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Boundaries were crossed in my life at the weekend. I will post about this in greater detail at some point but for now, I am using that experience as inspiration for my Best Boot Forward post.


The boundary of an area of land is an imaginary line that separates it from other places. It can be easy to forget that boundaries change over time perhaps through a change of Government or a war.

The boundaries of something can also mean the limits that we think that it has.

We also refer to personal boundaries and particularly at this time in history more than ever.

So this week’s questions to reflect on are …

  1. Have you ever crossed a geographical boundary whether a country, county or even an area of your town? What led to you doing that? How did that feel? What challenges did it present? What did you learn from crossing that boundary?
  2. As Best Boot Forward is all about improving our lives on baby step at a time, it is important to ask about the limits you place on your life? Perhaps you should jump across a self-imposed boundary or limit?
  3. Where do your personal boundaries come from? Where did you learn them? Perhaps they come from childhood or other powerful relationships in your life? Perhaps faith groups have had a part to play? Do your personal boundaries serve you well?
  4. Has someone crossed a personal boundary to your detriment? How did that feel? Did you find yourself blaming yourself instead of the other person involved? How do you communicate your personal boundaries and how confident do you feel in doing so?
  5. Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for other people struggling to set boundaries with people they find difficult whether friends, family, colleagues, neighbours or someone else?

Well, that’s it from me for this week and I hope these questions are useful to you in some way.

As always you can answer one or all of them in a blog post, on our Facebook group or just in your own heart and head.

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2 thoughts on “Boundaries – Best Boot Forward”

  1. Such scope on this one and I went for a little less personal boundaries based and more crossing borders as it’s a positive personal experience rather than a negative one. Thank you for setting us such thought provoking questions again this week! I look forward to seeing what we get linked up for this weeks #bestbootforward!

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