Sooty and Sweep puppets

I have always loved Sweep. I watched Sooty on children’s telly as a child and always preferred Sweep because he got into scrapes and had a naughty steak. I found Sue to be an utterly painful Goody Two Shoes.

Did you have Sooty and Sweep puppets?

Mum bought me a Sooty puppet and I remember waltzing around the house saying “Abradcadabra!” at any possible opportunity. Sooty used to come on expeditions to the garden too often wheeled round in my little trolley meant for wooden bricks.

They were happy days. Mum stayed at home and enjoyed her garden. There were three painted red steps down from the back door. The top area of the garden was flagged and my Dad had built me a “kitchen” area out of paving stones where I used to create all manner of things from mud pies to manky rose petal perfumes.

There were some little steps down to a lawn and my Mum’s pride and joy was her rockery. I used to have to clamber up the rockery to be thrown over the wall to the sisters Nellie and Bessie who would look after me if my mum had to go somewhere.

Nellie and Bessie adored me and I used to take full advantage of that. They were like birds in a way. Nellie was always in drab colours and so very kind-hearted. Bessie was glam with bright make-up and flamboyant clothing. Nellie did all the hard work of looking after me but Bessie used to steal the show with her legendary Apricot Pasty.

When Mum came home, I would be thrown back over the wall. Mum and I would explore looking at the honeysuckle, the fuschia and my personal favourite the busy lizzie,

You didn’t need to know any of that really did you?

Isn’t it odd how a little thing can set off a heap of memories?

Anyway, I always wanted a Sweep bucket and I got one last week in charity shop. Him Indoors looked at me like I was insane (nothing new there) but the children fell in love as soon as they realised Sweep also squeaked.

So here is Sweep joining the family on a cultural visit to the pub. Can you think of a caption to go with the picture?


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    1. I LOVED Sooty and Sweep!

      That’s not my caption, by the way.

      Sweep passed out, when he heard how much the price of a pint had gone up….

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