How to make your Christmas tree last longer is an issue ever festive season.

They’re one of the biggest parts of any Christmas, but is there anything worse than having a wilting tree in your living room after just a couple of weeks?


How To Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Did you know that with good care and maintenance, a Christmas tree could last you well over a month? Here are the top tips from gardening experts Greenhouse Sensation for keeping your tree looking perky and fresh long after the presents have been opened.


Choosing your tree


The very best way to keep your tree looking alive for longer is to pick a good one in the first place. The fresher it looks and feels when you choose it, the longer it will last.


Cutting your own tree from a local farm, or having one freshly cut for you is a good way to guarantee high quality. With local tree farms you can also be sure that the process is sustainable, with new trees planted each year.


If you are buying a tree that has been pre-cut at a nursery, speak to a member of staff and ask where the tree came from and how recently it was cut. If you’re not satisfied with the answers they give, don’t be afraid to buy elsewhere.


Take a closer look at the needles. Avoid trees that have dry and brittle needles; healthy ones should be flexible under your fingers.


Before you pay for your tree, don’t forget to take a look at the bottom too. Once a tree has been cut, sap starts to emerge and seals over the bottom which prevents water from getting inside. Ask a member of staff at the farm or nursery to cut an inch to an inch and a half off the bottom.


Another thing to wrap


We’re not talking about bright paper and ribbons here, but make sure your tree is properly protected for the drive home. Whether it’s sticking out of a half-open boot or riding on top of your car, the speed and low temperature of the wind can cause trees to prematurely dry out. Our second tip for keeping it looking fresh is to properly cover your tree for the drive home to prevent wind damage.




Yes, you read that right. It is best to water your Christmas tree if you want it to look great for longer. Remember, it’s essentially a giant flower that’s been cut. Once you’ve cleared the bottom of clogs and sap, fill a stand with water and get your tree into it as soon as possible. The goal is to keep the base moist at all times.


Check on the stand twice a day while your tree is still up. Make sure it can be easily accessed and filled in case the water runs low, as trees take up quite a significant amount of water.


Location, location, location


Many people like to place their beautifully decorated Christmas trees in windows at the front of the house. Of course, you want to show it off! But it may not be the best location for a tree if you want it to last as long as possible.


Avoid placing it near heated spots or cold vents. Fluctuating temperatures can increase the rate of dry out, and strong direct sunlight can cause your tree to fade faster.




Once the festive season is over, it’s time to take the decorations down. But don’t just throw your Christmas tree in landfill or leave it on the curb. Most city councils can collect trees and recycle them for you, but you can even do it yourself. Check out our ideas on how to make the most of your Christmas tree without wasting anything.



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