Birthday Reasons To Be Cheerful

Welcome to m birthday reasons to be cheerful. You find me sitting in front of the telly watching “This Morning” and snuggling up with the puppy. I have a cold so am sniffling too but I am cheerful.



It was my birthday a couple of days ago and it was a really lovely day. It started with my 17 year old coming downstairs just after midnight to sing me “Happy Birthday”. You can’t really get better than that, can you? My daughter designed me a lovely card. I woke up in the morning and the first thing I saw was a bunch of beautiful pink roses from Himself. Gifts included warm slippers and the George Michael CD. We had a little trip out to buy cake of the chocolate variety. Rumours that it was a scrumptious Christmas log may be exaggerated or possibly not. My husband made me a lovely lamb dinner followed by a really special cheeseboard and a little wine. Perfect.

I had got myself all in a fret in the run up to the birthday as I often will around special dates. Huge thanks to some very special women who got me through this wobble. It is amazing how some people will be there for real and imaginary crisis.

I had a lunch at the weekend meeting new people despite my social anxiety. Again, my 17 year old was an amazing support. Two of the ladies have asked me to meet for coffee in the New Year so that is encouraging in terms of making some new friends.

This week I told 3 people that I have suffered depression and all of them had either suffered themselves or knew someone close who does. I felt so good for being honest because it enabled them to share their stories too.

Work opportunities are coming for the New Year one of which slipped into my spam folder again leading me to think there was a crisis where there was not one at al.

I have won a couple of competitions so that’s a bit of fun. I have also received a really interesting book through the post about self-development.

I have a new admin to help out with Bloggers on Thin Ice.

I am also bringing back a new and improved Groovy Mums with  the amazing Chloe and we have such exciting plans to help women move forward positively in 2018.

I am not stressing Christmas at all. I plan to honour our Michael and have put his pictures in plain sight this week in the lounge. It was too painful to do that before but grief takes its own path. I have decided we will play the music Michael had at his Humanist ceremony on Christmas Day. It will be wonderful to have him home for Christmas.

There will be other things I have forgotten because it really has been a positive week so I went wild and included that pic of me in my birthday suit!

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