Can you remember the song “If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands”?

It seems to be me the reasons to be cheerful linky helps us do this every week even if we have to clap first and feel happy later.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with a few things. Although the main house is sorted, we still have the hidden storage areas that need clearing out. It becomes clear that we need things that are in boxes still but which one?

I think we are struggling too to accept that the crisis of the last few months is over and now we can relax a bit. I think we have forgotten how to a little.

I am also frustrated that having enquired about volunteering, I have heard nothing back.

I need to work out what i am going to do in this new place.

Clap, clap, clap – think cheerful thoughts.

1. All 3 children went to the opticians last week and have new glasses on order. Another little but important job ticked off.

2. I found a town full of charity shops. My OH complained that I spent far too long in them but it was joy to get back to them. I used to go most days before the afternoon school run to check out the bargains to be had. Often I did not buy anything but it was nice to see what they had.

3. I have enjoyed not having the mad morning rush of school preparations this week. We have just chilled largely at home quite happily.

4. I have just taken delivery of a big online groceries delivery. The van driver was so friendly asking me where my accent was from and so on. I have put a big focus on meal planning and healthy eating and look forward to seeing how that goes in the coming weeks.

5. I am enjoying lots of cuddles with our lovely kitten. He is a delightful little character.

6. I have changed my profile and background pictures on my social networks. I may be away with the fairies but it seems to be on a day when I feel a bit down that actually I have not aged too badly at all in the last 20 years.


me and mum

My mission this week is to laugh out loud in that carefree way again.

Last week, my daughter came home and announced that she had something really awful to a girl in her class. I don’ even want to say what it was which should get across to you that it was really bad.

The next day, her Dad delivered her to breakfast club as usual. Just as I was settling into some work, the door bell rang. I could see my daughter through the door. I was shocked. I asked her what was happening and she said she had left school as she knew she was going to be in trouble for the incident the day before.

Safeguarding Issue - My Daughter Walked Out Of School

I asked her how she got out of school and whether anyone had seen her. She said she had walked into the playground and out through the gate and made her way home. The school is over a mile away from our house.

We talked for a few minutes and then the telephone rang. It was her school and I reassured them that she was with me and I would return her as soon as possible.

We walked back to school and the receptionist returned her to class saying the Head would be having word with her later and would be firm but fair. It was not easy to leave her as she was clearly upset. I asked if it would be helpful for me to talk to the Head and was told that was not necessary.

At the end of the school day, I picked her up and she told me the Head had a chat with her and the matter was now closed.

My concern on the day was dealing with the unexpected incident and ensuring she felt as OK as possible but also knew she would have to accept some discipline.

When I talked on Twitter about my day, other parents and people involved in teaching said this was a serious safeguarding matter.

We are new to the area. A big part of me does not want to make a fuss or to be seen as a difficult parent.

However, the very next day, the children in the school received a letter for us about an attempted abduction of a child in the next village.

It does make you think.

Should I say something to the school or leave things as they are?

I should point out that the gate to the school was still open when I returned my daughter to school.

What would you do?

What are my reasons for cheerfulness this week?


1. Although my 6th wedding anniversary did not go to plan in various ways, my husband did get me a lovely necklace and make me one of his famous steak dinners.

2. All the children are now kitted out fully for their new schools. Why is there so much to think about?

3. My teenage son is being particularly lovely at the moment. He brings me little treats on the way home from school like pain au chocolat. He goes on walks with me and says he wants us to do things together. I sense somewhere in the mix I must have done something right to have such a kind-hearted son.

4. All the children have new friends and are missing their old school that bit less every day.

5. We are getting the house sorted well now with new (to us!) furniture. I am particularly pleased with the arrival of a blue bed for my youngest son and a pink one for my daughter. We have less space here so the beds are high sleepers which also include sofa/chair beds, desks and drawers.

6. On the subject on smaller living space, this means there is far less housework to do and you can make the place look ship-shape much quicker. Happy days!

7. We have a Bank Holiday weekend and a school holiday coming up. I feel our family need this now we have got so many things sorted out so that we can relax and chill a bit. I am hoping to get to a car boot sale on Monday.

8. We had a lovely meal out as a family at the local pub restaurant. The service was disappointing but it was a good night in other ways.

9. The children has a good time at Film Club and just as I was thinking I did not want to climb the hill home, I spied my husband driving towards us to give us a lift home. We went for a sneaky little white wine on the way back.

10. Obviously shamed my his son, my husband brought me a posh sarnie for lunch the other day. He went to get it before setting off for work. Romance is alive and well.

11. We have found our kitten. It went missing a week ago. I am quite smitten with him so was upset. A card in a local shop resulted in a lady telephoning me today and Indiana (don’t ask!) is back where he belongs.

12. I am happy and humbled to be mentioned on the finalist list in the Inspire category for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2014. I am in the most amazing company who have overcome such tough challenges and done so much for other people.

My secret online love affair.

We met online.

It is easy to be cynical about what can come from the Internet. However, one of my friends found a husband that way so I decided to give it a whirl.

It was fun whilst my husband was at work to look at all those images. They all had something to offer but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you stood out.

I tried to resist and put you out of my mind.

It didn’t work. I embarked on a secret love affair.

I thought about your good looks and what you might do for me.

I really believed you could change my life.

I had to meet you.

You didn’t disappoint. Tall and slim. Fresh and powerful.

It was inevitable.

Things got steamy.

We didn’t make it upstairs and did it on the kitchen floor.

When I asked your real name, you said it was Vax.

I love my new steam cleaner.

My Secret Online Love Affair

Cuddle Fairy
My Random Musings

I am a bit tired today after a bad night’s sleep and I think just generally from a tough year too. My mood is low when exhausted but that is one of the best times to celebrate my reasons to be cheerful. Yes, here are my happy thoughts of the week.

1. We had a lovely meal out as a family for my husband’s birthday in a really lovely hotel/restaurant we found on first arriving in Hampshire. It has the most lovely food and has so much to look at inside in terms of art, quotations and so on. It is right up my street and not at all snotty which also helps.

2. Both my son and daughter were named stars of the week at their new school. I am sure this is standard procedure for new kids but they deserve it for settling in so well and being so positive about the move. They are both working hard and making new friends.

3. My teenage son has started at his new school which has great standards and is a place that I can see thriving in unlike the last school. He has chosen his options including acting, food technology and history which thrills me as all links back to his connection with his late grandmother. Little legacies. He also has a lot of mathematics, science, computing and business studies in the mix.

4. We are getting the new house sorted bit by bit. I am finding it a depressingly slow process really as downsizing so much makes storing all our stuff a challenge. I have spent time today getting some bids in on Ebay on the things we need. Wish me luck.

5. I am doing the school run and getting faster at it every day by a few minutes without trying. It just shows how you build up fitness levels so much once you actually do some exercise. In hot weather like yesterday, I take a picnic and have a break on a bench on the way home for good quality time chatting with the children.

6. I take real pleasure every day in the lush green of the countryside just a couple of streets away from where we live. It feels my soul.

7. I am looking forward to the weekend. It is our wedding anniversary and I plan to visit the big city by the sea and do some fun things along with practical stuff like haircuts for the children.

8. I am reflecting on many things blogging and social media – this usually leads to good things so something else to smile about.