Bad day does not mean a bad week

I had a bad day this week where for various reasons I felt quite negative.

What was lovely was that I put a post on social media saying I knew that just because today was a bad one did not mean the next day would be. When I was in the grip of depression, I would not have imagined any light at the end of the tunnel and definitely not so close at hand.

Guess what?

The next day was not just good – it was wonderful!

I won £100!

I got a voucher for shopping for £10 sent to me.

I got back to my best self and started working on the dream with great results.

Things that I was waiting for happened.

I made progress work wise.

I spent precious time on blogging and reading other blogs.

I found our passports!!!

My husband sorted out a lot of practical stuff that needed tackling.

My son got in to school for the first time since his operation.

My daughter tidied her room without being asked to do so.

My other son introduced me to some of his passions including superhero films which I surprised myself by actively enjoying.

My biggest reason to be cheerful is that I just knew things could get better and once upon a time that was beyond me.

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3 thoughts on “Bad day does not mean a bad week”

  1. I told my friend that exact same quote just a couple of days ago about the bad day / bad week in relation to food and weight loss and both she and me have been struggling since Christmas. I was also having a really low day earlier this week on tuesday and could see elements of depression sneaking in like how i felt when i had PND. I didn’t feel like seeing friends but we had already arranged for friends to visit on weds – i didn’t want them to come but they did and then things really turned around on thursday and I felt miles more positive about the future than i had for a long time. I’m not so good as you are at reaching out to online friends for advice but perhaps I should sometimes. x

  2. I have tended to pooh pooh the power of positive thinking – I used to be an optimist and do it naturally, but when things went wrong, it didn’t seem to work any more. I guess this is proof that is can work, and very uplifting to read

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