Blue Monday

Blue Monday has arrived with heavy bills, broken resolutions and all that jazz.

Not here – here’s to Happy Mondays!


1. I am enjoying some quiet time snuggled up with dogs and duvets and watching daytime telly.

2. We had a really quiet weekend. Sometimes boring weekends are the best of all eating what you like, doing what you like and chilling.

3. The compromise on the Christmas tree is that it stays up with lights but no decorations until 1st February. Christmas was great last year so we are keeping the spirit going in a small way.

4. I am immensely proud of my teenage son. He is doing so well at school despite his struggles with handwriting and spelling. The potential grades teachers say he is capable of are astounding. He is nearly two months into his first relationship with a girl and he is managing it so well. Wish I had been as wise and savvy at 15!

5. I love this house. It costs too much but it is worth it because I enjoy it every day.

6. I adore my children. In the mix of everyday life it is all too easy to forget how blessed I am in having these 3 amazing individuals in my life.

7. I am finally having a clear out and stuff will be going on Ebay very soon.

8. I got offered an amazing review opportunity of something that we actually will all benefit from. Expecting a special delivery or two today.

9. Home education remains relaxed playing with words of the day and incorporating famous paintings and their stories into our day.

10. I have decided I need to be a nicer person. That is not putting myself down. I am a lovely person but I can be better and do all in my power to not hurt others.

Blue Monday? Not here!

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3 thoughts on “Blue Monday”

  1. I didn’t have the whole blue Monday thing, either. I am glad you are finding time for yourself, and love the idea of leaving up the tree! I wish I’d had the room to do so xx

  2. Hurray to this! I am so impressed by your idea of keeping up your tree with the lights but just taking off the decorations until 1st Feb. I’m convinced that the main reason that January is so miserable is that everything has been stripped of its twinkle and is left looking bare and dark. I’m all for the little things that make us smile, and January is all about home and being cosy in my opinion. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

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