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7 Side Hustles To Kick Start Your 2018 Finances

January can bring with it some negativity; from the buzz and excitement that came from Christmas and it's build up, to then having to sit down, get back to work, and look at the mess that your finances are in. Not to mention that you may have felt like you’ve

What Type of Traveller Are You?

Travelling is for everyone. There are so many different options out there, so many different, unique places to visit, that no matter what type of traveler you are you will find something to suit you. People often associate travel with the free spirit, untied to the responsibilities of the real world,

How To Cope When You’re Struggling Every Day

It is difficult to cope when every day is a financial struggle. You might work all day every day but still not have anything left at the end of the month. You’re not alone. The cost of living has simply escalated too much too quickly, and we’re left scratching our

Palmistry App review

I am reviewing a Palmistry App which is a first for me. The new app is called PalmistryHD How do you feel about palmistry and fortune-telling  in general? I have never ruled out that there may be something in such things. As I get older, I am convinced there is more

The start of our Happy New Year

It's the start of our Happy New Year because I am determined to have one. Looking back all the years that end with 8 have gone well so far from my birth to the best year at college to falling in love to getting married. I have a really strong

Single Mother Bonding With Children Ideas

Many single mothers have heard of the troubles and issues that might arise when you decided to split from your partner. Finances were at the forefront in the beginning because giving your children the best future is the most important factor. However the more time went on, and the dust

5 Money-Saving Tips For Home Movers

There’s no getting around the fact that most things to do with moving house can be expensive, and not to mention stressful. Setting aside the cost of the home itself, there’s also the matter of all the other small costs that can mount up; if these are left unchecked, then