The blogger’s beatitudes

If bloggers had beatitudes, what would they look like?

What do you think of these ones?

Blessed are those with low stats, they show how to blog for the love of it

Blessed are the shy and self-effacing, they will end up getting awards

Blessed are those who mourn because sometimes even virtual hugs can help.

Blessed are those that make space on their blogs for charities and good causes, they will get a feel-good factor from making a difference.

Blessed are those who read and comment on other blogs, they will make blogging friends

•Blessed are those who do not chase stats and awards by whatever means, they will be able to look in the mirror and be proud at what they see

•Blessed are those who speak out when they see bullying or trolling, they will show the path for others.

•Blessed are those that have the courage to tell their truths, they will help countless other people and gain a little comfort too.

* Blessed are the blogging glitterati who make loads of dosh from blogging, always get awards, get invited to the best events and have millions of readers. They too have their stories and no doubt occasional wobbly moments.

I wonder what your blogger’s beatitudes would look like.

The Bloggers' Beatitudes

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