I am in good position to offer top tips for moving house as I have done it quite a lot in my time. As in many things in my life, I have often learned the hard way when it comes to smooth house moves. So how would I do it next time?


Get the professionals in

The first house move I did as an adult on my own involved me putting glasses in a plastic storage box without a lid and with no newspaper. Fortunately my then boyfriend saw the error of my ways as I walked to the back of the friend’s van we were using. This caused an argument between us which I should have seen as an omen of things to come but that’s a whole other story for another time.

Professionals such as removal companies east London know what they are doing reducing the risk of accident or damage to your goods and to the property you are leaving or moving into.

Professionals are also great at having the tools you need for an effective move including strong boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, zip tie bags, labels and marker pens.

Start early when moving home

I have spent too many moving days surrounded by way too much stuff that I have deemed necessary to my life only to see it still boxed up in a bedroom or garage when I move again a couple of years later. Start early as soon as you know a move is on the cards by decluttering because the newsflash is that memories remain long after the stuff goes. If you must keep stuff, at least pack it early if you are not going to need it regularly.

Have things you will need in your new home immediately readily to hand

Get real! You will need a cuppa and you will probably want to indulge in a takeaway on your first night. Have a kettle and takeout menus close by. It’s a great idea to have such items in a brightly coloured or see through survival crate. You may want to add essentials such as loo rolls, paper towels, bin bags, cutlery and crockery (even if paper/plastic). For me the main thing is to be able to make a coffee or six so I always have mugs, coffee, milk and sugar.

Think about the other members of the family

If you have children, ensure you have entertainment for them as they can get bored, tired and cranky which does not make for a pleasant first night in your new home.

If you have pets, remember to have food and drink bowls at the ready and their usual food ready.

Let people know you are moving

This is one that is so easy to forget or overlook which can lead to problems almost immediately. Think in advance who needs to know that you have moved. I have sometimes worried family and friends by not letting them have my details immediately in the past. Your bank, doctor and dentist need to know you have moved. You may be involved with lots of companies and community groups who need your new address details. Make a list and do it early.

Moving home is known to be on of the most stressful life experiences but drawing on tips from someone who has learned to do it better over the years can help. New homes bring new adventures too so good luck!




Some men are just so hard to buy presents for, they may say that they already have everything that they want or that they simply cannot think of a gift that they would like. This makes it very hard for you to select a gift that you think will be appreciated and you do not want to waste money on a gift that they do not like or never use. So if you are looking for a bit of inspiration, then here are some ideas that he might like:



Team memorabilia/clothing

For sports fans that follow their favourite team either by going to matches or just watching them on the TV, they may like a piece of club memorabilia like a framed photo of the team or a retro shirt from the season when they won a trophy. Depending on your budget, you can even try to get an item of signed memorabilia from an auction, such as a shirt signed by the team or a photograph signed by a player. Alternatively, you could buy the latest club shirt for them.


For the more fashion aware males out there, a nice piece of jewellery such as a bracelet could be the perfect gift. You can reflect upon his style to decide whether he would prefer a leather style bracelet or a silver one. If you see here, there are loads of great men’s jewellery accessories to choose from if he is a guy that likes to look stylish.


Similarly, for the sharp dressers, a nice set of cufflinks can be a treasured gift, especially when you put a lot of thought into them. For example, you could get them engraved with a personal message or you could choose a particular style or theme that means a lot to him.Man


Tickets to a show/concert/event

Take a look at whether his favourite band or comedian is scheduled to perform sometime soon and see whether you can get hold of some tickets. You might even be able to coincide it with a nice weekend away if they are performing somewhere a bit further away.

If he is a sports fan then you could try and get him a ticket to watch his team play or if he enjoys sports in general you could even get tickets to an event like Glasgow European Championships for a sporting event that he likes.


If he a bit of a techie then maybe he will make good use of a new type of gadget. You could buy him a smartwatch, the latest smartphone, new laptop, a smart TV, or even a new games console if he is a keen gamer. Of course, a lot of these kinds of gifts do not come cheap so it will depend on what kind of budget you are thinking of spending.

You can get gadgets that are in a lower budget bracket such as a fitness watch like Moov Now or an Echo Dot. For those people who are constantly losing their keys or other important items, a Tile Mate could be both practical and a gentle reminder that he needs to be more organised! Another practical gift is a portable charger to prevent him from ever running out of phone battery.

Hopefully this will have given you a few ideas to mull over but if you are still completely stuck then just take out for a nice meal to his favourite restaurant (if he has one) and cap the night off with a few drinks.




Blogging positively with Best Boot Forward is the new and improved linky from myself and Chloe at Indigo Wilderness. We are both long-term bloggers and wanted to introduce a blogger with a positive focus that is super-easy to join in with. It is rules light as we know that life gets busy sometimes so we ask that you do what you can and join in when it suits you.

We are very nervous about it and whether it will be welcome so please do support us with ideally by linking up a positive post. Positive might mean celebrating something in your life from a great day out, a good meal or a parenting win. It might also mean that you are doing well in challenging times even if that just means for now keeping on keeping on. We aim to build a supportive and positive blogging community.

I will be linking up myself but for now my positives include sunshine, enjoying natural beauty and good friends.

As May is a time for fresh starts traditionally, I will leave you with this quote.

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”
― L.M. Montgomery

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When we hear the word French style, our imagination quickly runs to classy, elegant, and sharp pictures depicting the old world charm. Thanks to the era of renaissance, a number of French style paintings and furniture are left behind that speak volumes about the perfection, aesthetics, art and superior craftsmanship. French provincial furniture is also one such piece of art that is textured, elegant and enriched with fine details you will not find anywhere else.

The French provincial furniture was made using exotic roods such as mahogany and rosewood. Distinguished by ornately carved embellishments and delicate features, French provincial furniture was popular back then and is still popular now. The French provincial furniture you see today is actually a replica of the old furniture that was common in the areas of Lyon and Paris in the times of emperors like Louis IV, Louis XV and XVI. Ever since their creation, French provincial furniture and embellishments have had a special place in the interior décor industry. Not everyone makes the best French provincial furniture as it requires special craftsmanship such as the experts at christopheliving.com.au have.

There are some special features of French provincial furniture that make it all the more special and popular among the people who have an eye for detail. Here are some distinguishing features of this furniture that make it a popular choice.


1.     The Lines

French provincial furniture has lines that are really delicate. There are curves in the designs with embellishments and carvings that have a feminine appearance. This furniture makes you feel like you should be in your best manners and behavior as these classical pieces bring a peaceful serenity and dignity to the room. It makes the room look and feel calm, alluring, and inviting. This gives a delicate touch to the room that has a masculine aura.


2.     Natural Colours

Mother Nature is the inspiration behind the colours that are chosen for French provincial furniture. From beiges and whites, most of the colours in this furniture is close to the earthy tones. Wooden pieces are generally whitewashed and the fabric used in the furniture has colours you will find in a field of wild flowers. The most popular colours include pinks, greens, yellows, lavenders, and hues of different blues.


3.     Rustic Charm

French provincial furniture has a rustic charm and feel to it. They are made using rustic materials and gives your living space an old-world charm and feel. It takes you back to the previous eras where fine detailing and attention to every aspect of the furniture was the prime goal. A room of French provincial furniture makes you fall in love with the old-world style.


If you are planning to buy French provincial furniture, it is important to make sure you buy from experts. You also need to be careful around the furniture because of its delicate and fragile nature and the light colours that get stained easily. Bring the ultimate French aura to your home through French provincial furniture.




The Pramshed

What are great tips for making your photos better? Photography has been popular for a long time. At its best it can capture special memories. For bloggers it has become an essential tool to bring more people to your platforms to read your words.

My tips would be to invest in good equipment but not to assume pricey necessarily means better. I think it is a really good idea to learn from others especially in the blogging and social media communities. I also think it is well worth finding a photography course perhaps from your local Adult Education authority or local camera club.


I was interested to hear about Shop Backdrop which is an online photography background company. I don’t know much about photography backgrounds. The very term puts me in mind of those awful orange and blue curtains that you used to get in passport photo machines.

Photography backgrounds can make an impact and Shop Backdrop offers really attractive ones at good prices. I like the way they offer such a wide range and you can get customized choices in terms of size.

I did not get any great photos of my children taken when they were born. Snapshots were taken and of course all babies are beautiful and new mums have a very special smile for these moments. If I become a grandparent I can see me having huge fun making sure I have stunning photos and these hats and headbands made me smile.

If you are looking for a floor backdrop, there is a good range again and I love the White Smoke And Rosy Brown Texture Marble one in particular.

I love the seasonal options available so check out their Spring range for your photos at home or in a school or business environment.