Work with me

I am happy to hear from public relations companies and brands about products, services and adventures. I have good domain authority and good levels of engagement particularly from women in the 25-55 age group. All my posts are featured on NetMums and Mumsnet. Women and mums know I am on their side and trust what I say. Committed to helping mums feel better about themselves and advising them on real life issues, you could say I am a Mummy Saving Expert!

“You are such an inspiration to those facing an uphill battle getting through each day”.

Work with me

I carry suitable sponsored posts and advertorials and I am happy to be asked to review products, services and travel opportunities of interest to myself and/or my family. As I home educate my children, we are available all year round and not just during school holidays and weekends.

I have good social media followings and can tweet or retweet for brands and have experience of running and co-hosting Twitter conversations.

My son now aged 11 has taken part in advertisements including the Tesco Toy Team Christmas promotion.




I love food and travel. The children love gaming, shopping, cookery and crafting which means I do too perhaps with the exception of death by gaming.

Charities and good causes

I will always help charities and good causes on the blog when I have space to do so. I also offer paid services to charities and other brands in the areas of blogging, content creation and social media management and training.

Finally, please do get in touch as if the opportunity does not suit me with a 10 year track record of blogging, I can probably direct you in the direction of the right blogger/s for your brand.

If you would like to discuss working with myself regarding product/activity reviews or sponsored posts and advertorials please email

I would love to tweet with you.

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