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    Employee rights for women employees

    We are all equal in the workplace but some of us are more equal than others… as George Orwell almost said. The UK’s #EmployeeRightsDay  shines a light on the rights we should celebrate, but also the stories we can share about experiences in the workplace. Founder Alex Monaco is an employment law solicitor and author of The Resignation Revolution. On the launch of his new book, he shares ten of the most important employee rights for women. It’s the UK’s first Employee Rights Day! 1.     Equal Pay There may have been legislation on this since 1970, but it seems that employers are still playing catch up. Gender pay gap reporting was rolled out to include many employers this year. It shows a narrow pay gap…

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    Hairy Legs Club and why shaving is not necessary

    Do you shave your legs? Have you heard of the Hairy Legs Club? Whilst I think taking care of your feet and legs is important, for me that is nothing to do with shaving. Hairy Legs Club There is a new social media thing going on where women are posting pictures of their unshaven legs.  Other women are saying they would never do such a disgusting thing. I am confused. Do I shave? I have shaved my legs probably less than 10 times in my entire life.  From the way people are going on, you would think that I would need to plait my leg hairs or put them in…