How to refresh your winter wardrobe may not be your top priority as you juggle work, money and parenting. However, investing in something new cheers the soul and it is fun to inject some colour into your life at this drab time of year.

Here are some items that have taken my fancy over the last few days.

Bags and purses

You might want to jazz up your wardrobe but jobs still need to be done so I loved this  practical and colourful shopper bag from Monsoon which is always a favourite store of mine. It comes with a zip pouch too. I like the floral print and it has a retro vibe and regular readers know I do love a little retro styling in  my world.




I have to share this idea with you as I think it is totally inspired – a belt with a bag attached to it. Why have I never thought of this before? I am not always a fan of the mustard type shades in clothing but I think it works well with this belt and bag combo from Zara.


I wear boots more than any other type of footwear. I have done this since my teens with the colours and styles changing over the years. I don’t like to go for high heels at all though. Acne have some great choices and I am loving these at the moment as such good quality, a fun silver colour and I won’t fall over on them. I have never worn silver before so why not? These combine style and comfort.



I have never worn many scarves partly because I never know how to tie them so that they look good. I acquired some at a jumble sale recently but they remain in the cupboard. I resolve to change this and to become known for my jazzy scarves. I might start with this purple pop of colour from Simple Be a store that also helps by catering for larger sizes. It is very bright but I think we need that at this time of year. There is something about scarves – they always draw my attention to a person and over the years I have noticed how many successful women wear them.

How To Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe


I know sunglasses might seem an odd choice at this time of year. However, we all have days when we don’t quite want to face the world and look it straight in the eye. Also it’s a bit like doing a rain dance, if we wear sunglasses, Spring  will come earlier right? I need prescription glasses and these Boss ones from Specsavers take my fancy.

So how do you refresh your winter wardrobe and which of my choices do you like best?


My Random Musings


It takes time and effort to look good when you step outside, right? Wrong. This season is all about minimal outfit planning and maximum style.

The ‘effortless style’ trend is catching on fast — and why wouldn’t it, when you can look incredible without hours of prepping and customising? Effortless style is the art of using key wardrobe staples to create a perfectly polished and stylish outfit with none of the effort.

Want to learn more about slashing your getting-ready time while achieving the same fabulous look? Check out this quick style guide.

Long-sleeved dresses

Almost zero effort is required to rock a long-sleeve jumper dress, and the style is perfect for these dark mornings and chilly evenings. There is no time wasted choosing matching garments and with long, knitted sleeves, there’s no need to scour your closet for a complementing coat, either.

Got a special date coming up? Show off your curves with fitted jumper dresses and wrap a chunky belt around your waist for a sultry hourglass figure. When it’s time for a catch-up with the girls, wear your jumper dress with over-the-knee boots — the ideal dressy-casual outfit.


With rain and snow still making appearances, now’s the time to make the most of everyone’s go-to footwear: ankle boots. As they look good with anything and offer maximum comfort, this shoe style is famous for offering an easy solution to your wardrobe dilemmas.

Go for a chunky-heel ankle boot in tan, grey or black that you can wear both day and night, or slip on a pair of sock boots featuring a pointed toe, high heel and textured fabric that fits to the ankle. These go great with skinny jeans and cropped, woolly jumpers.


Who has time to waste picking out layers of clothing on a morning? When you can’t be bothered to match t-shirts, jumpers, cardis, and coats; opt for knitwear. The woollen trends predicted for this year include; stripes, cable-knit and oversized jumpers. So, treat yourself to a selection and mix them up with jeans, tapered trousers and skirts.

High-neck tops

This season will revolve around this top style. Pull on a polo neck underneath a square-necked top for an eye-catching blend of styles, then slip on your trusty pair of ankle boots with a pair of dark denim jeans for the perfect outfit for the start of 2018.

When it’s time to head to work, nobody wants to run late because of a wardrobe malfunction. Wear a turtle-neck top with a tailored blazer combo for a cosy office-ready look. On warmer days, you can also pair a roll-neck top with a pinafore or sleeveless sundress.

Jewellery and bags

Focus on a small selection of your favourite pieces to save time customising your outfit in the morning. Leather is eternally stylish, and a small black bag in this material can put the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Black is an ideal option to go for if you’re hoping to use it every day, but why not buy one with a cute pattern to keep things interesting? Or go for a brightly coloured one and wear it with matching shoes, a pair of black jeans and a complementary dressy top.


Statement earrings featuring tassels and huge hoops are capable of bringing any outfit to life. Choose a black or gold pair and keep them in your bag to wear for after-work drinks — saves you time sprucing up your entire outfit.


Clearly, dressing on-trend does not need hours of prepping and planning. Simply purchase a few pf these staple pieces for your wardrobe and dress them up or down for each event.

How To Dress With Effortless Style

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My Random Musings

Are you looking for affordable fashion?

I thought it would be fun to make a little wish list with items from the brand Esprit and to share it with you to see what you think.

It is so easy as a busy woman to stick to the same fashion brands but shopping in a safe way may mean you miss out on a treat or something that actually suits you better. I tend to shy away from shops I associate with younger women such as Top Shop and then just have not got to grips with newer options like Zara or Asos.

The ESPRIT website drew me in straight away with lots of attractive and colourful choices. It’s a useful one-stop shop for all members of the family including babies and men.

Affordable Fashion

My absolutely favourite item is the short military style jacket because it is fun, makes me smile and is short which means it will highlight the waist. How lovely to see big sizes and affordable fashion prices.

Now although I keep avoiding the hype, there is no doubt that Christmas is just around the corner. Although I tend to be in casual gear, I always like a statement dress for this season and love the aubergine dress in stretch velvet with a pleated skirt. I think it is one of those items that would go in the wardrobe and come out again and again working for so many different occasions.

Affordable Fashion

Having said that I was also mighty tempted by the gorgeous printed tulle maxi skirt with its delicate colours. Sadly it does not go up to my size so if ever there was a motivation to start taking more exercise and eating more healthily this is it.

Sticking with a nautical theme, how about an item that is a cape jumper and it comes with a hood perfect for chillier days ahead.

Affordable Fashion

My only real complaint about ESPRIT is that there are so many choices that I could spend hours making wish list after wish list but then perhaps that is no bad thing and I should treat myself more often.


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