If I were ever to write a lonely heart advertisement, what would I put?

Well obviously I am an ageing woman and mum who juggles a lot. Yes there are roots in the hair and yes I could do to lose some more weight. I can be quite shy.

On the positive side of things, I am bright, caring and I think quite humorous with a quick wit and a feisty attitude. Over the years I have learned to like myself a lot. I have a booty that rocks and lovely brown eyes and the wavy hair. I can earn my own money and am passionate about the things I undertake. My children are amazing with great values and they know I love them.

So what would my perfect partner look like if I was in the market? You will understand this is just a little adventure in creative writing.

1. I would like someone who thinks I am fabulous. That is the point of being with someone right?

2. I would like someone who in the old-fashioned way can stick to me and not spend an awful lot of time looking at 2 dimensional images of women. I can’t be 2 dimensional so I will never quite live up to that particular fantasy.

3. I would like someone who loves to converse for hours about all manner of things.

4. I would like someone who touches me when I need reassurance or just to know that I am cared for.

5. I would like someone who shares their interests with me.

6. I would like someone who knows I sometimes need me time and even organizes treats for me from time to time.

7. I would like someone who takes their fair share of household chores.

8. I would like someone who makes me laugh a lot.

9. I would like someone who occasionally does things that I like to do that they don’t particularly because they might learn something or it might be worth giving something a go.

10. And just sometimes and not a lot, I would like flowers or to be treated like a girlfriend.

I thought writing this list would be a complex affair but actually if I was starting over, it is quite a simple list. Too much to ask apparently but simple all the same.

3 Little Buttons

A funny old week consisting of worry, powerlessness, loss, hope and impure thoughts.

As of yesterday, I have more free time as no longer doing social media for BritMums.  I have done it for 4 years and it rescued me giving me an interest after Dad died.

So I have more time to blog and not just reviews but some real from the heart or head stuff.  Back to one of my all-time favourite blog hops, Reasons to be Cheerful.

  1. More free time means I can say yes to the children more enjoying activities like inventing a board game for Halloween and listening intently to them.
  2. My son did so well with his  GCSE results and at the young age of 15!
  3. My husband is on late shift which suits me as we can sort practical stuff in the morning and I can enjoy my soaps.
  4. I am enjoying my work and seeing the fruits of my labours as it were.
  5. My brother is home from hospital and wanting contact so at best I am hopeful of a peaceful sibling relationship going forward with both brothers..
  6. I am spending less.
  7. I am getting rid of clutter which makes our bedroom and other areas of the house look lovely.
  8. My youngest son has a new tiger blanket which has thrilled him. He knows what he likes.
  9. I have  lost weight and rightly so as back to healthy eating. Looking forward to upping my exercise as the days get cooler.
  10. It’s nice to get back to blogging just for the fun of it!

Also very cheerful to see Mich back as a host or #R2BC, the linky that reaches parts other linkies cannot reach!



Top 3 Tips on Passing Your Driving Test

Taking that next step after spending months on your provisional driving license is always exciting. Before you can have your full driving license, you must first pass two sets of tests: the practical test and theory test. These driving tests are actually very straightforward, but a lot of future drivers fail their tests of a few common reasons. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at three of the most common reasons and how you can avoid them.

Practice a Lot

The first reason we’re going to cover is the lack of practice. It is easy to think you’re the best driver in the world. To be honest, I thought that way too when I was taking my practical test. However, overconfidence and lack of practice are very dangerous when it comes to passing your tests. They tend to make you lazy; you’ll end up not preparing enough for the tests.

The key here is to practice and to practice a lot. Passing your practical test involves mastering some basic driving skills. For example, it is common for the examiner to suddenly trigger an emergency situation (i.e. saying that there’s a child on the road). You need to be able to react quickly to impress the examiner and pass the test.

The same goes for the driving theory test. Luckily, this is also a test you can train for. You don’t have to spend hours memorising the Highway Code. Instead of spending your time reading and memorising, take online training tests and see how well you can do.

Keep Calm

A driving test is still a test, so it is not uncommon for people to start panicking the moment the test starts. This is especially true with the practical test. The good news is that you have plenty of time to prepare. You can get used to having someone in the passenger seat giving you instructions, just to get the hang of it.

On the actual test, take long, deep breaths whenever you start feeling nervous. It’s okay; everyone gets nervous. Even the examiner will understand the anxiety. Don’t be ashamed to take a deep breath and get yourself centred.

The most important thing is to stay focused on the task at hand. In a practical test, try to keep your attention on the road in front of you. Don’t worry about cars passing by or those behind you. In a theory test, all you have to do is remember all of the mock theory tests you have mastered.

Prepare Yourself More for the Test

Our last basic mistake is to actually NOT eat before the driving test out of fear of vomiting. You’ve practiced a lot and you think you are ready for the test. Before taking the test, there are a few basic things you can do to boost your confidence; having a good meal is one of them. Chocolate, for example, can help lower your stress level and make you feel more confident about the test.

These tips are very simple, but they will help you be more prepared for the actual driving test. Remember: you can do this!

Strong bin liners are not the sort of thing I expected to get excited before becoming a wife and mother. They were about as interesting as warm cardigans and storage solutions. How times change!

strong bin liners

Like many women, the bulk of the housework falls on me even though I work. I resent this and even rant about it on occasion but pretty much to no avail. The children buy things and lose interest quickly and I think they might get that from me with my charity shop obsession.

When I try to declutter, you can bet bin liners are not strong enough so I give up, have a coffee and sink into despair.

All this has changed and has put a spring in my step after I was sent some bin liners from Visqueen to review. You can get one off the roll easily without ending up tearing into the next one. You can stuff them with all manner of things.  In fact, I get making the  challenge more tough and still they stood up to the test. I have stared to send things to the tip and the charity shop, mountains of bin liners full. It really has cheered me up and makes housework so much simpler. I have held an attachment to stuff for far too long and I feel lighter as I let things go.

A survey undertaken by Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest site for parents, and commissioned by Visqueen Ultimate, the UK’s toughest bin bags, found that in 46% of households, women are responsible for emptying the kitchen bin into the outside wheelie, compared with 25% of households where it’s the man’s job. In 27% of households, meanwhile, it’s a shared responsibility, and in only 1% of homes do the children take on the task.

It gets worse for the women-folk. The survey also found that in 62% of homes, women are in charge of emptying the other household bins, compared with only 14% of homes in which men do it. It’s a shared job in 20% of households and the kids do it in just 2%. When it comes to actually cleaning the kitchen bin, don’t expect any help from a bloke! In 76% of households, women carry out this unpleasant chore, while men step up to help in only 9% of homes!

The survey shows that what has traditionally been a task for men is no longer just a job for the boys, with increasing numbers of women now responsible for emptying the bins. It is unclear whether this is because men are too busy doing other chores – gardening, shopping or ironing for example. But it is clear that when it comes to responsibility for taking out the household waste, there’s been a significant swing between the sexes.
With this new wave of trash-tasked women in mind, Visqueen Ultimate’s experts have developed a hi-tech generation of super-strong drawstring bin liners that are truly up to the task. Made in the UK, the new bags offer unrivalled strength and tear-resistance, eliminating all risk that a bin bag full of garbage will split and spill its contents on the floor. Mumsnet users have sampled the products and 94% said they would recommend Visqueen Ultimate products to a friend and 94% said they were stronger than their usual brands.

The launch of Visqueen Ultimate, the UK’s toughest bin bags, means that help is here for the growing numbers of women in charge of putting out the household rubbish. The products are strong enough and tough enough to fill the bag to capacity. A simple pull on the drawstring, meanwhile, will protect everyone from unwelcome smells and sights, ensuring household waste can be delivered to the outside wheelie bin with a minimum of hassle and fuss. The Visqueen Ultimate range is on sale now at www.Amazon.co.uk.

Looking for strong bin liners? Trust me on this one!

We loved trying out the 100% natural Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit which betters 27 other popular fruits to make it one of the most nutritious available. It is kiwifruit but not quite as we know it.

Unlike traditional green kiwifruit, the skin of the Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit is smooth enough to eat without peeling. Ripe from the moment of purchase, Zespri® SunGold kiwifruits are ready to eat so you can cut, scoop and eat instantly.
The striking golden variety of kiwifruit has a nutrient adequacy score* six times that of blueberries, twice as high as strawberries and 10 times that of apples, giving it the highest score of any commonly available fruit. What’s more it is one of the most nutrient-dense fruits, a powerful combination of minerals, fibre, antioxidants and folates. All at only 79kcal to make it an excellent addition for any balanced diet.

Full of antioxidants, good for your digestion and rich in both folates and C, the Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit also has a low glycaemic index meaning it’s great for balancing blood sugar levels and enabling the body to release sugars steadily over a period of time. A new scientific study has proven that eating kiwifruit with your breakfast will significantly slow and reduce the uptake of sugars into your blood stream. This means it’s perfect for diabetics or anyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight through a low-calorie nutrient rich diet – and of course it tastes delicious,” explains Dr. Veronique Parmentier, Global marketing manager, health communications at Zespri®.


This has come at just the right time as I return to healthy eating in an attempt to increase my fitness lessons and shed some pounds. The only issue is that I am in competition with my daughter who has developed quite a taste for these juicy fruits.


The brand have made some new healthy #breakfastbling recipes from nutritionist Fiona Hunter and are encouraging folks to invent their own and to jazz up breakfast time. Let’s fact it – the holiday season is a perfect time to do just that.

fruity breakfast