Back to Basics with Best Boot Forward

Back to Basics is the theme set by Chloe for this week’s relaunch of the Best Boot Forward linky.

How To Be A Happy Mum


So as I often do I looked to the dictionary to help inspire my post. The dictionary tells us that basic can mean the essential foundation or starting point of something. In other words, the fundamentals of a thing or concept.

Grooving to Best Boot Forward

Well you can find the fundamentals about Best Boot Forward here but also it is a good time for me to reflect how I set up Grooving/Groovy Mums so many years ago now when I felt so worthless, bored, fat, fed up and hopeless. I wondered if anyone else felt that way which touched a nerve with so many women and so the Grooving/Groovy Mums linky started bringing women together who wanted to change their lives in ways small or large. Best Boot Forward is the new and improved version with the addition of my lovely co-host Chloe.

I think there are more pressures on women these days with so many taking part in social media, blogging becoming an income-generating sport and austerity meaning so many women are juggling far too many balls. So many of us are trying to be perfect when nobody can be. It is madness!

What is the minimum required?

Basics can mean the minimum required. I reflect that sometimes we need to strip things back to the minimum amount  of stuff we need to do. Let’s put minimum expectations on ourselves at least for a little while. This is essential for our wellbeing in a busy world. Basic can also mean required by everyone and that certainly applies to mental health. I like seeing some bloggers giving up blogging knowing it is now more costly than beneficial to their wellbeing. I like to see women acknowledging that they are close to breaking point and reaching out for support. That’s a real sign of strength and if this linky can help just one woman find her way a bit, it is so worth doing.

My basics

Not too long ago I was trying to do a job, a business, exercise, housework and home educating too. Something needed to give and it was interesting to see the job disappear around this time as if Fate was telling me to ease up a bit. It gave me time to consider what really matters. Well, I do of course and it is great that I now have proper relaxation time at home and also a social life in a lovely community with new friendships formed.

I decided that I needed to be away from the mad whirl of blogging and social media for a significant part of each day. I have not made less money by doing this because the chilling has probably made me more efficient when I am online.

Very recently I worked out I can get away with doing less housework every day and still keep on top of things.

Similarly home education can happen in manageable chunks instead of me sitting around stressing about it and piling pressure on myself and the children.

I also worked out that some things can be combined so I can blog about home education. The children can learn to do chores as part of their education reducing the housework load on just me. My next step is to see what my children can learn about what I do and to see which if any of those elements appeal to them.

Finally I worked out that whatever the world thinks myself and my 17 year are perfectly happy with him living here and enjoying himself until he decides what he wants to do next. He is coming up with ideas but there is absolutely no rush – he does not have to be perfect because perfect does not exist.

As I work towards a big milestone birthday, I am basically wise enough to say back to basics teaches us a lot about how to live our lives!






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6 thoughts on “Back to Basics with Best Boot Forward”

  1. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, feel like there’s never enough time and that what other people think is important. Stepping back from social media certainly brings balance and frees up time for some of the things it’s hard to prioritize normally. Good enough is good enough often.

  2. Yes, there is so much truth in this post! Basic needs are so often overlooked but there is a change afoot and I think people are realising the importance of investing in and caring for themselves. I know I am (slowly!). Also, women and juggling – we often have far more balls than blokes 😉
    Much love to you x

  3. Glad to hear you’re getting your head around the home education in terms of not getting stressed out about it and i think building in household chores is very beneficial for your son as well as you, long may it continue #bestbootforward

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