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Cheerful this morning and the reasons why

I am feeling cheerful this morning particularly as I have found time to participate in one of my favourite blog hops of all time. Here is a list of happy things. 1. I am on top of things - ooo-er missus! 2. I had a lovely long walk on the most amazing

Lonely heart

If I were ever to write a lonely heart advertisement, what would I put? Well obviously I am an ageing woman and mum who juggles a lot. Yes there are roots in the hair and yes I could do to lose some more weight. I can be quite shy. On

Reasons to be cheerful

A funny old week consisting of worry, powerlessness, loss, hope and impure thoughts. As of yesterday, I have more free time as no longer doing social media for BritMums.  I have done it for 4 years and it rescued me giving me an interest after Dad died. So I have more time

Top 3 tips on Passing Your Driving Test

Top 3 Tips on Passing Your Driving Test Taking that next step after spending months on your provisional driving license is always exciting. Before you can have your full driving license, you must first pass two sets of tests: the practical test and theory test. These driving tests are actually very

Strong bin liners review

Strong bin liners are not the sort of thing I expected to get excited before becoming a wife and mother. They were about as interesting as warm cardigans and storage solutions. How times change! Like many women, the bulk of the housework falls on me even though I work. I resent

Kiwifruit and breakfast bling

We loved trying out the 100% natural Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit which betters 27 other popular fruits to make it one of the most nutritious available. It is kiwifruit but not quite as we know it. Unlike traditional green kiwifruit, the skin of the Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit is smooth enough to eat

Pedigree dog food

Pedigree dog food is always the brand that I have associated with quality. However, I have also associated it as not the cheapest brand on the market and wondered whether it really can make a difference to a dog's mental and physical health. So I have tended to go with working

5 Crazy Easy Food Hacks for your Nutribullet

I love easy food hacks and am sharing some that apply to the Nutribullet. 1. Hyper-decant Wine Letting wine breathe is nothing new, but not everyone has the resources or patience to bring a decanter to dinner. If you’ve got a high-speed blender, don’t worry about it: you can hyper-decant inexpensive wine

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts movie

Snoopy and Charlie Brown brings back fond memories so I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to share the joys of these characters with my son Ramsey. The Peanuts gang make their feature film debut in Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, and we were asked to give

Do you experience dry eyes?

Do you suffer from dry eyes? You might feel that your eye has grit or sand in it. Perhaps your eyes overwater so you have to wipe your eyes regularly. Are your eyes red and sore? It is not a huge issue for me but my husband feels

Sown and Grown cereal

Sown & Grown is an exciting new cereal brand. Sown & Grown comes in six varieties (three granolas and three mueslis) and is slowly being rolled out across the UK, exclusively in Sainsbury's. We are always keen to try new cereals and to try out healthier options. Sown and Grown was developed

National Board Games Week

It is National Board Games Week takes place from April 25th to May 1st. To celebrate we held a family night playing old favourites and a new game too. I love how board games get families together especially across the generations. I still have Monopoly from my childhood and recently

Asda Mobile Digital Detox

I am taking part in the Asda Mobile Digital Detox Challenge for 7 days starting from 25th April 2016. Asda Mobile have provided me with a basic mobile phone along with an Asda Sim card topped up with £10 credit. Does your smartphone dominate your life? Does it lead to

How to choose the right walking socks

We love walking and all too often I don't have the right kit for my feet so I was thrilled to get these tips for choosing the right walking socks from Steve Fowler, MD of leading international sock brand Bridgedale: 1. Pay attention to the material. Woollen socks such as Merino

Top tips for building a duvet fort

Duvet forts are fun to make with the children and the perfect rainy day activity. We built one yesterday and I was amazed how much learning there is in such a simple activity. Before we started, I takled to the children asking them for their thoughts and feelings about duvet