Top tips to make kids feel better when they are poorly include lots of cuddles and I find a duvet on the sofa works a treat.

There are two aspects to make kids feel better when they are poorly. Firstly, you need to get a good diagnosis of their condition either from a GP, a specialist or good use of NHS Choices. That will point you to the right treatment. However, children can find being ill confusing and scary so it is vital to look after their mental wellbeing too.

What I learned from my family

My parents loved me very much. I think because I was adopted they took parenting so very seriously not wanting to let my birth parents down. However, I think my Mum would admit she was not a natural carer and I find that I am not either. When children get poorly, I tend to want them to recover very quickly so things can get back to normal. I always wanted my Dad when I was sick as he had more patience and also we had the same GP whereas Mum insisted on having a different practice. I had older brothers and they were good at keeping an eye on me too and bringing me treats like bacon butties. Although Mum did not have the finest bedside manner, she was a mine of information on what would get you better and this included apple cider vinegar for sore throats,  Nivea for just about anything and that faithful tub of Vicks Vapour Rub which she used to rub on me liberally. I think these products that have stood the test of time are brilliant not only in what they do but also in how they provide reassurance for the not quite sure what to do parent.  Comfort food also included lots of soup especially my favourite which was Heinz Tomato soup although Mum was sure chicken was better for me.


Vicks Tricks


Of course, times move on and Vicks have new tricks to make children feel better including a series of magic trick videos that are simple, fun and easy to replicate so that you look like a really clever parent. At core though, Vicks remains your go to treatment to relieve congestions, coughs and sore throats due to colds. Vicks have carried out some research into what comforts children most and it was great to hear that traditional love and laughter works best of all.

It is shocking the first time you baby is not well and colds seem so much bigger in tiny babies. I thought Vicks was the answer but then realised it is for children over the age of two. My first son was so active from the start but when he was poorly just wanted cuddling up close on the sofa. It really was as simple as that!


Looking after school-age children

Vicks comes in to play for coughs and colds and is so effective. I recently was told be a friend on Facebook about putting it on feet to shift coughs and I have to report that although cynical, the results of this were amazing for all the family. When my kids are poorly, you will find them snuggled up on the sofa with pillows,  duvets and a range of colourful fleece blankets. As the Vicks research confirmed, rest is vital with 52 per cent of parents seeing this as the most important way of comforting kids. Rest combined with snuggles is even better!


Days can be made better when they are awake with family films. If my children are talking or laughing, I know they are on the way to recovery so anything that stimulates these is great. It is one of the huge benefits of staying at home with children that you can relax and give yourself over to your children and what they need without stressing about the 9-5. In our house, there is lots of word play and giggles all the time and I genuinely believe these help keep the kids distracted from their symptoms when they are less than 100 per cent well. Also never think your children are too old to be taken back to early childhood with books and finger puppets because my tweens loved the package we received from Vicks. Be honest – we would all want to return to early pleasures if we could.


Looking after teens


My son recently had two operations for a condition he had had for months. I really under-estimated how much of a shock to his system this would be. He is 16, very tall and hairy and more of a man than a boy these days. However, he needed comfort food and he asked for cuddles a lot more than usual. He was clearly feeling vulnerable and I had to step us as a mum and carer. It is probably terrible to say but I quite enjoyed him needing me more than the X Box and his mates for once! I am pleased to report his biopsies came back clear and he is on the mend.

This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign and here is a trick with a banana that will inject fun into the most poorly household.

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Caption this photograph for me please on Saturday Caption Day.

Love from the Striking Mum x

I thought I would try a little positive thinking.

I am joining in with the wonderful blog hop on positivity over at the Mummy from the Heart blog at

I used to do this regularly on my old blog and have every intention of keeping up the good vibes on this one too.

1. I love my new blog look and that I am starting a new chapter in blogging and on other fronts too.

2. My son set off happily with his bag to join his friend’s family for a holiday in Northumbria today. It is fabulous that he is popular and that he has the self-confidence to go. I was 22 before I had that sort of get up and go. By am amazing coincidence, he is staying in the place I did twice with Mum and Dad when I was little. I remember listening to Paul Young’s “Wherever I lay my hat” as number one on the crackly radio so it dates the holiday period and me! Tomorrow is 2 years since Mum died and it is lovely to remember happy memories at this time.

3. We have a scanner and I am looking forward to learning how to use it and to saving photos and art for posterity. It might also be good to share some of those old photographs on here.

4. My daughter is sleeping in her bed through the night now. This is a major move forwards for her and for us as a family.

5. I am getting ready for the back to school thing next week. It will be good to have time to pursue new interests and have some me time along with trips out with my Dad. This must be the first year that I have actually being quite organised about it all and a £15 competition win voucher helped a lot.

With love from the Striking Mum x

I am making a fresh start on the blog.

It is prettier than the Blogger one and I have had enough of Blogger playing up in little annoying ways like going all dark or not letting people leave comments.

It is also two years tomorrow since my Mum passed away.  The old blog was her legacy in a way as she told me to keep a diary and I went with the modern version instead.  It was set up so I could pursue my wish to write.  I have had lots of encouragement and supportive comments but not moved forwards with my hopes of earning money through writing.

I also need to learn to drive and to look at volunteering and studying.

There is also the massive task of shifting stones of weight and starting to rediscover a little of the old me after 10 years of parenting.

When my youngest started in Reception last year, I was advised to take a year to relax.  It strikes me that year is up and it is time I did something useful and to start contributing to the world in some way.

So wish me luck and let’s see where the new road takes me.  Are you ready for the bumpy ride?

This is me looking vaguely reasonable on my wedding day.  All other photos from the last decade with the exception or my boudoir ones perhaps are pretty atrocious but make up and a posh frock can work wonders.


Right, let’s go on with the show.  All suggestions on which turning to take very welcome.

Love from the Striking Mum x

Welcome to my blogging space. I am a Mummy blogger.

People tell me I have a lot to say

This blog allows me to write things down so you don’t have to listen to me unless you really want to

I write on issues I am passionate about and for therapy too.

I hope you follow my blog and that you let me know what you think and feel about it.

I am available for writing assignments such as promotional literature, media relations or you tell me what you want and if I can do it, let’s talk!

For those who have asked, I am happy to do product reviews and/or run competitions on request particularly if aimed at the parents and children marketplace.

With love from the Striking Mum x