Carpe Diem and living in the present

Carpe diem is Latin phrase which encourages to seize the day. I love the concept but all too often find myself living in the past particularly the Eighties or stressing about what the future may hold not only for myself but my children, my country and latterly the environment.

Yet as many of us have just been reminded, we only ever have the present so what a shame if we do not live fully in that minute ensuring each one is also a moment. Moments are important as they consist of making magical memories that are great at the time and also sustain us (and those we eventually leave behind) in challenging times.

So I am taking on the #BestBootForward challenges set by the lovely Chloe as best I can today.

How can I seize the day?

I am so much better at this than I was but there is more work to do. I could be braver and if I was on limited time I would be. Of course, the truth is we are all on increasingly limited time so it is time to buck our ideas up.

What should I do to enrich my life?

I should spend more time outdoors connecting with nature particularly as it is right on my doorstep. I have got sucked into too much daytime television. It used to comfort me in my depressive days but now it is just a habit that I should break. I don’t really know why I find it so hard to do so. Do I really want my legacy to be “she was a world authority on Come Dine With Me, This Morning and a Place in the Sun”?

Blogging can also be something that enslaves so I need to ensure it is in its rightful place and not taking my life over. There will only ever be one top blogger and it is unlikely to be me. Good enough blogging will do! Memory-making with my children is more important!

I would like a more romantic life but I guess that is at least partly in my control. Perhaps we are always more than we think we can be and even if we aren’t it could be heaps of fun finding out.

I feel like I should end with a bold statement such as “Tonight Matthew, I will put on that red lipstick I bought ages ago, invest in that playsuit and tell ….”.

After all, realistically what is the worst that could happen if I do just that?




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  • Chloe @ Indigo Wilderness

    Maybe I should have known better trying to get you to seize the day when you’ve all ready been living so wonderfully recently! I think this kind of ties in with what I was saying last week with my post about dear old Rik and a lot of those mantras applying here too. Enjoy, whatever you do! I’m seizing the day today sensibly by getting stuff done as I feel much better! #BestBootForward

  • Pen

    On blogging Kate, we cannot all be top bloggers, I try to measure my blogging success on 1) whether I am enjoying writing my blogs, 2) whether I feel that people who I respect are enjoying my blogs. Sometimes I think we just have to view success differently. I like your blog Kate! Take care Pen x #bestfootfoward

  • chickenruby

    Kate i already think you’ve seized the day in more ways than one, you’ve had a difficult past which you’ve worked through, taken yourself off to University for what I believe are 2 degrees, embraced life living abroad, home schooling your children and so many more wonderful things you’ve achieved in the time I’ve known you. Now stick that red lipstick on and wear your bikini with pride \bestbootforward

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