up being very expensive while also ruining your journey. Most professional travellers understand that the best way to reduce car risks is to rent a car for the journey. Car rental is an excellent way to ensure that you get a more comfortable vehicle that is absolutely suited to the needs of you and your passengers. Chose a new model and you’ll even get the perks available, and those too can be a money-saver. Look at renting a car, and you may find that your expenses suddenly drop.

Plan your food

While it’s always nice to eat out in a new restaurant, those food stops can quickly become an extravagant expense. Three meals a day in diners and fast food places still mean spending money that you may not want to waste. Instead of pulling into the nearest restaurant, consider stopping at a supermarket as an alternative option. Grocery stores are a great way to save money on food. By getting a little more creative in the supermarket, you can save your budget, and be healthier too. You could even prep some meals and snacks to take along with you. Make sure that you have tools and utensils with you, and your wallet will thank you as you continue driving by all of those roadside diners.

Take the advice of professional travellers, and your road trip needn’t be a budget-buster. Plan your trip in advance, and you might just end up rushing to the car every time you have a spare weekend, and all without breaking your bank account too.

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In a world of dodgy dating apps, Instagram stalking and ‘Netflix & Chill’, it may seem as though romance is dead – but is it really? A 2018 survey by eHarmony involving over 2,000 people found that millennials are the most romantic generation, but it could be possible that this generation simply have different ways of showing their affection. We’ve teamed up with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of bespoke engagement rings, to take an in-depth look at how romantic gestures and displays of love have changed over time.


What is romance?

Your parents or grandparents might sometimes talk about how the first got together – perhaps they went out for dinner, enjoyed a few dates to the cinema or even attended a dance or two together before deciding that they were a couple. There were no dating apps to help start up a conversation and no option to ‘ghost’ someone by not returning their texts — in fact, you might think that it was much more romantic back then. But, the older generation had their dating sites in the form of lonely hearts ads (the first one being published in 1695) and it’s likely that people still had the experience of being stood up. So, maybe it wasn’t that different after all. Perhaps it’s the way that younger people define and recognise romance that makes them seem less affectionate than the generation before them.


A recent survey found that the top five romantic gestures according to British people are:

  1. Hand holding (46%)
  2. Cuddling (44%)
  3. Giving a surprise gift (43%)
  4. A romantic walk (32%)
  5. Giving flowers (31%)

The differences became a lot clearer when different age groups were asked for their thoughts on romantic or chivalrous gestures from history. A huge 93% of over-45s believed there was still a place for them in the 21st century, whereas 37% of 18-24 year olds disagreed. In particular, ordering for someone at a restaurant was frowned upon and taking off a hat when entering a room was also considered outdated.

Romantic gestures by age group

Chivalrous acts from the history books aren’t the only thing causing different generations to disagree when it comes to romance. Studies show that they also express their affection in different ways:

  • 18-24: 90% say that they hold hands when they’re out for a walk, 70% make sure that they go on date nights together, and 68% enjoy making romantic gestures such as writing love notes.
  • 25-34: 79% enjoy making romantic gestures — more than any other generation.
  • 35-44: 15% less likely to go on date nights than older millennials. Holding hands during walks was the most common romantic gesture among this age group.
  • 45-54: less likely to buy their partner small gifts between birthdays and more likely to hold hands during a walk.
  • 55-64: 59% like to go on a date night and 49% enjoy making romantic gestures.
  • 65+: over 50% like to go on date nights and 40% like making romantic gestures. They were the least likely to buy gifts for partners outside of birthdays.

Everyone agreed that it was important to let their other half know how much they mean to them, with 68% of people across all age groups admitting that they say “I love you” daily and 65% kissing on the mouth for a second or two every day.


Showing your romantic side

So, if you’re looking for love yourself, what should you do other than following the typical romantic gestures for your age group?

Don’t be afraid to show your romantic side. One study revealed that 76% of Britons would enjoy having more romance in their lives but 57% said that they didn’t make romantic gestures because they didn’t want to be seen as cheesy! It might depend on where you live, too. If you live in the capital, definitely pull some romance out of the bag to woo your other half — an astounding 86% of Londoners said that they’d appreciate more romance in their lives.

A similar study on 9,000 users of the dating website Zoosk concluded that when users describe themselves as ‘romantic’ in their profiles, their matches increase by more than 24%. When the phrase ‘hopeless romantic’ was said, matches were boosted by 38%.

When deciding on that all-important date location, don’t feel pressured to splash out on the most expensive restaurant to make a good impression. Three-quarters of people surveyed in one study said that ‘snuggling in front of the fireplace’ is the most romantic date, followed by ‘candle-lit dinners’ (58%) and a ‘picnic in the park’ (45%).

As for things to avoid, people voted that mobile phone addiction, in particular at the dinner table (49%), was the biggest passion-killer. Closely followed by bad personal hygiene (45%) and rudeness (33%). So, no Snapchat or Instagram posts over dinner!

As we can see, the definition of romance has changed over time. But, this doesn’t mean that we’re any less romantic in ourselves — we simply have different ways of showing it. So, don’t be afraid to let your soft side show and display some affection.

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