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Struggling with family anniversaries

This week has seen the 1st anniversary of my brother Michael's death. I had prepared for it. I have lost people before and I felt I had come to terms with this particular one partly because my brother lived such a full life and because he made such an impact

How to create a great breakout session

I have organised a number of training events and sizeable conferences over the years. I have also contributed as a speaker and trainer in events run by other people in the charity and public sectors. I am going to share what I think makes an effective breakout session. What is a

Letting myself off the hook

My big reason to be cheerful this week is that I am letting myself off the hook. In fact, I am letting  myself off several hooks. I have always worked hard, striven for more in just about every area of life and too often for poor rewards. I have started

Warming up your conservatory for colder months

I have lived in a lot of houses and just about every type. Until very recently, I had never lived in one with a conservatory. I like to call ours the sun room but of course the winter months are just around the corner. I am considering how to warm up

Looking forward to life over 50

I am looking forward to life over 50 and I think you can too. My milestone birthday comes up in December and I really do see it as an occasion to celebrate life to date and to make plans for the future. Here are 5 reasons why I am feeling

How to improve your mental health

In order to enjoy a long and happy life, it is essential that you take care of yourself. Often, people do this by following a healthy diet, working out on a regular basis, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated. All of these factors are important, but there is so much

Vaping as a Hobby: Some Tips and Tricks

There is no doubt that vaping is a big part of many people’s lifestyle these days. It is not just a one-hit trend that disappeared from the market as soon as it entered it. Many vaping aficionados I know are into vaping simply because it is a great way to

The strength of women

The strength of women is something that has struck me particularly recently. I have met new women and heard stories that make me realise how silly it is to refer to women as the weaker sex. I am feeling my own strength these days in a way I never have

Adoption files – my birth father

With a milestone birthday coming up soon and my plans to look at my DNA profile, I decided to revisit my adoption files. I got these many years ago so there were no shocks for me but it is odd how you react differently to the information as you go