Finding the perfect prom dress can seem like a huge challenge but I like to think of it as a whole lot of fun. Proms are increasingly popular and a time to make lasting memories. Some of those memories can be made as you anticipate the night itself and choose your perfect prom dress. Here are my tips to find a prom dress to suit you before your big day.

Prom Dress

Take your time

Don’t leave choosing your prom dress until the last minute. I have made mistakes like this including with my wedding dress and it leads to stress particularly if your dress will need altering at all.

Even months before the prom you can have so much fun looking at fashion magazines, fashion sites on the Internet and perhaps you will take your inspiration from the Oscars or other red carpet events.

Decide on a budget for the prom dress and remember to factor in things like handbags and accessories.

Your face and body shapes

Study the shape of your face as this can be helpful in deciding what sort of neckline to go for and there are many choices including sweetheart, cowl and Sabrina. Perhaps you are inspired by Meghan Markle’s bateau neckline from her wedding dress?

Next be honest about your body shape and look online to find out the dress shapes that will flatter your figure most.  You can study all the tips on this online making it so much easier than in the old days when you just had to go with your gut instinct really.

Material, length and colour choices

What material would you like? I love chiffon and silk but your thing might be velvet or lace.

Colour is another thing to choose. Black is a classic choice and can be jazzed up with  jewellery. White is another traditional favourite but can look too bridal if you don’t take care. I like to wear bright and light colours because I have had my colour analysis done and know these show me at my best. I would highly recommend you have your colour analysis done before selecting your prom dress.

What about the length? Too long and you might trip up and too short and you may spend the whole evening tugging your skirt down or flashing more thigh than you intended.

Think positive

Try to focus on your good bits. Women and girls have a very self-sabotaging habit of worrying about the parts of their body they like least. Bear in mind someone else might find the feature you hate your most attractive feature. Also everyone can find something they love about themselves. So if you don’t like your tummy area but feel you have great legs, choose a dress that will show off those pins and skim over the tummy area. Even better learn to love yourself inside and out 100 per cent but sadly that takes some of us a bit of time to master. Know the celebrities that you think are all that also have their insecurities.

The last words

Go forth and enjoy your evening and remember the best make-up is a smile!

What is your favourite style of prom dress?

Finding The Perfect Prom Dress





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My Random Musings

We are definitely a male-dominated household with two sons aged 12 and 17 and my husband plus 2 male dogs. We had to get a female kitten to redress the balance a bit recently.

I digress from the point of this post which is to describe the various clothing choices of the male members of my family.

My youngest son is very easy to buy for and knows exactly what he likes in the style stakes. He loves Saltrock clothing in particular and likes zipped hoodies and leggings preferring to be comfy at all times.

My husband used to wear suits most of the time and my children used to despair that he never wore casual clothing. That has changed recently with him working from home and relaxing that bit more. He has suddenly started buying T-shirts with fun slogans and is more likely to buy a pair of jeans than a new suit. This is a huge change for him!

My oldest son is trying to find his own style which I guess is normal at 17 years of age. He is absolutely man-sized now however much I still see him as my little boy. He is taller than his Dad by some way now which he really enjoys  of course. He has suddenly had yet another growth spurt and I have promised to buy him some new clothing. I usually buy from George at Asda as it is quick and easy to get an online delivery. However, I have recently looked at other brands. River Island have a brilliant offer on jeans where you can get a discount if you buy two pairs and my son particularly like the Black Dean Straight Leg ones. As a mum I am delighted the jeans come in different leg lengths recognising  that men and boys do come in different shapes and sizes.

In fact, with such affordable prices which to be honest surprised me, I might add a pair or two for my husband to my next order too.

Men Swear By River Island For Jeans


Mum Muddling Through

There’s something very magical about receiving an invitation to a wedding. Someone you know is celebrating their love for another person and wants you to be a part of their special day. Now comes another exciting part as you start planning for the big day. You begin to root through your wardrobe in search for the perfect dress, to eventually give up and put it all back because you’ll decide closer to the time. For women, wedding fashionplanning can be one of the most stressful things to do, whether you’re the bride or not! Here are some tips on how to make your next wedding preparation less stressful!


One of the first things that you should decide for definite is what dress you’re going to wear. This will allow you to plan the rest of your outfit around it, and give you time to buy accordingly, and maybe even lose or gain a few pounds so that your outfit looks as good as it does on the model! You need to consider what time of year the wedding is going to be, so that you can pick an outfit that will not only be appropriate for the season, but match it too. Knowing exactly where the wedding is going to take place might also affect your decision on what to wear too. For example, if you’re going to be attending a wedding on a beach, brighter colours are going to be much more in your favour than darker ones because of what beaches represent. Take everything into consideration so that you can pick out the perfect outfit, and then dress yourself with accessories around it too.

The next thing that needs to be thought about is how you’re going to have your hair. This can be one of the most stressful decisions for the day because you want to make sure that you have your hair just right for the wedding photos! Why not take a look at some cute updos and practise them so that on the day your hair will look bang on point? Plus, you may even find that as you’re practising new hair styles that you find your own spin to put onto it to make it unique. Don’t forget to pre-plan any colouring to be done just before the wedding alongside any treatments that you use on your hair.

Finding the right style of make up to rock on the big day can cause a great deal of anxiety too. There will always be trends in make up that come and go, and you don’t want to look back at the wedding photos and wonder why the hell you had cat flicks bigger than Tutankhamun. Sticking to natural make up looks will always go down well because you won’t look like you’ve plastered make up on your face, and can simply accentuate your natural beauty with make up!

Don’t forget that there are other ways to make yourself really stand out on the big day too that don’t include a great hair do and a killer dress. Making sure that you get enough sleep will ensure that your face appears brighter, more youthful, and of course is part of remaining a healthy person. Other important factors include:

  • Drinking enough water. Not nearly enough people drink enough water each day, yet it’s the cheapest and most effective drink that we can consume. It flushes out toxins from our bodies, helps with concentration, and will make your skin glow radiantly. So make sure that you’re drinking enough water so that you look your best on the big day.
  • Eating the right foods. Even if you’re not looking to gain or lose any weight, certain foods can cause us to break out in spots, give off a certain odour, and even become bloated. Avoid having any last minute embarrassments by making sure that you’re eating nutritious foods that won’t leave your skin greasy and spotty, and don’t run the risk of leaving you bloated and uncomfortable!

Planning a wedding can be stressful, even if you’re not the person getting married! Many people don’t realise what lengths some people go to just to look and feel their best on a special occasion like a wedding. Take these tips on board and use them to help you not only rock up to the wedding in style, but do it stress free as well! Most of all, enjoy yourself because love is the best and most important thing in the world, and it needs to be celebrated!

Bride Or Not How To Make Wedding Preparation Less Stressful

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The Pramshed

This year I have decided to lose the leggings and baggy T-shirt look and to experiment with fashion again. I think so many mums can lose their way when it comes to expressing themselves through their outfits. Practical clothing is OK but can make us look like clones when we already feel we are losing a sense of self when we are constantly referred to as “Alex’s mum” rather than by our own name. After years in the style wasteland, looking at timeless trends can spark a new enthusiasm for rocking our own look.

There are classic looks that come back time and time again. How many of us wish we had kept a favourite jacket that went out of fashion but is now back on the catwalk?

My favourite trend of all is from the 50s because I think this would have suited my figure best accentuating the waist and then flaring out so cover any little tummy bump I might be sporting. The skirts were calf-length so you did not risk revealing too much and colours were bright and sassy. Perfect!

I love the flapper girl look on other people celebrating the best of the 20s but it is not for me. I much prefer to have sleeves in dresses and I am not sure I am fit enough to pull of the Charleston.

The 60s were OK and saw mini skirts which are definitely not my choice and also the introduction of the little black dress. Whist I accept a little black dress can be useful on so many occasions,  I always think it is best jazzed up a bit with accessories to add a little colour or bling.

I was a child in the 70s and I don’t think we ever really appreciate the fashion trends from when we are children as we probably associate them with our mothers. So you can keep your flared jeans thank you.

In the 80s I was a teenager and we honestly thought at that point that as women we would be able to have it all. Deluded or what? Power-dressing was in with big shoulder pads. I liked them if they were sewn in properly. I also remember loving Laura Ashley and Monsoon in this period.

By the 90s I was working so my emphasis was on keeping smart and professional looking. Double denim passed me by and I lost interest in pop music as this point too.

I became a mum in 2000 and so boho chic passed me by entirely as I mopped up baby sick and kept house.

Have you seen the fun infographic from Chums recently? What timeless trends mean the most to you?


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Brilliant blog posts on

The Pramshed

When Simply Be get in touch  to ask if you would like to take a look at their collections for Spring, you jump at the chance. It’s a well-known and trusted brand.

I do have one little complaint though and that is that I spent literally hours browsing their site as there are so many great choices. Set some time aside and take a look – you will not be disappointed.

I was delighted to see Simply Be stock Sloggi knickers because frankly these are my go-to pants as they are good quality underwear and hold in that mum tum nicely. I feel secure when I am wearing them. I chose black ones and was so pleased with them.

I have never worn a dress with a peplum before but the reviews were so good for this dress with a lace top and black skirt with a belt included that I had to have it. This dress is lovely, a nice length and shows off curves in the most beautiful way.

Simply Be Review

Now I have to confess I can find jeans a little boring but no longer. Check out these beauties with pearl and jewel embellishment detail. I have had so many compliments about these and they really do turn heads. In my case, they distract the eye neatly from my tummy.They fit so comfortably too and are a really good fit which cannot be claimed for all jeans as every woman knows. They come with extra jewels and pearls too just in case.


Everything I have mentioned was of fantastic quality and if anything better than expected and at reasonable price points too.

In fact, just writing this post made me revisit Simply Be where I have my idea on a printed maxi skirt from Joanna Hope one of my favourite designers featured on the site.

Simply style it up with Simply Be for the season ahead.

Let me know what you would order?

Simply Be Review









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