British Celebrities Who Vape

British Celebrities Who Vape instead of smoking

Walking past a corner shop or magazine stand, you’ll see famous faces splashed across the covers, many holding a small pen-like or boxy device. What is that thing? A pen? A pencil?! It’s a vape. Who are the British celebrities who vape?

Vaping is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, and when you look at the health benefits compared to smoking tobacco products, you will soon see why. Vapes are small, discreet, contain no tar or tobacco, and produce no second-hand smoke. The vapes themselves are entirely customizable, down to the size, colour, and even the flavour and blend of the e-liquid.

Doctor Lion Sahab led a study on e-cigarettes in collaboration with UCL and stated that “part of the reason people use e-cigarettes is to stop smoking, and we have shown that they provide effective delivery of nicotine.” ITV news further supported Sahab’s findings saying, “Vaping has been endorsed by health experts after the first long-term study of its effects in ex-smokers.”

With the health benefits of switching to vapes from traditional cigarettes, we see more people make the transition. Here are some celebrities who love to vape.

Kate Moss

When discussing British fashion or runways, it is almost a requirement to acknowledge the great Kate Moss. As a reigning icon and one of the most famous models in the world, she is a trendsetter.

Ms. Moss is also known as a lady who likes to smoke, so the world is taking notice now that snapshots are popping up of her puffing on a vape. Since switching to vaping, Moss says she is much more energized and feels healthier overall.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is known mainly for his roles as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, though if asked he will do his level best to pretend Twilight never happened. He is a low-key guy and tends to keep to himself, but in years past, he was seen smoking cigarettes. Recently though, he has been spotted as one of the British celebrities who vape.

Simon Cowell

The man given nicknames like Judge Dread and Mr. Nasty is finally deciding to kick his nasty habit. Simon Cowell is firmly supporting the use of e-cigarettes. Mr. Cowell clarifies the main reason he took up vaping is due to fatherhood. Like many dads, Simon’s son’s welfare is his highest priority, and smoking tobacco creates a health risk. Vapes, on the other hand, provide a small dose of nicotine without harmful tobacco or the risk of second-hand smoke, which perfectly suits his needs.

Cowell further explains, “I have tried everything” and vaping “is a step in the right direction.” He also mentions that one of his favourite things about the vape is that you can select your flavour, and it seems he prefers things “nice and sweet.”

Tom Hardy

Tom is all about, action, adventure, and showing off his vape. Whether he’s in a £10,000 suit, or jeans and a t-shirt, he is always surrounded by a cloud of scintillating scents. Mr. Hardy is proud to whip out his vape and take a puff anywhere, anytime, including in period clothing on a film set.

Nick Clegg

Politics are something that will stress anyone out, so it’s no surprise that former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was a smoker. Now Mr. Clegg has hopped onto the electronic bandwagon and is often seen sampling his vape. What flavour does he prefer? Well, if you ask him about it, he will most likely say blueberry.

After years of having the desire to quit smoking, and a failed attempt or two under his belt, Clegg decided to give e-cigs a go and hasn’t looked back. According to Clegg, he has “taken a significant step in the right direction” and is very happy to be “off the fags and on the vapes.”

Richard Hammond

Turns out Mr. Hammond likes fast cars, fun adventures and e-cigs. Our favourite former Top Gear co-host is often photographed out and about with a vape. Unlike Mr. Hardy or Mr. Turner, Richard prefers to be a bit more discreet with his vaping. While not often seen actively taking a puff, he is almost always seen with his vape tucked safely in his pocket.

Cara Delevigne

This multi-talented model-turned-actress is making headlines worldwide. She not only has one of the top social media followings, but she is also a chameleon. She can be seen strutting down a catwalk, smiling on magazine covers or even acting as an amazing ancient villain on the silver screen. In years past, Cara has been photographed smoking, but more recently she has transitioned to vapes and isn’t looking back.

She is a fully supportive vape-convert. Often seen vaping with friends, like American actress Michelle Rodriguez, she loves to have fun. It should come to no surprise that the illustrious Ms. Delevigne is a master at smoke rings and cloud chasing.

Aiden Turner

Mr. Turner is often seen with a vape in his hand as he saunters down the street. His trusty vape even makes consistent appearances during every break in filming Poldark.

In fact, Aiden loves vaping so much you are hard-pressed to find recent photos of him without his faithful friend in either his hand or pocket. This isn’t an issue for the filming crew; they wholeheartedly approve of Aiden’s switch to the healthier alternative.

Final Thoughts:

Many famous celebs are helping to show the world the benefits of vaping. They are using them as an aid to shift away from tobacco and help lead a healthier life. There is an excellent community of electronic converts in Britain who love to use vaping to make great new friends and bond as well.

It should also be noted, e-cigs are not included in the tobacco ban, so many restaurants and pubs allow you to puff up without a problem. This is entirely up to the owner of the establishment though, so it’s always good to ask permission first.

Do you know any British celebrities who vape?



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