There is no doubt that vaping is a big part of many people’s lifestyle these days. It is not just a one-hit trend that disappeared from the market as soon as it entered it. Many vaping aficionados I know are into vaping simply because it is a great way to relax in between tasks.

Getting into vaping is also easier these days. You have more kits to choose from and additional gear to add to the kit of your choice. There are more vape shops and online retailers too, which means getting anything vaping-related is just as easy.

Before you indulge in this lifestyle and take up vaping as a hobby, however, there are some neat tips and tricks you need to know. After speaking to some of my vaping friends, here are the best tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Start with a Good Kit

The first kit you buy is important. In the old days, people settle for less than stellar vaping kits just because those kits were cheap, and they didn’t want to spend a lot to try vaping. This is no longer the right approach to take if you want to try vaping in 2018.

Instead, you should pick up a good kit to have a great vaping experience from the start. Fortunately, there are a lot of good kits to choose from on the market. The Vaporesso Swag kit is a good starter kit that includes everything you need except one 18650 lithium battery.

Another great kit to pick up is any of the starter kits from SMOK. The kits are slightly more expensive than their relative competitors, but SMOK is a trusted brand and you’ll have a great experience regardless of the kit you choose. You may even stick with the SMOK kit for years without needing an upgrade.

Use RDAs to Experiment

If you want to try different flavors, the best way to do it is by picking up an RDA or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. As the name suggests, RDAs can be refilled by simply dripping the liquid directly to the wick or the coil. You don’t need to fill an entire tank or prime the coil before your first drag.

When you want to try another flavor, you only need to replace the wick – the cotton the absorbs the vape juice before it is vaporized – and you are good to go. Wicking is an easy thing to do and you can try multiple flavors without having to clean an entire tank or replace the coil.

Another reason to own an RDA is vapor volume. Most RDAs are capable of producing bigger, more flavorsome vapor when used at the right temperature. Paired with a good mod that comes with your original kit, the possibilities are endless.

Save Money on Vape Juice

There are many ways you can save money on vape juice or vaping liquid. Some brands are famous for making their juice options available at great prices. Broke Dick, available at, is a good example of a vape juice brand that focuses on delivering great flavors without the usual steep prices.

You can also sign up for a monthly juice box subscription. This is a great way to try different flavors without buying individual flavors separately. Not only will you be able to save money on the new flavors you try, you can also save on the flavors you already like and are subscribed to.

Last but not least, watch out for discounts and special offers. It is not uncommon for vape juice to be offered at discounted prices. Many retailers use discounts and special offers to draw the attention of both beginners and experienced hobbyists.

Join the Culture

As mentioned before, vaping is more a part of a lifestyle than a trend. There are actually a lot of communities around vaping and vaping gear. In fact, you should be able to find a local community of vaping enthusiasts without a problem.

You can also join online forums and communities to learn more about vaping. Becoming a part of vaping communities brings many more benefits. For starters, you get to know likeminded people who enjoy vaping as a hobby, so you get to share the experience in a pleasant way.

More importantly, you can try new flavors, learn more about mods and accessories, and even get exclusive special discounts from fellow community members and supporters. Besides, enjoying a nice afternoon exchanging flavors and talking about the latest RDA from Wofoto is always fun.

Be Courteous

Being a great vaping enthusiast is a must no matter where you are. Just because vaping isn’t regulated the same way as smoking, doesn’t mean you can go ahead and vape anywhere without thinking about your surroundings.

Being courteous is a big part of this lifestyle. Always look around before taking your first drag. The last thing you want is for the thick vapor you produce to disturb those around you. You may also want to ask the waitress or security if you want to vape in public places.

Some places now put up signs that say, “No Vaping.” These signs are to be followed at all times. You should also avoid vaping when there are kids around or if you think your thick vapor will disturb others; vaping in a closed room is certainly not a good idea.

Enjoy the Exploration

There is a bit of an adventure – a geeky side, if you must – to enjoy when you are into vaping as a hobby. Choosing the right mods and vaporizers to use is only the beginning. Before long, you’ll start learning how to make your own coils, how to use different wires for different effects, and how to push the vapor production level to new heights.

These are all parts of the adventure. There is a lot to explore once you start with vaping as a hobby. You can also enjoy exploring the different flavors available and finding the ones you truly like. With the tips and tricks that we covered in this article, the whole process will be enjoyable (and affordable) every step of the way.

The strength of women is something that has struck me particularly recently. I have met new women and heard stories that make me realise how silly it is to refer to women as the weaker sex. I am feeling my own strength these days in a way I never have before so perhaps I am more open to seeing the strength in others. Perhaps the universe is sending special messengers to show me the way.

When it is wrong leave

To the woman who told me how she was unhappy in her marriage so she left with her young children. This meant leaving security and living in a caravan for two years as she could not afford rent on a flat. The husband did not pay maintenance. She took what work she could get. She went on to find her true love and is running a successful business whilst grieving for her lost love who died recently.

Insist on what you want

Another woman in in a relatively new relationship. She has never married and is in her late thirties with two young children. She told me how a man has to respect her to get her. She is not going to take bad behaviour because she is looking for the real deal of marriage with a real connection and fidelity. I admire her for expressing this in the articulate way she did and I hope her Prince is just around the corner.

There is life after loss

I met an elderly lady who was visiting her two adult children. She was beautiful and stylish. She had lost her husband but giggled with me how she goes dancing every Sunday because her life is not over. We should listen to our older people more often as they have so much wisdom to impart.

It’s good to support others

We have a woman in difficulties locally. She is gong to lose her mum soon and you can see she feels she is staring into a very scary abyss. She is not necessarily taking  the most sensible steps to deal with this but we all find our own way to navigate challenging times. What I celebrate is how women are rallying around to keep an eye on her, to try and inject a giggle here and there, to hug and to offer what advice they can.

This is quite a reflective and self-indulgent post but I felt it was important to write it. I do hope it helps somebody out there because these strong women are helping me in very different ways and more than they will ever know.

Lessons For Women And Girls From Strong Women


6 Components to Insert in a Homeschool Writing Curriculum for High School Students

As a parent, homeschooling your children is a huge responsibility to take on. At the end of the day, homeschooling parents are a huge part of what determines their child’s educational success in the future. Learning how to write properly is a skill that is necessary through every stage in life, so it is essential for children to have a good base for it; especially teenagers during high school. This list will provide you with a few components that would be useful to include in a homeschool writing curriculum for high school students.

1. Literature and Reading

Even though reading literary works may not necessarily mean writing as such, reading is a great way to engage students in the world of words. By reading the work of others, students will be able to get to expand their knowledge on different writing styles; something that can be rather useful for when they write papers themselves. Furthermore, the more students read, the more vocabulary they will acquire, hereby improving their chances of producing incredible writing papers from scratch.

Of course, many writing exercises may arise from reading literature or even watching award-winning movies. For example, critical reviews or film/book analyses are always a good idea for students to write.

2. Grammar

For many students, learning grammar during their high school years must seem tedious and boring. However, for an essay to be proficient, it is essential to have impeccable grammar and vocabulary. For a high school student, it will not be necessary to spend many hours going through grammar workbooks; but it would be a smart move to at least complete some exercises from time to time to make sure that none of the grammar learned in previous years has been forgotten.

3. Creativity

It’s no secret that as students get older, they become more impatient and desperate to find freedom and their own place in the world. Brainstorming and even playing games are some of the many ways students can learn to embrace their creativity and reflect it in their writing.

One way of incorporating creativity into writing is to reflect and debate upon relevant topics today. After an oral discussion, it is a good idea to write a report or an argumentative essay on what was spoken about. Not only will students become more involved and interested in issues around today, but they will be able to write upon them in a professional and mature way.

4. Standardized Testing Mock Exams

For students soon to be graduating from high school and on their way to university, it is very important for them to take the necessary measures to prepare for this life-changing test. There are several workbooks and guidebooks that are specific in what SAT, A-Level or IB examiners are looking for in these exams. There are many available printable essay mock writing questions online that you can download and use to train for these difficult exams.

5. Daily Reflection

In order to stay in the habit of writing, it may be a good idea to encourage the keeping of a journal or a reflective diary in which students can write their thoughts, ideas and simply reflect on whatever it is they did that day, what they learnt, what they liked or didn’t like about the lesson, what they think they need to improve on, etc. In fact, you can also take this opportunity to reflect on your skills as a homeschooling teacher and how they affect your children. When reading these number of entries, you’ll be able to know and detect if there is anything that your child is struggling with and needs extra help.

6. Reunions or Class With Other High School Students

Homeschooled students can sometimes be intimidated by the rest of children in their area going to school with other people. Gathering with other homeschooled students from time to time might encourage them to feel more confident in their studies. Concerning writing, having reunions with other students for writing assignments or exercises can be a good strategy for both socializing, and encouraging each other to do better in their writing. For example, the children can exchange papers and give each other feedback. Sometimes, getting feedback from other students their age can actually work better than teacher parents.

All of the components above have been stated with the intention of providing you with the best possible advice in constructing an appropriate writing curriculum for your child. As it has been said at the start, writing is one of the most important skills one must acquire in order to have a chance at entering higher levels of education and universities. All of these points have been added considering that a homeschooled child may feel isolated or underprepared compared to other kids that attend school. In fact, they have been designed to make your child feel comfortable and at the same level as others their age.


Most of modern society’s constituents live in a metropolitan, urban, or suburban area. People routinely choose to live in or near these places because job opportunities are typically plentiful, salaries and wages are almost always higher than in rural areas, and there are far more sources of entertainment than in less-populated areas.

Estimates show that some four-fifths of all United States citizens live in such urban areas.

Sometimes, people feel forced to move to or near big cities because of employment opportunities. Not wanting to move somewhere and going through with that move is a common cause of anxiety. The anxiety that big-city living causes can be remedied by seeking mental health treatment in person or through the Internet via service providers like Talkspace. Here are three major reasons why living in a big city often results in mental health issues – particularly anxiety.

Sounds never seem to stop or slow down

Even if you don’t move to the city that never sleeps – New York City – sounds are more plentiful in larger areas. Many people report feeling like they can’t get a break from the constant sounds, making them worry. While light-proof curtains and noise-cancelling earphones can improve symptoms of anxiety, seeking mental health treatment is a better option.

Living near big cities is linked to mental illness

People who live in neighborhoods that experience more industrial activity – things like traffic filled with eighteen-wheelers and skylines with plumes of smoke – are inherently more likely to suffer from mental health issues. Industrial activity is always greater in big cities than in rural areas.

Stress goes through the roof

Noise is intrinsically linked to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Mental health treatment is a far better idea than buying effective headphones.

What do you think about products, services, and businesses with positive reviews?

Statistics indicate that most modern consumers look to the World Wide Web in search of reviews of products and services they plan on buying, as well as reviews of businesses – not just the particular products or services consumers are interested in. Seeing what other people think of businesses, products, and services is helpful because their experiences are likely to be similar to your own experience with them.

Talkspace reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The web-based mental health services provider is considered so helpful because it does things like offering free live video sessions with therapists to people who’ve recently matched with providers of their choosing. Further, Talkspace reviews are so great because people don’t have to wait very long to get in touch with mental health service providers.

The company is also considerably civic-minded. Take, for example, how Talkspace gave away 500 free months’ worth of therapy to victims of sexual assault last year. The giveaway came shortly after allegations made by some 80 women against film and entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein were broken to news media outlets.


Anxiety Big Cities And Who Can Help

With a milestone birthday coming up soon and my plans to look at my DNA profile, I decided to revisit my adoption files. I got these many years ago so there were no shocks for me but it is odd how you react differently to the information as you go through your own life and times. Today I am going to talk about my birth father who I would actually love to track down although I don’t really know where to start.

My father was called John and he was born in 1947 in Wexford in Ireland. He was 5 feet and 10 inches with brown eyes and a fair skin. His father was a farmer but John came over to London and lived in Forest Gate E7. He worked in the building trade. My adoptive mum told me he was a plasterer.  She would emphasize that this was very skilled job and I should respect him for that. It appears my father came from a large family with 4 brothers and 5 sisters. He was Roman Catholic. For many years I thought he was Protestant and that it was religious difference that had led to the difficulty in him and my mother staying together. I think this came from my adoptive mum trying to second guess why they could not be together as she had the impression from the nuns that they had loved one another. The adoption papers confirm they had known each other for 2 and a half years and already had a baby the year before who was also adopted apparently in Ireland.

It is clear that my birth parents considered marriage. My mother was quite a bit older than my natural father in her late twenties whilst he was just 20 at the time of my birth. It seems my maternal grandparents disapproved of them marrying due to my natural father’s lack of security. Inevitably, that angers me a bit.

There is reference in the adoption papers to my father’s jealous nature and occasional violence against my birth mother. I think it is hard to make a judgement on this as it is clear that by the time my mother was being interviewed, she was keen to distance herself from him and also to prevent him from saying no to the adoption.

What is lovely for me to know is that John wanted to keep me. That is so clear from both the adoption file and the actual letters written by my birth mother at the time that are included in the files. He came to see me in the hospital. This means so very much to someone who has struggled to feel good enough in life.

In the aftermath of my birth, social workers attempted to find him without success to establish his views before releasing me for adoption at all.

Whatever the calibre of the man, it breaks my heart a little that a man who at the very young age of 20 was prepared to take me on, marry my mother and get a flat for them may be somewhere wondering where I am and what happened to me. I would of course love to find him and suspect he probably went back to Ireland at some point. I have no wish to disrupt a new family or to upset him but maybe I would upset him more by not trying to find him.

It strikes me in wider terms how often we assume the father is of less importance than the mother. We think men can be unfeeling in such circumstances. I am heartened that is seems very clear that my birth father did love me even if it is quite possible that he only saw me on one occasion

Adopted adults can have support in tracking down birth relatives via the NORCAP register.
So dear reader, should I try and track him down before it is too late?





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