I think many of us can be guilty of thinking of a plane ride and trip abroad when it comes to our summer holiday plans. We want to guarantee the weather, enjoy new cultures and see different sights and have some amazing experiences. But, because many of us automatically assume a holiday means Europe or further afield, we can often forget that we have some amazing destinations right in the country we live in. There are some people who live abroad who actually come here for a holiday, who would have thought? But it got me thinking about considering an alternative holiday destination this year, and the UK has so much to offer, I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts and suggestions. Maybe it will inspire you to book your own staycation.


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A city break

Many people love a city break. The chance to see some beautiful architecture, and really understand the general vibe of the place. However, there are some great cities in the UK, and some of them you may not have visited before. There is, of course, London, the capital, but other cities that have a lot to offer include Birmingham and Manchester. To name a few. Why not consider a city break in the UK for one of the up and coming bank holidays?

Enjoying the beaches

Maybe you love the beach and that is one of the reasons why you head abroad, but the UK has some stunning locations offering some of the most outstanding beaches. Cornwall, Devon and Torquay are some of the most popular destinations with beautiful beaches. But you also have some of the other sea town locations such as Margate and Scarborough. There are some great things to do in some of these locations, and some of the old fashioned treats of the great British holiday such as penny arcades and walks along the pier. Bliss.

Hopping the border

England has much to offer with its rugged countryside and rolling green hills, as well as some amazing cities. But why not hop the border and head into some of the other parts of the UK? Hiring a car from websites like Easy Car can make things much simpler. Wales is a fantastic destination. You have all of the popular destinations like Anglesey, Abersoch and Canarfan. There are also things like climbing Snowdon and enjoying the hustle and bustle of Cardiff city centre in the South. Then there is Scotland and the fabulous countryside and amazing cities. So much to see, so little time.

Heading overseas

Finally, staying in the UK doesn’t necessarily mean we stay landborne all of the time, heading overseas to Northern Ireland and the city of Dublin. Famous for the guinness factory and a great night out, it could be the ideal way to spend a weekend or summer break away. Northern Ireland also has some great countryside locations if you prefer to head out and hike and see a different side.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to consider the UK for your next holiday.

UK Hotspots For Your Perfect Summer Holiday

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Cuddle Fairy

We are definitely a male-dominated household with two sons aged 12 and 17 and my husband plus 2 male dogs. We had to get a female kitten to redress the balance a bit recently.

I digress from the point of this post which is to describe the various clothing choices of the male members of my family.

My youngest son is very easy to buy for and knows exactly what he likes in the style stakes. He loves Saltrock clothing in particular and likes zipped hoodies and leggings preferring to be comfy at all times.

My husband used to wear suits most of the time and my children used to despair that he never wore casual clothing. That has changed recently with him working from home and relaxing that bit more. He has suddenly started buying T-shirts with fun slogans and is more likely to buy a pair of jeans than a new suit. This is a huge change for him!

My oldest son is trying to find his own style which I guess is normal at 17 years of age. He is absolutely man-sized now however much I still see him as my little boy. He is taller than his Dad by some way now which he really enjoys  of course. He has suddenly had yet another growth spurt and I have promised to buy him some new clothing. I usually buy from George at Asda as it is quick and easy to get an online delivery. However, I have recently looked at other brands. River Island have a brilliant offer on jeans where you can get a discount if you buy two pairs and my son particularly like the Black Dean Straight Leg ones. As a mum I am delighted the jeans come in different leg lengths recognising  that men and boys do come in different shapes and sizes.

In fact, with such affordable prices which to be honest surprised me, I might add a pair or two for my husband to my next order too.

Men Swear By River Island For Jeans


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All parents want to be close with their kids, but unfortunately this isn’t a reality for all families. Now is the time to truly focus in on what you’re doing and how you’re interacting with your kids on a daily basis if you want to grow closer with them.

Start by mapping out what a successful relationship with your kids looks like to you and set goals for getting to a better place. Know there will be obstacles along the way and remain patient when you’re feeling frustrated. It takes time to create mutual respect and trust with your kids, but don’t give up because the rewards will be well worth your efforts.

Listen to them

While it’s tempting to want to tell your kids what to do because you’re the parent, be mindful to also listen to them too. Hear their side of the story, their thought process, and why they feel the way they do. This will help you better understand where they’re coming from and your connection will strengthen. Practice active listening when they’re trying to tell you a story, how their day at school was or discuss an issue they’re having with a friend.

Problem Solve Collectively

Your first reaction may be to get upset or yell when your child has a major problem or gets into trouble. However, remember this is only going to make the situation worse. For example, they may have been in a car crash but it wasn’t even their fault. Put your heads together, problem solve as a team and hire a lawyer from a firm like https://www.caseyshomolaw.com/west-palm-beach-car-accident-lawyer/ who can help you retrieve the compensation you deserve. It makes a lot more sense to come up with a solution together then it does to argue and blow the situation out of proportion.

Spend Quality Time Together

The only way you’re going to get to know your kids is if you spend quality time with them. This means away from any distractions such as your phones or the television. Ask them what they like doing and brainstorm various activities you both can do together. Relax, laugh and be silly with your kids and show them how much you care by being in the moment. These are the types of interactions you need if you’re going to build a solid foundation and successful relationship with your kids.

Encourage them in all they do

What you don’t want to do is go around judging your children and making them second guess what they’re doing. Encourage them to dream and try different kinds of activities such as music, sports and dance. Let them know you have their backs and are cheering them on to succeed. Show your support by driving your kids to practice and attending their events and games. Keep telling them again and again how much you love them and that you simply want to see them happy.


It’s not always easy to get close with your kids, but that doesn’t mean you should give up trying. These are a few ideas for you to give a chance if your goal is to have a better relationship with your kids. Keep an open mind throughout the process and remember that growing a stronger bond will take time.

Hot Pink Wellingtons

When you are looking to reinvest your money into a fruitful enterprise, a great place to look is the hospitality sector. Unlike choosing a restaurant, however, think bigger. A private golf club has all the bells and whistles that many premium resorts do, only instead of a waterfront, you have the golf course. Private golf clubs further have many advantages over public ones, namely being in the quality of the guests who attend. Golfers who attend a private golf club are three times more likely to visit to play golf. Many of these players are also very loyal to the club they choose. It is this very loyalty that can make owning a private golf club so lucrative.


The Economy is Right

We are leaving the recession that had plagued industry growth for the last few years and the economy is booming. Further, the travel industry has been booming, and will likely continue to boom as travel options become more affordable for the everyday person. By creating an all-inclusive getaway for your members, you can become a staple to their holiday plans, regardless of whether they live nearby or need to take a plane to visit. To achieve this more global reach from your members having custom memberships and great incentives both in terms of rewards and in terms of services you offer you can become a five-star getaway in no time.


You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

There is no reason you should avoid investing in an old golf club if you don’t have experience in the area. If you’re wondering what country club management companies do, they can help you market your golf course, organize food and drink, and can offer world-class designs and lifestyles. Rely on the professionals, and you’ll have a quality golf club that your customers will enjoy.


Marketing Can Quickly Increase Membership

You don’t sell the sport of golf when you market, you sell the lifestyle. You sell the weekends away at the beautiful golf course, dining on delicious meals and enjoying the serenity and peace away from the busy city. Marketing your golf course by using social media, influencers and other similar tactics can help you gain the attention of new members. It is very hard to tempt loyal members away from another club, but by using social media to speak to the millennial generation, you can gain new lifelong members.


Offer rewards for staying, quality service, and beautiful sceneries, and you can make the most of your investment. The beauty of a private golf club, after all, is its relatively stable membership fees which can help you more accurately reinvest and budget your investment for the future. Unlike catering to the public, which relies on marketing for new customers all the time, offering a private club allows you to create long-lasting relationships. Repeat customers are the way to go, and by achieving these loyal members, you can ensure the best investment for your money.




In some situations, closing your credit card is your only option. It can help a person improve their credit score by getting them out of a certain high rate agreement. If you want to go through the cancellation process without any hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises, just follow the five tips below…

Credit Card


1.      Always Read the Small Print

Just like most credit card processing reviews say, you always have to look out for any hidden fees. Therefore, before calling up the bank and cancelling the card, you should re-read your holder’s agreement and look at the closing procedures. There maybe are some hidden penalties you didn’t know about – you may even find out there a fee for early closures.

2.      Collect Your Rewards

Here’s something most people don’t know – all of the rewards you managed to earn still belong to you after you close your card. However, you should collect any rewards you have before you actually close the card – just in case. And if you still need a certain amount of points to get a reward, think twice about closing the card.

3.      Cancel Any Auto-Payments

Again, before you make a move, you should check a few things out. Go to your credit card provider’s site and see if there any auto-payments or auto-transfers toward your card. If there are, cancel them immediately. Failing to do so will result in payments going through on 0-dollar balance. Best case scenario – you’ll end up doing a ton of useless paper work; worst case scenario – you’ll end up paying additional fees.

4.      Change Your Bill Payments

Take the last statement and go over it. See if you have some recurring charges or bills set up with the card you plan on canceling. Change these payment methods if you don’t want any additional charges appearing on your card. By doing this, you’ll remove any possible non-payment fees that may occur because your card doesn’t work anymore.

5.      Get a Written Confirmation

When you finally decide to make a call, you should ask your credit company to send you a written confirmation. This letter should have the close request and the date of closure on it. Put this letter in your records. If you notice anything strange concerning the canceled card on your annual credit report you’ll have proof that you did close the card and the account.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, you should definitely get your report at least a few weeks after closing the card – especially if you have closed multiple credit cards. This will ensure that everything has gone as planned. And the sooner you do this, the simpler it will be to deal with something unexpected.

And keep in mind – a credit card can still affect your credit score – even if you don’t carry any balance on it. Look at the cards you have and consider whether you should close them or not. Getting rid of needless cards will allow you to remove all of that deadweight preventing you from having a good score.

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