Caring for your carpet and other flooring

How clean is your carpet in your home? What about your vinyl, laminate and wooden flooring? Most areas of the home see lots of traffic when it comes to human feet or pet paws. It does not take long for our floors to become dirty if we do not take good care. Caring for your carpet and other flooring should feature as part of your regular housework routine. Here are some top tips to make sure what lies underfoot looks as good as it can and is hygienic too.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets add a lot to the interior design of our homes. They help us express our individuality whether we prefer neutrals, vibrant colours or patterns. They are far too good at attracting grime though. Prevention should be your first step. Doormats do not have to cost a lot of money but can prevent too much dirt coming into your home. If you vacuum every day you can give yourself a gold star and your carpets will last longer. If you are busy or just hate housework, you can invest in a robotic vacuum to do the job for you. Accidents will happen particularly if you have young children or pets. It is part of life. It can be tempting to leave things but the sooner you deal with stains and spots the more chance your cleaning efforts will be effective. It can be tempting to spend your hard-earned cash on fancy looking cleaning products when natural cleaners work better if anything. Always check the eco-friendly qualities of your cleaning fluids too. This also applies on those occasions where deep carpet cleaning is required to get rid of dirt, dust and pollen. When it comes to nasty smells that seem to linger, you are well advised to check out enzyme-based cleaners. You can do your best but if it all becomes too much, always call in the professionals such as Precision Carpet Cleaning and let them take the strain.

Cleaning wooden flooring

Wooden floors are easier to keep clean than carpets. You can always add rugs for a bit of colour and a cosy feel. Rugs can be replaced without spending a lot of money. It is certainly a more budget-friendly option than getting a room-sized carpet. Children and animals can again take a toll on your beautiful wooden flooring. Good old-fashioned white vinegar can work wonders in getting rid of stains and nasty smells as can bicarbonate of soda. In fact, bicarbonate of soda is a fantastic deoderizer perfect for all sorts of houework tasks from cleaning the fridge to making sure mattresses are clean. Be very careful when cleaning your wooden flooring as even water if used excessively can cause damage. You are best to ask the manufacturer and follow their guidance on how to maintain your wooden flooring. Mops and microfibre dusters work well on wooden flooring. However, as with all cleaning tasks, prevention is powerful. Consider not walking on these floors when you are wearing shoes and ask your guests to refrain from doing so too.

Cleaning laminate flooring

The advice for wooden flooring also applies to laminate flooring. If you are using water or any liquid, ensure your cloth or mop is only damp. In your enthusiasm, you can end up using far too much and damaging your flooring. Also using too much liquid is dangerous and can lead to nasty falls. Nobody wants that! On the subject of liquids, be aware that dog urine can ruin your laminate flooring. To be honest, pets are lovely to have but not great for clean homes. House training your pets well is vital if you want a lovely-looking and hygienic home. Steam cleaners can be tempting to use but again caution has to given. With laminate, vinyl and wooden flooring, steam cleaning may not be your best option as they are powerful and can loosen the glue used on your flooring in the first place.

Cleaning tiled floors

I love tiled floors and find them easy to clean. You just clean up the loose debris such as crumbs. On the topic of crumbs if you eat at the table you can reduce these spreading throughout the home.  Then you simply sweep your floor to keep it from looking dull. For the less than domestic goddess like myself, tiled floors are perfect.

What flooring do you have in your home? How do you keep it clean?





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