English is the most popular foreign language. Most schools from all corners of the world  have English as one of their subjects. Learning this language usually starts at primary school level in most education systems. Understanding English as a foreign language is essential because it is applicable in almost every aspect of our lives.

There are instances where you will be required to address people in English. Most instructions on products or devices are usually written in English. Many consider it as a universal language, so by speaking even basic English you will find it easier to   address anyone from and in any part of the world. Communicative courses and textbooks are usually used when teaching English to primary school pupils.

However, this might not be enough to make them truly understand this language. One good alternative is the use of literature. It helps bring about a better, more comprehensive understanding. Some of the most common literature materials used include poems, stories, books and magazines.

You can also find literatura tasks from various online study sites. The different materials are usually categorized according to the age of the reader or by genre. There are several reasons why literature should be used in primary schools to promote a good understanding of English. They include:


The use of literature in primary schools helps create that motivation or desire to understand a new language. We all know how children love stories. Narrating them to children captures all their attention because they will be keen to know all the developments of the characters in the plot. This is the perfect context for primary school children to learn and understand English better.


Using literature in primary schools will also help promote academic literacy. This is mostly because it helps improve the communication skills of the learners. It also helps promote deeper understanding when reading different materials written in English. Understanding English is usually an added advantage because it is the language used for instructions on most items, from devices to appliances. Using literature will help improve the thinking skills of primary school children, something which is vital for their coursework and future studies.

Change Agent

Literature in primary schools can act as a good change agent when it comes to eradicating different beliefs or intolerance. Similarly, it also helps to raise awareness of  the various challenges facing the world. It helps children improve their understanding of others   and the situations they must face. As they grow, they can come up with solutions to the different issues affecting the world . The fact that literature provides for the study and evaluation of human nature means it can be used to point out the differences  in a way  that promotes peaceful coexistence.

Language Learning

Use of literature in primary schools helps promote proper language learning and understanding among pupils. The different literature materials used help promote a smoother understanding of the language. Texts are interesting for children, and these   make it easy for them to understand the language. Stories help improve the vocabulary skills of most children. They will learn several things that will help sharpen their language skills, even in their native language.

My Random Musings

Kids designer clothing is something we might all think is a great idea when we are pregnant and dreaming of what sort of parent we would like to be. I was pretty clueless about the realities of parenting when I became pregnant for the first time. As the youngest child by quite a few years in the family, I was not used to being around babies and younger children. So I probably imagined my children in designer clothes surrounded by only wooden toys, never watching telly or eating sweets. Parenting for real proved so challenging for me that I turned to blogging!

Reality check

Designer clothing is not necessarily the best choice for everyday wear if it comes with an expensive price tag too. Children will do messy play and babies do throw up. Food and drink spillages lead to stains which can be troublesome to remove.

Money matters

The  lovely thing now is that you can get designer clothing at more affordable prices if you shop in a savvy way.  Both men and women from all social backgrounds wear designer labels from time to time. Sales discounts can be huge and if you charity shop in certain areas you can pick up designer bargains at amazing prices.

Good reasons to go down the designer clothing route include the quality of the material and the sewing. I can remember my Mum pointing out how hems were that much bigger in designer clothing back in the day. She introduced me to designer labels at a very early age and was a huge fan of designer outlets.

Kids designer clothes

Some parents will think kids designer clothes are a good idea and some won’t. Greater affordability makes me more likely to buy designer clothing especially as the quality does tend to be better. As children get older, messes do tend to decrease so I am more likely to get them designer clothes now than when they were tiny. Special occasions are a good time to get kids designer clothing adding to making an event particularly special. I remember when my children were tiny wishing that good boys; clothes for parties were as available as they were for girls. Choices are better these days.

Do you buy kids designer clothing? Is that for everyday use or just for special occasions?

Kids Designer Clothes



My Random Musings

Reviving your smile is possible with dental veneers. This gives me great hope. I used to have lovely teeth so white and with a lovely gap between my two front teeth. Apparently this means you will be a great singer but although I can’t claim that I did have a nice smile.

I look back on old pictures and then compare that smile with what I have today. I actually try not to open my mouth at all when posing for photographs as I hate the way my teeth look. I need to get some money saved, look into Veneers in London and get them fixed to boost my self-confidence.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are very thin shells of tooth-coloured materials designsed to cover the front surface of your teeth. That’s the bit people see and the bit I want to change radically. Yes I want the colour of my teeth to change but in some areas there is more damage so changing the shape, size and  length would be a good idea too. Dental veneers make this possible I guess I would need to discuss the right veneers for me with  my dentist but from my research so far porcelain  veneers sound like the better option as they resist stains better and reflect light in a similar way to natural teeth.

Problems with teeth

People who are unhappy with their teeth may have different issues. Discoloration is common especially with so much use of caffeine and alcohol. Some dental treatments such as root canal assistance or fillings can lead to discoloration too.

Sometimes teeth can be worn down as the years pass or even chipped perhaps from assault or accident.

Like me, you might have misaligned teeth. On one side it is as if my teeth have  been forced back a fair way leading to an uneven smile.

Some people have gaps between teeth that they don’t like and veneers can fix this. Mine are sadly the other way and  pushed together.

Getting a dental veneer

It is easy enough to get a dental veneer but takes time usually involving a thorough consultation and then two visits to make up and  apply veneers.

The consultation

As with any other service, this is the key time to talk openly about what changes you would  like to see so the dentist is absolutely clear what results you are looking for. A good dentist will explain the benefits and limitations of any treatment available. They may send you for X-rays and are likely to take impressions of your mouth and teeth.


This involves the dentist removing a small amount of enamel from your tooth. Some people choose to have the area numbed with anaesthetic. The veneers will take a few weeks to prepare but sometimes you can have temporary ones in the meantime.

Have you had dental veneers fitted? I would love to hear about your experiences.



My Random Musings

When the temperature heats up, we seek a cooling tonic and that often comes in the form of a swim.

There is the sea to cool off in and the cooler temperatures of open swimming in lakes to enjoy too. Increasingly, we are buying swimming pools to enjoy in the garden too, with pool and landscaping design becoming far more commonplace in family homes.

Unfortunately, we aren’t always prepared for the cold water shock that comes with plunging into a deep swimming pool, lake or the sea.

Even strong swimmers can get into trouble quickly in cold water so it pays to be safe around water, whether that is a pool in the back garden or a dip in the lake.

Being Pool Safe

From small paddling pools to larger, deeper family swimming pools, the range of temporary and semi-permanent swimming pools has grown in recent years.

But being safe around water is something we should all be vigilant about but do you really know how to stay safe around water?

This clever infographic Staying Safe by the Pool is a family-friendly guide to pool safety and why we need to take more notice of how we use the pool.

It gives clever hints on what to look for around the pool area, as well as what you should be looking out for when your family and friends over enjoying the sunshine and the pool in your backyard.

Staying safe

Staying safe is not difficult when you know what to look out for. It also helps us to understand why our behaviour changes so much for other times – in the summer, when the sun is shining, we want everyone to relax and enjoy the pool.

But sometimes that means we relax too much leading to some dangerous stuff happening before our very eyes! But with these hints and tips, you will enjoy the summer in the swimming pool, or at the lake or a swim in the sea – just make sure you are really safe!

Safety In The Pool


Home education has given me many a wobbly moment over the last few years but this week has seen a huge shift in my thinking. I have a written plan to refer to that I devised. It keeps me on track and makes me reassured that the children are covering things that matter according to received wisdom and our own family’s views.

I wanted to share some quotes from my amazing children that gave me great heart this week.

On discussing the heat wave my son’s response was “Why do we need the sun? Let’s learn about that.” I am always happy to tailor our days to what they want to learn so I have a new challenge to work on here. He also agreed it would be interesting to learn more biology based on how we respond to heat waves.

On sharing information on the big Friday event astronomy wise, my son responded with an email to me “SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!” This confirms his passion for all things moon, stars and so on. Similarly my suggestion we should start working through classical composers resulted in “I’d like to learn about this soon.” If he had not left school, I would have no idea of his great passion for classical music!

I have started to share something inspirational, funny or both with them on a daily basis too via email. Yesterday’s contribution resulted in this from my son “I seriously burst out laughing at this!” We also had some fun watching some Catherine Tate videos on a more stressful day this week. If I can teach them you can feel better with a laugh, that has got to count as a vital life skill right?

Now I have a struggle to decide my favourite subject and their responses this week. I am torn between poetry and history as both went well.

So from my son, I give you “Poems are beautiful things. I enjoy how smooth they feel compared to modern music.” I find that a stunningly beautiful way to put it. He is so full of soul and can recognise beauty so easily. What a wonderful 12 year old boy!

My daughter is quite self-directed learning loads about art, design and Japan this week. However she nailed it for me with her response to information I sent her about the Sarajevo assassination that sparked World War One.

She commented;

“It’s interesting, considering the event of his assassination was only slightly touched upon in school. However, it appears there was a huge issue with world leaders over thinking their importance – America right now – which probably would have lead to some kind of conflict, even if it didn’t match in scale.

Of course, there is also the fact that it would’ve only prevented that World War, and so World War 2 might’ve happened anyway, causing that to become World War 1”

So there are this week’s home education reasons to cheerful.

I would love feedback on this post for my wobbly old days!






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