I have a few quiet moments for the first time today. Him Indoor have gone to the supermarket in search of craft supplies so we can throw ourselves into Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow. Check it out as it is all in a very good cause for Save the Children UK. The boys are upstairs playing. So I have the pleasure of sharing my happy stuff.

I hope to get perfume for my birthday on Saturday and I love this quote.


1. We had a lovely day in London so we could attend the gala screening of Tinkerbell and Legend of the Neverbeast. You can see what we thought about it in our review.

2. I lost weight again.

3. Him Indoors passed his probationary period at work with flying colours. Phew! Perhaps our luck is turning.

4. Apart from a little bit of verbal abuse, we have had no harassment from the neighbours now that the police are involved.

5. We are loving our more relaxed approach to home education and feel we are getting more and more right as the weeks go by.

6. My teenage son returned to school after a nasty virus.

7. My brother is coming to see us on Saturday before he flies off to an exotic location for Christmas.

8. The GP has put me on Prozac for another 2 months. I am loving the change in me since taking them. So much more motivated and positive. Keep bursting into song and laughing more. All very good and long overdue.

9. I am spending a little more time on Twitter and Facebook and enjoying connecting with people in that way.

10. My son has just got a Christmas card from his new penpal.

11. I have found out that the home education meetings or at least some of them are easy to get to via public transport.

12. It is my birthday on Saturday and I am looking forward to the coming year now my mind is fixed and my body is on its way to being so. I even prayed last night almost without realising so perhaps I am reconnecting with spirit too.

So yes I am cheerful and I hope you are too!

I have decided to share aspects of our home education journey on my blog. I know it will keep me accountable and also reassure me on the days that I am hit with anxiety and self-doubt. I know there are so many parents either interested in or intrigued by home education. There are so many schools of thought on home education but perhaps some of my ramblings can be helpful to someone out there.

1. How we are feeling?

Since seeing an Education Consultant, we are feeling more relaxed about the home education journey. We are also enjoying seeing the children have their Christmas fun rather than hearing about it at the end of the school day.

2. What have I enjoyed most this week?

I enjoyed watching The Christmas Carol and then looking at the worksheets the children did on the various themes of the novel. I came up with the questions and the children seemed to find them interesting. We will continue working on this novel in a variety of ways and I feel we have made a good start.

3. What has my daughter enjoyed most this week?

My daughter has developed a keen interest in geometry and is asking to do more work that I envisaged on this topic. I have learned to follow the children’s enthusiasms and certainly where maths is concerned, I am learning too.

4. What has my son enjoyed most his week?

We baked some Churros together. He enjoyed spending one-on-one time with me and doing something practical.

5. What is my daughter’s proudest achievement this week?

My daughter made an amazing flapping bird in our origami session. I gave up after a while but she was determined and kept going even after making mistakes. As I have said before, I am learning too!

6. What is my son’s proudest achievement?

My son cracked an egg without the yolk splitting for the first time. He was over the moon about this.

7. What are our challenges?

I still find it difficult to know whether it is best to work at set times or to be more random. I still need to plough through the very wordy National Curriculum in its entirety. I want to ensure I cover that at least plus lots of more magical elements too.

After Christmas, I want to spend more time with my schooled teenage son both leisure wise and in terms of his education. I want him to feel just as special as the other too. I also think I will feel better if I am having some really good input as he hurtles towards GCSEs.

8. What resource have we found particularly helpful this week?

We all love the free online maths lesson videos on Maths Antics. We think the explanations are really clear and delivered in a humorous manner too. The website also includes follow up exercises.

9. Top outing of the week

We went to see Tinkerbell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.

Whilst in London, my son made a new friend.


10. What are some of our plans for the next week?

We are going to throw ourselves into all things Christmas including fun with cookery and crafts.

We are going to get to know Sweden better.

I am going to work through a good percentage of the National Curriculum requirements.

I plan to share an image of home education most days and then to write a weekly post on Wednesdays too.

I have lost a stone in just one week!


Well, technically I have lost 2 pounds this week but I have seen the stones figure go down by one digit so I may be a little over the moon.

I have not done great at healthy eating this week which I think was down to comfort eating. Last week we had all the stuff around my son being attacked and having to call the police and this took its toll in lots of ways. I am an emotional eater and this is by far my biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight.

I am now back on track and have had some porridge for breakfast and avocado for lunch.

I find I no longer enjoy unhealthy food when I have it and find it difficult to digest.

The happy pills are keeping me mainly on the level emotionally so I am hoping they will assist this journey too.

The bad news is that most of my trousers now fall down when I put them on but I guess that is a good thing really as shows the inches are going down too.

As ever, the online support really keeps me going on this weight loss campaign so keep it coming.

In fact, gold stickers for losing my first half stone will be most welcome.

July 2014 after 3 months in her new school.

“I hate myself. I am a monster. I am useless at everything. I might as well just kill myself”

December 2014 after 3 months of home education.

“I am epic!. I am awesome!”

Same girl, different attitude and I love how she poses at the Imperial War Museum this week. So full of smiles and life.

I may not be the best home educator in the world but we are getting something right.

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I have eaten very healthily for 6 out of 7 days this week. However, I seem to have hit a weight loss plateau.


I am reading up about weight loss and trying to be more active I am eating lots of fish and lots of vegetables including festive sprouts!

I was at the theatre last week and gave in and had a glass of wine. It cost a small fortune and I did not really enjoy it. The next day there was little of the healthy variety in the house so I had garlic bread and some fatty pork belly. I did enjoy the garlic bread but was surprised to really dislike the fatty pork, usually one of my favourites. I guess my tastes are already changing.

I was hoping I might have managed a weight loss in view of my largely good as gold behaviour.

However, the scales show no change from last week. Online support reminds me that a maintain is good and far better than a weight gain.

My reading suggests if I take a treat day every week and up my exercise levels, the plateau should pass soon enough.

So I am keeping on keeping on and in this for the long haul.