Pumpkin soup recipe

Knorr_Pumpkin Soup with Parmesan_Food Shots_050911 (2)

Serves: 10-12

Preparation time: 25 minutes

Cooking time: 24 minutes


2-3 tbsps of olive oil

2kgs pumpkin, peeled and chopped into approx 2.5cm chunks

1.2ltrs fresh carrot juice or water

2 Knorr Vegetable Stock Pots

50g finely grated Parmesan cheese

100ml double cream

Black pepper

Serve with:

Freshly grated Parmesan to sprinkle over the soup and a twist of freshly ground black pepper


1.Heat a large heavy casserole dish on the hob. Add in a splash of olive oil, spread evenly in the dish and then add in the diced pumpkin.

2.Cover the dish and cook over a medium heat for 10–12 minutes, stirring now and then, until the pumpkin begins to break down.

3.Add in the carrot juice (it’s important to use fresh carrot juice as bottled can be very acidic) and then the 2 Knorr Vegetable Stock Pots, stirring until the Stock Pots have dissolved. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 8 minutes.

4.Stir in the grated Parmesan cheese and the double cream; these will enrich the soup, adding flavour and a smooth texture. Bring back to the boil and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from direct heat.

5.Working in batches, transfer the pumpkin mixture to a jug blender and process each batch for 2 minutes until smooth. Alternately, use a hand blender to process the soup in batches until smooth.

6.For an extra smooth texture, the processed soup can then be passed through a fine sieve,using the back of a ladle to push it through.

7.Gently heat through the blended, sieved soup and serve with extra grated Parmesan on the side, seasoning it with a twist of freshly ground black pepper.

Do you have a pumpkin soup recipe?

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Cuddle Fairy

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I am struggling a bit.

Daily life consists now of me trawling job sites and helping my husband with application forms. It gets tedious especially with no job in sight yet.

You can’t take a day off from it because it is sod’s law that will be the day that the right job appears somewhere.

He goes to interview and gets great feedback but that is not a job and that is what this family needs.

The Job Centre are “helping” him by sending him on a very basic computer course that will enhance his job prospects not one bit in my view. He was working on computers when they were huge beasts and has stayed up to date as he is really interested in all things ICT.

So he is on a full-time course this week which just happens to be Half Term when I could do with his input.

All the poppies everywhere just feel like salt in the wound. We are in trouble because the Royal British Legion decided to get rid of my husband, a former service man as it goes, who had served them loyally for 7 years whilst recruiting other staff to do jobs he could do stood on his head.

We are both getting a bit down about it and that can lead to tension between us. I found out a woman at his work turned up to see him especially to say goodbye and that resulted in an argument between us. He has time for things like this whilst I am slaving away.

Every morning I wake up with the thought “What can I do today to help my husband get a job?” Nothing has worked so far and when you hear one job had 450 applications you do wonder if there is any hope at all.

Even when I got the all clear at the breast care clinic last Monday, the thought “Now I will live my life to the full!” was closely followed by “Oh no, it has to go on hold till my husband has a job sorted”

I know there are people with much bigger problems and that we are not alone with this one. There is so much unemployment and I still find it strange that the Legion have added some ex-forces people to that number.

Poppies are everywhere and I even feel robbed of that because I don’t think I will ever wear one again.

I know from past experience that I will find a way through this and of course, blogging it out always helps a little.

My Random Musings



Trick or treat?

Here is the trick to having Halloween treats for your children on a budget.

We visited Poundland and it is an amazing one-stop shop for all your Halloween must-haves. Even better, it is so easy to work out what you are spending with everything costing just one pound.


My children loved buying masks, make-up, costumes and broomsticks for the Halloween school disco.


We will have a little tea party at home using our ghostly wipe-clean tablecloth and cups and plates.


We already have decorations up with skeletons on the windows and pumpkin lanterns and a skull sporting a pink wig. We will put lights up on the night to get even more into the mood.

It was fun to visit Poundland for an affordable Halloween shopping spree. It’s the place to visit if you want to do Halloween in style and on a budget.

Poundland provided us with £25 shopping vouchers to enable this review.

I swear I get Julian Clary.

The other night he went on about being self-absorbed and I fall into that too often perhaps.



I am very tired which I guess is just the huge relief setting in.

I feel guilty for worrying so many people.

The whole appointment was quite an experience and I have lots I want to say about that in due course.

The most delightful bit right in the middle of the clinic was getting a text from @DownsSideUp saying “Any news darling?”. Almost thought I had a secret lover when I saw that until I realised it was that Hayley one, one of the only folks who has my mobile number.

It was so hard not to tell her the news first but I did feel family first in such a situation.

H was next and I asked her to tweet the news as I am fully aware just how many people were generously wishing me well yesterday. Not bad for a woman who too often says she is friendless. What rubbish – thank you to everyone for so many lovely thoughts and prayers. I think you blasted any threats away with all that positive thinking.

My real lover was clearly very relieved. We did something very mundane and normal and when you get your life back, that is just fine.

So as we sat eating our burgers, I babbled about how very healthy my breasts looked on the mammogram.

My husband said something under his breath that I did not catch.

So I asked my son what he said.

“I am not sure Mum. It was something like I always said you had great patriots”

Wake up everyone. I have not only healthy but apparently A GREAT PAIR OF TITS.

The futures starts here.

Huge thanks to all of you – you got me through this!


I have an appointment at the breast clinic tomorrow.

I have done so well over the last 2 weeks at staying positive and keeping things in perspective I think.

Now, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am relieved the appointment came through and I did not have to chase it up. I was planning to do that tomorrow but knew there was great potential for me to bottle it. The appointment letter arrived yesterday so now it is all about attending the appointment rather than making sure I get one.

Now it is so close, I have just started to feel a little panic-stricken. In any new situation, I worry about getting things right, so I have those sort of nerves. I am wondering if I should wear a bra at all or whether I should go an buy a new one tomorrow. As if any of that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

Then there are the boobs themselves. I don’t look at other women’s boobs very often but have always thought mine a bit strange around the nipple area. My “well-travelled” husband says this is not the case but we get daft ideas about ourselves that stick sometimes.

I am not really sure what they are going to do tomorrow to me. I think my breasts get squashed at some point. That sounds like a blast, not!

There is the big worry too of course and that makes me have to think like a grown-up which I never manage particularly well.

I feel a bit guilty because as yet, this is not anything but something to be investigated and I know there are real women out there battling that disease everyone runs away from talking about.

Blogging helps calm me down though when I am emotional so hoping I will be forgiven for this post.

Nobody has to read it – it is for me really.

There is a bit of me that enjoys any drama weirdly. So many thoughts and feelings.

1. Hoping for just 10 years so I can see the children looked after and grown-up
2. Wishing I had not had such a little life and that I had contributed more
3. Wondering why I have always been such a scaredy-cat
4. Knowing some of the things that would go on my bucket list including a lunch with someone and a visit to see my half-sisters in Ireland not to mention learning to tap dance and writing that best-selling novel.
5. Being pleased Mum and Dad are dead as they would worry about all this
6. Realising how blessed I am despite my constant moans
7. Amazed and very touched at all the messages of support
8. Feeling a sudden need to push loved ones away. Stupid and self-defeating behaviour.
9. Wondering what blog post title will announce the results of the investigations – As I said, ever the writer and drama queen.

Meanwhile, I think the roast is burning a bit, the school uniform needs taking out of the drier and the big result I am waiting for is the X Factor one.

There – I feel better already.