Many people think that if they exercise long and hard enough, they will achieve their ideal weight. While it may help, it won’t necessarily be enough to reach your goals. Ever heard the saying about abs being made in the kitchen, not in the gym? Eating clean and healthy is the real secret to losing weight fast. You could spend hours in the gym every day, but still not achieve the results you desire just because you’re not eating properly.

We all know we should be eating more fruit, vegetables, lean meat and whole grains etc. but what are some of the foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight quickly?

The following are the top 3 – cut these out and you’ll start to see some serious results:

  1. Processed foods are your greatest enemy when it comes to dieting. These are the kind of foods you find in your local supermarket in cans, jars or packages. They may be convenient and easy to cook quickly, but they can be detrimental to your health. Usually, processed foods are high in calories, sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and other chemicals that can sabotage any diet. Natural and perishable foods are much healthier for you, are lower in calories, and easier for your body to digest.
  2. Avoid fried foods. This means no more takeaways and fast foods. Fried food such as fries, burgers, fried chicken etc. are extremely high in calories, can raise your cholesterol levels, raise your blood insulin level, and even your blood pressure. There are very few healthy options at your local takeaway or fast food joint so it’s better to avoid them altogether. Regular consumption of fried foods can lead to all sorts of health complications in the long run.
  3. Avoid high caffeine drinks such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Energy drinks are especially bad for you as they are very high in sugar and additives. Although many people consume them in the gym, what they don’t realise is they are sabotaging their weight loss efforts instead of helping. Drink plenty of pure water (at least 8 glasses a day) – this will help to keep you feeling full, keep you hydrated, will cleanse your body of toxins, and best of all it contains zero carbs and calories!

So these are the top 3 foods you should avoid at all costs if you’re on a diet. This isn’t easy, particularly if you’ve picked up some poor eating habits over the years. However, there are weight loss aids out there that can help you to achieve your goals. A good quality, natural diet pill should have appetite suppressant qualities, curb the typical sugar and junk food cravings, and help to burn fat faster.

Losing weight is easier said than done. It’s easy to say you’re going to eat less or eat healthier, and it’s easy to say you’re going to workout more and be more physical. Doing these things, however, is a far harder proposition.

What aids in the doing part of weight loss is having a plan or a guide. With such a guide your weight loss goal would have a timeframe, giving you something to work towards. If your timeframe is to lose weight as quickly as you can in order to look and feel good during the summer, then make sure you check out the comprehensive weight loss guide below.

Take a break from alcohol

Sometimes, it’s not the food you eat that makes you put on weight, it’s the alcohol you drink. The science behind it proves it: alcohol is similar to sugar in the way it sets off insulin resistance, meaning weight gain takes place every time alcohol touches your insides. What’s more, the calories you gulp down in your favourite glass of wine, larger or cocktail are ‘dead’, which means they have no nutritional benefit and only ever contribute towards weight loss. You can’t argue with science, so put that drink down!

Of course, you don’t have to put the drink down completely. All you have to do is give yourself a break from it for a few weeks, which could mean laying off the booze until your summer vacation. Do this, and you’ll see a difference in your weight.

Choose your carbs with care

Weight loss is not all alcohol’s fault. Of course, overindulgence on certain foods can and does result in weight gain. Particularly, weight loss occurs when carbs are overindulged upon, so choose them carefully. Instead of opting for refined carbs, like regular pasta and white bread, opt for slow-burning, unrefined ones, like whole-wheat pasta and whole-grain bread.

If all else fails, turn to surgery

The summer is all but upon us, and time is running short to lose weight in time for it. If all else has failed and you’re not seeing the results you need to see right now, then turning to surgery could be the weight-loss option for you. Such surgeries include gastric bands, bypasses and balloons, which will help with weight loss, as well as sleeve gastrectomy, which will help to maintain it. It’s all about picking the right surgery for you, your body type and your medical needs. So, like when it comes to choosing your carbs, be careful when you choose your surgery.

Be prepared for any surgery you have to go awry, as well. As accomplished as weight loss surgeons and doctors are, there are still great risks attached to such forms of surgery. If things do not go to plan for you, then don’t be afraid to contact the medical negligence experts found at By doing so, you could get the compensation you deserve from the trauma of having bad weight loss surgery performed upon your body.

It’s only natural to want to look good during the summer. What is not natural, however, is weight loss. It doesn’t happen like magic. Weight doesn’t disappear when you click your fingers. You need to work hard if you want to lose weight, and you need to take the comprehensive advice above into account when you do.


I love it when my bedroom is my sanctuary and a safe place to retreat to not just at night time but at any time of day where I need some me time and to escape the challenges of the day.

I might want to read or watch television. I may just wish to be mindful. Sometimes my husband or children may be with me and sometimes the dogs put in an appearance too.

Lighting Tips For The Bedroom

One thing that has to be just right is the lighting in my bedroom and just one form really will not do. It is great to check out a design light shop for inspiration.

Lighting choices

You really don’t have to settle for just a central ceiling light in the bedroom. Different forms of lighting suit different activities that take place in the bedroom. Many of us have beside lamps particularly helpful if you share your bed. I like how if my husband reads longer than me which he usually does, I can turn off my lamp and have a darkened space.

Mixing things up a bit

Things don’t have to be traditional or the same as what everyone else does. Your bedroom should express who you are. What colours do you love? Should you experiment with different heights? I like to have retro choices or something a little quirky. Pendant lights take up less space and I think look super stylish. Just be absolutely sure you get them at the right height for your reading and so on.

Lighting up your clothing

I have never done this but it makes such sense to have lighting for your wardrobe or walk-in closet. Good lighting makes it that much easier to choose your outfit and to match  different separates. If you are like me, it also helps you check that the clothes are actually in pristine condition. Do ensure your lighting choices for your clothing storage areas are absolutely safe and not presenting health and safety hazards.

Bring in an expert on lighting

You could consider consulting a lighting designer such  as Paula Artnzen. Tapping into creative ideas and proper expertise can end up saving you from making potentially expensive mistakes.

Happy lighting

I love how lighting in whatever room in the house really can change your mood. As someone who has experienced depression and can still suffer from low moods from time to time, anything that enhances my frame of mind quickly is vital. I use music and I need the right sort of light and colour. It is so easy to think lighting is not important but I think it is. I remember telling my Dad to get rid of some ugly shades on the lights in his new home after Mum died. We are valuable enough to live with beauty and light.

What lighting choices have you made for your bedroom?

The Pramshed

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You can interpret this as you see fit.

I have an image in my mind of an artist’s palette. Some colours are used a lot but some are neglected and some are untouched.

How do you as the artist choose the colours for your life? Did someone tell you some were good, some average and some bad? Do you paint like everybody else or have your own style free from the pressure of others and social media? What would happen if you played with some new colours? Do you like what you see on your palette or is it time to mix things up a bit?


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Taking your dog on holiday with you matters especially if like us you see your pets as part of the family. Holidays are times to make treasured memories and they can be enhanced if you have man’s best friend along for the ride.

Less stress

It is so worrying to leave your dog behind. Kennels can be far from perfect and even family and friends may not look after your dog exactly as you would wish. We know how much exercise our dog needs and what food works best for him. If your dog is with you, you can leave these types of worry behind along with the heavy financial costs that can come via kennels and dog-sitting.

Be realistic

Having  said all that it is important to be honest with yourself when planning your holiday. If you intend to visit lots of famous sights, some of them many not be open to dogs. Stately homes and museums are unlikely to allow dogs inside although some will let you take them in the grounds and special areas. Research is important as many holiday accommodation providers will not want you leaving an animal unattended in their property. Doggy welfare should come first and obviously leaving them in warm cars is unacceptable too.

The perfect holiday with your dog

This is likely to take full advantage of the beautiful areas of the UK that you can explore in fun walks with your pet. We have stunning countryside and glorious beaches. Again, it is about researching where you can safely exercise your dog and be assured of a warm welcome. If you are like us when planning your adventures you will also want to check out genuinely dog-friendly pubs and eateries.

Where to stay

Check that your accommodation is genuinely pet-friendly perhaps by checking  out some reviews online. Also make sure you are aware of their rules around pets and that what they offer fits in with you and your pets’ needs.  Camping is an option but I tend to prefer a holiday cottage and remember a particularly lovely time on the Gower with our dogs.

You may want to check out Powells Cottage Holidays as they provide self-catering cottages across Wales with over 150 to choose from.

Other considerations
  • Ensure you have details for the local vets just in case
  • Pack the things your dog will need – food and water bowls, bed or blanket, toys, any medication
  • Plan your holiday route and your days out so you know where you can stop to give your dog a break from travelling
  • It should go without saying that you wipe up any dog mess so have those poo bags at the ready

Do you take your pets on holiday with you? What are your top tips for dog-friendly adventures?

Taking Your Dog On Holiday With You


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