Denim has stood the test of time. Although dress codes for offices are becoming more informal, it’s still nice to feel professional and dress appropriately when heading to your job. This is why wearing denim for your nine-to-five can be tricky particularly when so many of us associate it with hobbies and holidays  So, how should it be done? Trilogy Stores, premium denim retailers, provide us with some top tips from the experts:

Styling the jeans

If you’re new to wearing denim for work, or your office isn’t super relaxed, you can play it safe with black denim. In fact, I think this my favourite colour when it comes to denim. My brother bought me my first Levis years ago and they were black and I loved them. If you wear black denim with a patterned shirt tucked in, black high-waisted jeans can create a more fitted look than black work pants. The high-waist element of the jean can elongate your legs — perfect when matched with your favourite pair of heeled courts. Buy a pair of black jeans with a playful hem to add an edge to your outfit that’s still smart. I love the embellishments that now are available for jeans so you can express your individuality.

Culottes are very in this season, and there’s no reason why you can’t bring the trend to the desk. Views vary on culottes but I have always liked them as the combine the benefits of skirts and trousers in a really clever way. Black or indigo jean culottes paired with a smart blouse, oversized jacket, and peep-toe flats is one outfit that would look summery yet work-appropriate. Ladies, wear flats if you are more comfy in them and remember that they are often a safer option. Tuck your blouse in to neaten up your outfit and add heels when heading out for after-office drinks if you like them.

Similarly, cropped leg jeans are suitable for the warmer months and pair well with loafers and a cami-blouse combination.  They are not my choice as I don’t think they suit me. If you feel like adding a pop of colour to your look, but don’t want to go too loud, opt for a pastel palette. Lilac or sky-blue denim can complement a smart shirt well — ideal for keeping it bright and cool when the sun is shining too.

Classic blue skinny jeans don’t have to look casual either. With a sleeveless white shirt tucked in and a checked blazer, you can create a fashionable ensemble that’s anything but boring. Slip on your point-toe pumps and begin your commute. Princess Diana used to look superb in jeans and a blazer/

Don’t forget about white jeans either — often thought of as ‘holiday jeans’, they can be styled so that they’re suitable for work too. Worn with a printed blouse and silk shirt, white denim can be work-appropriate — choose a pair with a slim-leg to create a smart, summer look. Do think about your day and circumstances though as white jeans can look grubby very quickly.

Styling a skirt

Pencil skirts and a shirt is a classic style worn by women in the office. It’s one way to feel feminine without revealing too much and can look uber stylish as part of a power suit. Why not trade in your black midi garment for a denim skirt?

Dark-wash denim skirts look smart and on-trend this season. Avoid distressed denim and light-washes as these can appear more beachwear than workwear, and steer clear of any pieces that sit far above the knee. Instead, a pencil-style skirt in navy or black denim worn with a ruffle shirt is a go-to outfit. Pair with a fitted jacket to replicate the power-suit, or with a floaty blazer for a less formal look. For added embellishments, choose one with subtle press studs down the centre and leave the bottom stud undone to create a leg split. Alternatively, an A-line denim skirt can be a smart look, paired with a long-sleeved crew-neck and heeled ankle boots. My mum was a huge fan of denim skirts and wore them to work on occasion.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours either. Similar to when wearing denim jeans, pastel coloured fitted skirts are a fun go-to for the warmer months — tuck in a chiffon blouse and wear with heeled sandals or pointed ankle boots. Or, if you’re feeling more daring, opt for a bold red or green denim skirt and wear with a classic black V-neck to tone it down. Co-ordinate your outfit with a complementing coloured cross-over or tote bag.

As we can see, there are a range of ways to style denim for the office. Make sure that this dress-code is accepted in your office before you start wearing jeans to work, and if it is, there’s no need to hold back! From stylish indigo culottes to studded pencil skirts, bringing denim to the office can keep you fashionable and well-dressed. Don’t forget to accessorise appropriately too, cross-body bags are a good way to inject some colour into your outfit and a tailored blazer is a perfect staple piece to formalise your wardrobe.

Wear your denim with pride and you might inspire your colleagues to do the same.

How To Style Demin





Leading with grace, dignity and duty, Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest serving monarch, having become the first British monarch to Sapphire Jubilee in February last year – marking 65 years on the throne.

As well as being an outstanding leader, Queen Elizabeth has also been celebrated for her impeccable fashion sense, which has remained ever present throughout her reign. If you’re left wondering just how she does it, Fulton Umbrellas, designers of bespoke windproof umbrellas are here to lift the lid on the Queen’s fashion secrets; giving you a glimpse into how she stays styled and polished to perfection.

Adapting to the changeable British weather


The Queen is always dressed for every eventuality; after all, her royal engagements could take her anywhere.

Of course, the chance of a sudden downpour is not uncommon in the UK. The Queen’s umbrella of choice is a birdcage-style, clear umbrella created by Royal Warrant holders, Fulton Umbrellas. The umbrellas have to be transparent, so crowds can see her.

In advance of an engagement, the Queen’s senior dresser sends out a colour swatch of the outfit she’ll be wearing and they then create an umbrella with a perfectly matched trim.

As well as the chance of rain, the wind can also be an issue. The Queen’s team test her dresses and coats using electrical fans to evaluate the movement of the fabric. If the fabric moves too easily, they sew in small curtain weights into the hem in order to provide more structure and sturdiness.

Staying practical for Royal Engagements

Some Royal events can be quite lengthy, so it’s important that the Queen’s outfits are both practical and comfortable. Every aspect of her outfit is precisely considered to ensure that she looks polished and flawless.

Since the Queen regularly travels by car, lightweight fabrics are often unsuitable as they crease easily. Therefore, each outfit is made from a crease-proof fabric in order to keep her clothes looking fresh and perfect even after a lengthy car journey.

To keep her feet comfortable, the Queen wears 2.25-inch heeled shoes with insoles. Her handbags are also very well thought out. As her engagements often require her to shake hands, she prefers a bag with a long handle – namely Launer’s Royale and Traviata bags. Because these handbags feature a longer strap, they don’t interfere with handshakes or her preferred three-quarter sleeve length.

But what does the Queen keep inside her handbag? That remains a mystery unfortunately, however, rumour has it that she carries a compact mirror, a fountain pen, reading glasses and mints. The Queen supposedly only carries cash on Sundays – in the form of a perfectly folded £5 or £10 note.

We’ve covered the shoes and the bag – what+ about the Queens hat? As expected, her headwear is also carefully thought out. Rachel Trevor-Morgan, the Queen’s preferred milliner, creates bespoke hats that are designed so as not to obscure her face and are just the right height for easily entering and exiting a vehicle.

A rainbow of colours


The Queen is well known for enjoying a colourful wardrobe – but have you noticed that you never see her in the same colour at consecutive events? This is because her majesty has a team behind each one of her outfits, who choose the colour based on factors including when she last wore a similar shade and the nature of the event.

For example, if the Queen was to visit a leafy area or park, she would avoid shades of green as they would cause her to blend in with her environment. Instead, the Queen wears colours that help her stand out from her surroundings, which in turn makes her easier for crowds of people to see.

The Queen also has a team of dressers, who keep handwritten notes of all the outfits that she wears. This allows them to keep track of everything that she wears and what occasion she wears it for. As the Queen will sometimes wear outfits more than once, this process ensures that they’re worn on a strict rotational basis.

She makes looking impeccable easy. As her reign continues, we can expect to see more of the looks we love — although now we know the secrets behind them!

The Secrets Behind Queen Elizabeth II's Style

Allta is an exciting new fashion brand with tall women in mind. I love how the brand promotes high quality natural fabrics and yarns with an emphasis on sustainability.

Talll Women

I always wanted to be tall and some people would say I am. However my Mum and Grandma were taller than myself. I always saw tall as a good thing until I met a girl at college. She was really tall and found it embarrassing. I think part of that feeling came from the difficulty she had in finding clothes that fit her properly. Only yesterday, I heard a woman on a television programme say that is not fun shopping for fashion as a tall woman.

Tall Women

That’s all about to change as Emma Stewart launches fashion brand Allta. Allta clothing is aimed at women of 5 feet 10 and over who favour contemporary clothing with a twist.

Emma, 49 from South Moreton near Didcot in Oxfordshire comes from a position of real experience of being a tall woman with her 6 foot frame. Emma is a force of nature who left her job in film and television production for Creative England earlier this year to start up Allta.  Three years ago she had life-saving surgery after a cycling accident. She’s  just the sort of inspirational woman I like to feature on this blog. She keeps on keeping on and pursues her dreams whatever life throws at her.

Tall Women

“Although the high street has improved since my teens, I still can’t find those wardrobe staples of the style and quantity that I want” says Emma “so I decided to create my own.”

Emma who is working in partnership with her husband Colin has a clear vision of her ideal customer. “I’ve always preferred natural fibres that are luxurious and stand the test of time. I’m designing for people who appreciate that kind of craftsmanship” she adds.

Allta’s first collection features a wool blazer and cotton-zip jacket manufactured in the UK. These are the type of classics that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Tall Women

With this in mind, Emma is launching Allta at Henley’s Shopping Village.

“The best rowers are often taller than average and the Henley Regatta is synonymous with smart blazers” says Emma.

Emma will be joined at the pop-up shop by Kiko Matthews who earlier this year broke the world record for the fastest female solo row across the Atlantic. Emma sponsored Kiko’s endeavours helping her reach her target to raise money for King’s College Hospital where the rower had brain surgery just months before setting off on her impressive Atlantic adventure.

Kiko, who is a big fan of Allta, says: “I’m thrilled to see it all come to fruition and to lend my support to Emma’s new business.”

Allta is a welcome addition to the women’s fashion market and has plans to introduce long and short-sleeved T-shirts soon, perfect for holiday season.

A New Fashion Range With Tall Women In Mind

Check out Allta’s first collection

Instagram: @allta_clothing;


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It’s super stressful when you’re coming up to graduation. Juggling late nights at the library for revision, spending hours meeting that 10,000-word target for your dissertation, and trying to find a job to walk into after graduation can feel very overwhelming. It’s a competitive environment out there and it can seem daunting. Perhaps you also have a part-time job to help with student finance and there’s the social life to manage too. When you get invited to an interview, they are often with short notice leaving you with little time to decide what to wear! CT shirts, retailers of menswear and men’s dress shirts gives us some advice guaranteed to give you an air of confidence for your step into the working world.


Casual dress can be suitable when you’re interviewing for charity work or a casual unpaid internship. For these interviews, it is likely that they won’t expect you to be dressed very formally, and will be more concerned with your personality, including your punctuality. Of course, it’s always good to make a positive first impression, so still consider what you’re wearing and take a sneak peek if you can at what employees currently wear to work.


For women, skirts and jeans are appropriate in a casual interview — wear what you feel comfortable in. To ensure you still look presentable, you should avoid mini-skirts with bare legs and ripped jeans. You could wear a smart dress with tights and a cardigan or a shirt-jumper combo with a smart pair of slacks or jeans.

Since it’s likely to be a relaxed vibe, you shouldn’t worry too much about footwear. Opt for a smart ankle boot or flat pump, and perhaps avoid trainers and high heels.

As a former charity worker, I would urge you to check out the type of attire people do wear as employees if you can. The charity world is diverse and it is possible casual won’t go down well with a particular charity.


For men, it can be hard to dress casually without looking too underdressed. Jeans are definitely appropriate, but similar to our advice for women, steer clear of ripped jeans. You should avoid wearing joggers or tracksuit tops, as these may create a poor impression. A safer option would be a long-sleeved top, jeans, dress shoes such as Chelsea boots or brogues, and a smart jacket.

Business casual

Some interviews may specify business-casual attire on the invitation. This may be because they have this dress code in the office or it may be for an assessment day where you are expected to be there all day and recruiters want you to feel comfortable.

If you are unsure what to wear, formal tends to be the safer option.


With a business-casual dress code, you have more freedom with what you wear than in a strictly professional interview. You could wear pinstripe or patterned dress slacks with a smart shirt tucked in.

Or, wear a smart shirt with a wide collar underneath a long-sleeved sweater. This look gives off a formal impression, whilst not as stuffy as a shirt and suit jacket.


For men, to be appropriate for a business-casual dress code, you should wear a smart shirt. Why not invest in a non-iron shirt? It stays free of creases and there’s no need to rush around with the iron the morning before the interview! Remember it is not a woman’s job to iron your shirt!  Also, if you’re travelling by car or public transport to the interview, a normal shirt can become creased but this is avoided through the non-iron garment.

You should avoid a polo shirt, as this is too casual and still steer clear of wearing jeans unless you are absolutely 100 per cent sure that this is the dress code for the company you are visiting.


For formal interviews, you should adopt a professional look. These interviews could be in front of directors of the company for a graduate job or an internship. Even if there are less firm rules these days or in a particular company, dressing professionally demonstrates you have taken the time and effort to invest in your interview. That’s a really good sign you would invest in the job itself.


In a professional situation, women should opt for a suit. When it comes to dressing the bottom half, go with what you feel comfortable in. If you decide to wear a skirt, wear one with a hemline just below the knee to avoid it rising and becoming too revealing. If you are like me, you will worry if you are flashing the flesh so try on and ask a trusted friend to see if the outfit works well. A suit doesn’t have to be boring — shop around and discover suits that are tailored in different ways — find one that suits your body shape.  There is so much advice online from stores and stylists these days for finding the perfect suit for your shape.When it comes to footwear, heels are acceptable but make sure you can walk with confidence in them. If you don’t feel happy wearing heels, opt for pumps or shoes with a smaller heel. Also consider your journey, if you have to walk for miles or are in a dangerous area, heels are not a great option.


Men should consider wearing a suit when it comes to a formal interview, too. Wear dark socks to blend in with your outfit and bring a briefcase to look professional. Although colourful and cartoon socks may amuse you, unless you know the interviewer well, you are taking too much of a risk. The same goes for striking ties.  Brogues are a good choice of footwear — they are stylish and smart without being mundane. I have always loved the look of traditional shoes like brogues.  Choose a tailored suit that you feel represents your style and consider a waistcoat which always adds a certain something and can make you stand out a little.

What to avoid

As we can see, the main thing to do is to make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit — it will show in the interview! There is nothing worse than feeling that the outfit is not quite you or does not fit properly. I would also caution you to have good underwear so you really do have a firm foundation.  However, there are a few things that you should avoid:

  • Too much perfume or aftershave can be overpowering and unpleasant
  • Too much jewellery or makeup as jewellery can get in the way as you move and make-up can stop interviewer’s seeing the real you.


The Perfect Interview Outfit

As the cliché goes – you are what you wear – fashion has always been an important part of people’s life. It represents who they are and what they regard as stylish. This is the reason why big name brands like Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Versace have made huge leaps in the industry to the point of breaking billion-dollar records.

You might think that fashion prevails mostly in casual and formal wear because you get the chance to show off. But nowadays, fashion has grown into various types of clothing including sleepwear. You will now find big fashion industry moguls creating entire lines of luxury sleeping garments retailing for hundreds of dollars.

The reason for this growth is a high demand from people wanting their entire wardrobe to represent their style. From regular people to celebrities and politicians, all want to remain consistent in what they choose to wear. This is why they spend the time and money to make purchases that are not only functional but also fashionable.

Workwear – From Functional to Stylish

One of the areas where fashion made huge changes is in the world of workwear. An average adult spends more than 90,000 hours or more at work, meaning that majority of their wardrobe consists of workwear. This, in turn, means that a large number of people are on the lookout for clothes that are functional in their work environment.

It is evident from preserved pieces that since the beginning of time, functionality was the main consideration for workwear. This meant that at most times, people had to don clothes they could work in, but not exactly feel like themselves. But since then, brands have come up with designs that changed this reality.

We can now say that workwear has grown from just being functional and transcended into being stylish. Inspired by various aspects of fashion, you can now find pieces that you can work in while looking like your authentic self.

You can see examples of this through collections put out by designers like Heron Preston, who realized that workwear doesn’t need to be plain. Also, brands like the New York Label collaborate with companies that make workwear apparel to create new designs that combine style with functionality. From shoes and socks to shorts, trousers and shirts, you can easily find items that check your style box.

In some instances, people believe that fashionable attire is usually uncomfortable and wearable only for a short a period of time. But workwear manufacturers make sure that this isn’t the case with their designs, and that fashion meets functionality in an effective way. You can find an entire line of such clothing on and find new ways to mix the rugged and fashionable parts of your work wardrobe.

Having access to clothing and accessories that combine fashion and function through design, makes it easy for people to express their individuality. Wearing something one feels confident in only has benefits as it increases their motivation to go to work and do their best. This becomes even better when their workwear

Workwear Makeover