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What are my reasons to be cheerful?

What has made my soul sing this week? 1. I have spent a lot of time this week evaluating where I am and where I want to be. Too often, mums can focus on the needs of everyone else and lose sight of their aspirations. There are things I

Arts and Crafts – Baker Ross review

Do your children enjoy arts and crafts? My daughter loves using her imagination and creativity. Her activity of choice would always be arts and craft. I remember when this passion started. We were at a birthday party and she had a tantrum. I was not coping very well when another mum suggested

Jews making their way to Israel after the war

Today, my Dad remembers how Jewish families were keen to make their way from European countries to the "Promised Land" of Israel. After the war there were huge numbers of Jewish families who were displaced persons or who were settled in countries that were now unwilling to accept them.  Russia was

Blogging about life but not the bad stuff

Today I resolve to carry on blogging about life but not certain bad stuff. We had a lovely weekend - full of happy times and sunshine. Then on Monday, life threw us a curveball and not a very nice one to say the least. Shock, disappointment, tension, rows. Normally I would blog it out. 

Palestine and unrest

Today my Dad remembers a visit to Nazareth and describes Palestine unrest. In short the whole of the Mediterranean area was volatile and only Britain had a strong naval and military presence.  The most volatile of the lot was Palestine an Arab country ruled by the British with a minority Jewish