Beyond my control

You didn’t see it coming.

It crept up on you.

A simple greeting should not come without a health warning.

Followed up with kindness and you are hooked

You talk yourself out of it

Nothing to see here!

But then he laughs at your joke

Not even a particularly funny one

Yet he chuckles and you love the sound

It makes you feel like you exist

You resolve to make him laugh again

And even when he is at a distance your heart beats faster when you hear that laugh

He tells you how he loves to giggle and you wholeheartedly agree

Banter follows as it will and as it used to do in a different time and place

Leading to decades of regret

You never expected to experience such feelings again

You are too old for this

Nothing to see here!

So why do you draw attention to yourself?

Why does it matter if he talks to you or not?

Why is it great if he sits with you?

Maybe if he had bad points

Yes let’s look out for those

But he is lovely with his children and yours

He enjoys conversation

He says he learns from it

Brownie points on those two scores

He seems genuinely interested in what you have to say

When did that last happen?

Nope, there is absolutely nothing to see here!

Ignore him – that might work

But then he acts wildly so he attracts attention again.

He’s mad – rule him out

But then you see how everyone likes him and someone confirms he is kind

You wouldn’t be flirting would you?

This has to stop!

He mentions you are kind-hearted

He calls you pretty

Compliments really are not helping

There is definitely nothing to see here!

You look forward to seeing him

You hope he comes over

Sometimes you approach him

You try not to but eyes meet and linger too long

If he does not arrive, you are disappointed

What will happen next?

Well obviously nothing

Because there is absolutely nothing to see here!




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