I have lost a stone in just one week!


Well, technically I have lost 2 pounds this week but I have seen the stones figure go down by one digit so I may be a little over the moon.

I have not done great at healthy eating this week which I think was down to comfort eating. Last week we had all the stuff around my son being attacked and having to call the police and this took its toll in lots of ways. I am an emotional eater and this is by far my biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight.

I am now back on track and have had some porridge for breakfast and avocado for lunch.

I find I no longer enjoy unhealthy food when I have it and find it difficult to digest.

The happy pills are keeping me mainly on the level emotionally so I am hoping they will assist this journey too.

The bad news is that most of my trousers now fall down when I put them on but I guess that is a good thing really as shows the inches are going down too.

As ever, the online support really keeps me going on this weight loss campaign so keep it coming.

In fact, gold stickers for losing my first half stone will be most welcome.

July 2014 after 3 months in her new school.

“I hate myself. I am a monster. I am useless at everything. I might as well just kill myself”

December 2014 after 3 months of home education.

“I am epic!. I am awesome!”

Same girl, different attitude and I love how she poses at the Imperial War Museum this week. So full of smiles and life.

I may not be the best home educator in the world but we are getting something right.

Home Education


The Pramshed

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I have eaten very healthily for 6 out of 7 days this week. However, I seem to have hit a weight loss plateau.


I am reading up about weight loss and trying to be more active I am eating lots of fish and lots of vegetables including festive sprouts!

I was at the theatre last week and gave in and had a glass of wine. It cost a small fortune and I did not really enjoy it. The next day there was little of the healthy variety in the house so I had garlic bread and some fatty pork belly. I did enjoy the garlic bread but was surprised to really dislike the fatty pork, usually one of my favourites. I guess my tastes are already changing.

I was hoping I might have managed a weight loss in view of my largely good as gold behaviour.

However, the scales show no change from last week. Online support reminds me that a maintain is good and far better than a weight gain.

My reading suggests if I take a treat day every week and up my exercise levels, the plateau should pass soon enough.

So I am keeping on keeping on and in this for the long haul.

Despite often living in legging and baggy tops, I have always made an effort to dress nicely at Christmas.

I am sharing my wish list this year using Long Tall Sally products as part of their #dearsally initiative.

1. Christmas shopping
This can be done online or on the High Street. I tend to do it offline as I like being around excited people and listening to Christmas music in the shops.

I think jeans work best when you are dashing about and I selected these colourful ones.


I don’t like a jumper when out shopping as I inevitably end up hot and bothered. I liked this top particularly with the sheer panel to make it that little bit different.


Again thinking about the fact that I am likely to get warmer as the day goes on, I loved this 3 in 1 coat. You can judge the weather and decide whether to wear the inner jacket alone or the full coat. I always like a colourful lining so with this choice I would be in the pink.


Finally, I do love a good pair of boots in the Winter (or at anytime of year for that matter). I selected this pair to complete my Christmas shopping outfit.


2. Christmas Party
I am actually going to a Christmas party this year. This is a good reason to get the legs out and to wear a dress.


This jacket is right up my street and provides that essential arm coverage until I have had a rum and coke and stop caring.


There has got to be something glittery at Christmas so I how about these shoes?


3. Christmas Day

There were so many choices for Christmas Day. Perhaps a purple maxi dress or a red lace number. In the end I chose this tunic as it put me in mind of Christmas trees and I always seem to look good in this particular shade of green.


I would team this either with thick tights or leggings.

Christmas might also include a bracing walk in the countryside or a trip to church and this coat would be great for both.


Now to fulfil a fantasy, I would love to wear tall boots and am delighted to see these are offered with a wider calf fitting.


4. Gift Ideas
When it comes to gifting, I tend to think what I might like and then get that for a female friend. I have a thing about nightwear and the prettier the better.


Check out Long Tall Sally for some other gorgeous options and for price and size details. Yes they do bigger sizes so they get a thumb’s up from me.

So which of my outfit choices did you like best?

Long Tall Sally have offered to provide me with an outfit as an acknowledgement for writing this post

I am feeling a bit rejected on various fronts. Rather than let myself slide into a decline, I am going to focus on the good stuff.


1. I feel so much more relaxed about our home education journey since seeing a very supportive Education Consultant last week. A More relaxed Mum makes for more relaxed children so we are all winners. This week we have made Picasso pictures and Christmas decorations. We have learned some Spanish words, listened to the Spanish national anthem, compared the Spanish flag with other ones, done Spanish cookery and watched flamenco. We have also done geometry and continued our work on Greek myths.

2. I celebrated a great weight loss this week. I have had a rocky 24 hours on the healthy eating front but am now firmly back on track. I have learned from that 24 hours to always have healthy food options in the house and to eat before going out for an evening.

3. We went to see the exquisite performance of The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre. This was so very magical and got us in the festive mood. I want to write a full review later. For now, let’s just say you are missing out if you don’t see it.


4. My teenager son won a prize at school and seemed to give me all the credit for stuff I have told him previously.

5. At the moment, I am feeling fairly chilled about the whole Christmas thing. It will happen. It is just a day and we can make it a happy one. The good thing about not having a huge extended family is that we can just look at the needs of our little unit of five.

6. I got 2 bargain sets of drawers off Ebay. I am looking forward to carrying them upstairs tomorrow and finally having some proper storage in the new house for my clothes.